How about a bit on the Finistére, 29, Breizh!

So on a cool cloudy bit rainy day of Spring …. I thought about that neighboring department 29 of the Finistére in Brittany or Bretagne or locally Breizh.  There is so much to see here. I will try to let you know a few.

Well I began to see my previous blog posts on the dept and really frankly I got tired , so many links so rather than give a bit of history on my own, why not see the different posts and get to know the department of Finistére!!!

But wait ,Finistére you say in French (end of the land) but in Breton you say Penn-ar-BedThe department was created in 1790 as the other following the French revolution that change France. It is created by the union of the old Léon in the north, two thirds of the Cornouaille with Quimper as its capital in the south, and on the west Trégor and a portion of the Vannes area on the southeast. The tourist info pages are here: The department tourist office in English :

I have it on the different tourist offices in the dept 29 Finistére here:

The department government Finistére page on tourism in French:

Hope doing some readings will help your trip planning to the Finistére, a wonderful place indeed. Happy travels, good health and remember life is beautiful. Cheers!!!

2 Comments to “How about a bit on the Finistére, 29, Breizh!”

  1. Beautiful! I haven’t been there yet, but it is one of the areas in Brittany that I’d love to visit. Finisterre in Galicia is also very nice, but I only went once on a school trip when I was 13!!! It’s rained a lot since! 😂

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