My travels in the Morbihan, LXI

I am coming back home, this is a bit of a wrap up on the many small towns we have here, all special. In the department 56 of the Morbihan Breton in Brittany ,where else! My zigzagging has taken me to many smallish towns, some I have written individually and others in a My Travels sequel posts, all unique. I like to give you an overview on them.

The names of the town will not be on many if any tourist board ,but I think the history in these towns is very nice and talks about the beliefs deeply rooted of the Breton people.  A frame of mind, I have adapted quite well thank you ::)

The towns are Ambon, Arradon, Baud, Beignon, Belz, Bignan , Billio, Brandivy, Brech, Camors, Campeneac, Colpo, Crach, Damgan , Elven, Erdeven, Etel, Grand Champ, Guehenno , Gourméne-sur-Scoff, Guer, Guillac, Kenascleden, La Chapelle Caro, La Gacilly, Landevant, Langonnet, , Lanvaudan, Larmor Baden, Larmor Plage, Le Bono, Le Faouet  Le Govello, Le Roc St Andre, Locmine, Locoal Mendon , Maletroit, Meriadec, Merlevenez, Moustoir-AC, Muzillac, Nostang , Noyal Muzillac, Plescop, Ploemel , Ploemeur, Ploeren, Ploermel, Plouay, Plouhinec, Plumelec ,Pumelin, Plumergat, Pluneret Port Louis, Questembert, Quily, Saint Avé, Saint Cado, Séné, St Grave, St Jean Brevelay,St Malo de Beignon, St Marcel, St Martin sur Oust, St Nolff, St Philibert, Sulniac, Surzur, Theix-Noyalo, and Trédion.

There you have it, so many quaint nice small towns of the Morbihan.

You remember , I told you the name of Morbihan comes from the Breton language Mor-Bihan meaning Petite Mer in French or small sea (due to the Gulf of Morbihan), (only French department not French in name) ,and the greater definition of Mor Braz or Grande Mer or big sea as locals call the area in the bay between Quiberon and Le Croisic.  It is surrounded by the dept 29 Finistére to the west, dept 22 Côtes-d’Armor to the north, dept 35 Ille-et-Vilaine to the east and the dept 44 Loire Atlantique to the southeast; all bordered by the Atlantic ocean creating the megalith coast or Côte des Megalithes (for the big stones of Brittany).

Yes, quite a reading task for the week huh ::) But all worth it ,I can assure you. There is so much history and beauty in my belle France, and concentrating here in my beloved Bretagne/Brittany/Breizh is all sublime. I hope too, you will feel the same as my friends already has when they visited me here from my previous life in travel forums to my blog, and then a visit ,nice!

And my weekend is now coming to an end, back to reality tomorrow and snow is call for but luckily not in my Morbihan, hope they are right. Happy Sunday, Travels and good Health. Cheers!!!

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