The other Europe is architecture and history as well!

Often, most write about the popular places and me included. Once upon a time, we get the opportunity to visit other lands, in any continent, and for any reason. Then, we realize that beauties we missed for following the lead of popular travel books or travel forums. In my case, my previous travel before living in France was to you guess it France, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.  Once living in France ,I venture to others such as Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. However, there are still some I went on business trips only.

I like to bring those previous posts of these countries/cities. They are the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Romania on the east; and Ireland on the west. Of these some of the cities were Prague, and some smaller towns. In Slovakia was Bratislava and some smaller towns not in the tourist trails. Poland it was to Krakov, and Romania to Bucharest, and Bacau as well as some smaller towns. Ireland was to Dublin.

This is the official tourist site in English for the Czech Republic;

Official site of Slovakia tourism in English:

Official Poland travel office in English;

Official Romania travel office in English;

Official Ireland tourist office in English:

And of course if go backwards, you have the Dublin tourist office here:

Tourist info on Bucharest:

Tourist info on Krakov;

Tourist info on Bratislava:

Tourist info on Prague:

You should always check the official tourist sites before departing on any trip. I have been traveling for over 40 years and still do today. The wealth of information is huge and if ask the right questions you will find gems along the way. Another way is to go with savvy local travelers ,I said savvy local travelers not just folks born there but no much travel.

The trips have all been by airplane from my base in Nantes atlantique airport. Easy does it on National airlines and so far so good.  The local travel was aider by the fact that I was with local people in high management who took me places but also some dearing acts of my own for the curious tourist in me. As the subject is wide and with many opinions I just let you see my previous posts on them and hope it helps you make a better travel plan next time.

Dublin, Ireland


Parnell Memorial tower Dublin

Prague, Czech Republic, Bratislava, Slovakia and smaller towns!


Entering Bratislave Slovakia


City Hall of Ostrokovice

There you have it, I thought to condense all into one post for easy reading from my blog as these are lesser known places if you go by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation rankings.

Hope you enjoy it and get ready for your week wherever you are in our still wonderful World. Happy travels, good health ,and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. Once again: so much to see, so little time! Our plan is to visit Holland and Belgium at the end of April or early May before returning to the UK for a brief visit. After that, we hope to head for Germany and, hopefully, visit Berlin, Munich and, if I am really lucky, also Prague and Budapest. Fingers crossed.

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