The Grand Lady again and again ,Tour Eiffel!

Where can I begin? this is the icon of Paris for whatever you think of it. Even trying to persuade folks to go elsewhere, they keep coming back here. Even with security barriers that looks like a war zone, people keeps coming back. It is Paris after all, it is the Eiffel tower or tour Eiffel.


security controls at Tour Eiffel

As a disclaimer, the last time I was up was in 2005 when I went with an association of my profession that celebrated its 35th  anniversary there. Before that, yes of course even with the family. However, never again, I believe that Paris has a lot more than the Eiffel tower, but ,therefore, I will tell you about for the diehards lol!!!


tour Eiffel from my office when in Paris

The official site for the Eiffel is here in English:

The Paris tourist office on Eiffel ;

I like to tell you now a bit of history I like.

the tour Eiffel is a steel tower of 324 meters high with antennas at the extreme northwest of the parc du Champ-de-Mars bordering the Seine river in the 7éme arrondissement/district.  It was built by Gustave Eiffel for the Universal Exposition of Paris in 1889.  It had originally 312 meters high and remained the tallest building in the world for forty years.  The second level of the third platform sometimes call the 4th level at 279 meters is the highest observation deck in the European Union and second highest in all of Europe.


base of tour Eiffel

The tower is set on a square of 125 meters on the side and a height of 324 meters with its 116 antennas and 33,5 meters above sea level. The two pylons on the side of the école militaire rest on a cement base of 2 meters that itself rest on a bed of gravel with a well of 7 meters deep. The two pylons on the side of the Seine river are below the level of the river. The base with its four pylons are house in subterranean squares of 25 meters on each side and 4 meters high with a steel bed and compressed cement stones. There are arches between each pylon at 39 meters high above the floor with a diameter of 74 meters.


East pylon Tour Eiffel


North pylon tour Eiffel


South pylon tour Eiffel

On the first level located at 57 meters high with 4200 square meters of surface with a circular gallery that allows you a 360 degree view of Paris. This first level has the restaurant 58 tour Eiffel that extends on two levels with a view on one side of Paris and the other on the interior of the tower.

The second level is at 115 meters with an area of 1650 square meters.  The restaurant Jules Verne is located here and already a Michelin star and on the Guide Gault et Millau. It is now handle by Alain Ducasse.

The third level is at 276 meters with an area of 350 square meters. the access is done by elevator/lift and gives to an enclosed space with orientation tables. You climb a few steps you arrived at an exterior platform sometimes call the 4th level arriving at 279 meters.  There is the Champagne Bar here!

The upper level has sort of a wax museum showing Gustave Eiffel welcoming Thomas Edison that made think this was the work office of Gustave Eiffel but the historical reality is that it was a meteorological laboratory  and then a testing room. Very top of the tower there is a television relay station installed in 1957 and finished in 1959 to cover hertz program for about 10 millions homes. In 2005, the system allows the first French TNT raising to 116 antennas for tele and radio. To our days the management of the Tour Eiffel is positive and does not need subvention by France.

Of course, there are millions visitors something of more than 13 million and still gaining, the populari ty is enormous.  The management of the tour Eiffel is handle by SETE  :

I leave with some pics and more on the above blog posts. Enjoy Paris ,even the tour Eiffel is all magical and at night even better. Have a great week, happy travels, good health and just plain cheers!!!

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