My Ille-et-Vilaine dept 35, Breizh!

Ok so today Thursday is again cloudy with the sun trying harder temps this morning at 3C now back to 11C no rain, just tagging alone to end my week and can’t wait for the weekend.  Let me tell you something about the department 35 ,Ille et Vilaine in my Brittany.

This is a department that is also visited several times by me with family and again the choices are huge, so much to see in Brittany and as it is a peninsula with less public transports less seeing by visitors, a shame, really gorgeous here. Some pictures above, more on the blog links below.

The department is divided into counties such as the pays de St Malo, pays de Fougéres, pays de Brocéliande, pays de Rennes, pays de Vitré, pays de Vallons de  Vilaine, and pays de Redon.  It is known as the  upper Brittany area or Haute-Bretagne, and it has about 345 towns. The limits are on the dept 50 Manche,,and dept 53  Mayenne, and dept 49 Maine-et-Loire, dept 44 Loire-Atlantique, dept 56 Morbihan , and dept 22  Côtes-d’Armor, and it is watered by the Manche chanel as well its coasts is known as the côte d’Émeraude (emerald coast…) on the western part by the  pointe du Grouin located in Cancale  to Saint-Briac-sur-Mer, and the bay of Mont Saint Michel  on its eastern side by the pointe du Grouin  at Roz-sur-Couesnon.

The department was created by  the French revolution in 1790 as all others. The name as in many comes from the rivers passing by here such as the Ille and the Vilaine,that comes together at the west side of the city of  Rennes. The languages spoken here were the Gallo ,especially spoken in the western part of the department, but the Breton is also spoken. You can tell the difference in the territory starting in the 15C with the limits of the Breton-Roman having names ending in  -acum  while the Breton ends in -ac  and also  -ée or -é  fromt the Roman side.

For more info to help plan your trip, to follow are the tourist office of Dept 35:

And the good transports here on the dept 35 and the metropole of Rennes  :  ;  Rennes Metropole better developed here in French:

The region tourist office in English here:

Hope it helps your planning for this wonderful region of Brittany, dept 35 Ille et Vilaine, my belle France. Enjoy your day, happy travels, good health to all. Cheers!!

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