My travels in the Morbihan, LXIIII

Well I am back in the routine after my last trip to East Africa (see previous post). I am back to colder grayer days with humidity to boot, this is Brittany. The temps last I read last night was 7C about 45F and no rain,but colder, today was 10C or about 50F right at 11H.. I am at my blog to help me go over the illness of my wife,cancer, so is not good. I will try to bear with it in my posts and go on with life as usual ,but it will be very hard. Thanks in advance for your prayers and best wishes. Yesterday as today or any other day was a day to visit the hospital by noonish time.

We went out to get a new toaster as when back the boys just reported not working the previous ones ho ho  ho; replace a moulinex by another bigger same moulinex at Darty a good chain of appliances here and they had opened a store in Auray closer to us than Vannes. So we did and no pictures but the site has…. webpage:

We went around to visit Vannes after the hospital, and took a walk around our family favorites areas as well as had lunch at Le Saint Nicolas on rue Francis Decker right next to the tour prison or prison tower on the ramparts of Vannes. The restaurant was great , we needed it, I needed it , two pints of grimbergen blonde beers and a burger espagnol that is Spanish burger, they just put chorizos lol!! it was ok; the boys had their chunk of beef and same beers. For about 26€ per person, average and good service and ambiance was a winner. Facebook webpage:

We continue a bit of walk in Auray as we needed to change my wallet (see my baptism on the Nile in previous post); luckily the store was a hit since coming to this area for all our luggage, wallets, bags needs and still there same service and good quality brands, I had and again purchase a Hexagona cow leather for 45€ same as old,done deal at Sacmania at rue du lait, Auray (the store since closed).

From our walks in Auray we went by the quaint nice rue du Lait going from Place Notre Dame to Place de la République in town. The St Gildas Church is here on one end Notre Dame square and on the other Republic square is the city hall or mairie of Auray; in between there is a open shopping with plenty of stores. As well as been a very nice historical town in the history of Canada and the USA.

We, then headed back home but needed groceries so decided to go back to Vannes for E Leclerc hypermarket there to do our groceries, the men’s shopping. They have been wonderful helping in all chores even taking their grandpa out for a spin the day before to have lunch at Burger King! The groceries at Leclerc are always good, and they get their cereals as well as the books, games etc at the cultural center part of Leclerc. Done. webpage:

Some of the walks in Vannes included passing by our great train station that I used more and more, across the street is the bus terminal, all near Hospital A Chubert. You walk along the ramparts to see our wonderful fortified town with the Constable tower, the walls, the views of the St Peter’s Cathedral, the gate or Porte Prison (because it was once a prison) right at the foot of the Le Saint Nicolas resto we ate lunch; the wonderful garden of the Garenne; the préfécture or regional government building for official events only as the administrative part is elsewhere in city center by Place de la République, Vannes. The great architecture of 1894 on the building across the street rue Alain le Grand for the manufacture of Petits Fers doing the now gone hardware tools, now a line of stores using the building.  Not to overlook the goodies in Pascal Brion antiques on rue Francis Decker right before the Le Saint Nicolas resto! All wonderful medieval untouch Vannes, a city worth coming to visit. Enjoy the photos.

Then, we came home to start using our new wallets (my oldest also change his), getting all the pictures from the East Africa (Uganda) trip and then the ones for this post sort out. Got all the mail done and now ready to do our French taxes on Sunday (our family Tax Day,,,yikes!). And rest, visit hospital again etc. Lucky will have a rest day on Monday, Tuesday is Labor Day here so off, then  I go to Paris on Wednesday on same day for an opinion of the Hôpital Americain of Neuilly sur Seine (Hauts de Seine 92) even if we can call it the Paris American Hospital. Thursday is rest day again, and will finally work on Friday this coming week. Vive la France!

You stay on, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all. Life is beautiful, just not perfect. Cheers!!

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  1. Best of luck at the hospital. Hope it all goes well.

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  2. Looks nice despite the grey skies. I have no desire to visit Africa I have to say!


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