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March 18, 2018

The coastal Loire Atlantique 44!

And we arrive once again on Sunday. So repetitive is our lives, so short is our time. So enjoy it quickly while you can, do not leave anything for tomorrow;do it today. I like to remember of my times on the coastal beach towns of the Loire Atlantique dept 44 in Pays de la Loire (although the Bretons will tell you otherwise).

Of course, it’s just down the road from me so we have come often and plenty over the last 7 years we have lived in Brittany. The area is covered with lots of history but also wonderful wines, gastronomy, and coastal beaches to rival any.

Let me tell you what I am talking about. The Loire Atlantique dept 44 belongs alone and away from Brittany since 1941 (initial order of WWII traitor gen petain) ,the Pays de la Loire (which in turn was not done until 1955) attached it . It is now surrounded by my beautiful Breton Department 56 Morbihan on the northwest, then the ,also, Breton Ille et Vilaine dept 35 on the North , Maine et Loire ( 49) on the East and the Vendée (85) on the south . The western coast is bordered by the Atlantic ocean. The department 44 Loire Atlantique is run by the Loire river forming a statuary from Nantes and getting to the Atlantic ocean by Saint Nazaire . Here we have been and we honor the braves, a bit of history I like.

The first group of the American Expeditionary Force landed at Saint Nazaire June 26 1917 under General John Pershing. Echoing the famous words, Lafayette, We Are Here! France that had resisted the German offensive at Verdun and already tired on the way of the ladies or chemin des Dames saw hope in the landing of the Sammies, the name given to the American of Uncle Sam that will help them gain victory By July 3 1917 France celebrates the National Day of the USA in the court of honor of the Invalides, Paris with French President Raymond Poincaré and Gen John Pershing and thanks them that which they have decided to entered the Great War or WWII declaring war on Germany on April 6 1917.

You have several swamps or marshes that are a great natural environment such as the marshes north of Saint Nazaire at the Briére or those of Couëron  near Nantes.  South of Nantes you have the huge lake or Lac de Grand-Lieu one of the biggest in France with a low depth of less than 2 meters which combine with a weak wave gives the superficies very variable. You have rocky formation along the peninsula or wild coast of Guérande, extending from le Croisic to Pouliguen passing by Batz-sur-Mer with wonderful natural spaces grouped in three sections such as the point or  pointe du Croisic,bay fo good sisters or  baie des Bonnes Soeurs, and the Govelle at Batz-sur-Mer. You have views and rides by bicycle or walks on the hill or Côte de la Seilleraye ,near the town of Mauve sur Loire ; given levels of  6-7 % downhill. Of course, I did this by car ::)

More on these natural spaces here in French:

You have very nice beaches around here. Some of the good ones are in these towns; La Baule, Pornichet, Saint Nazaire, Saint Brévin, and Pornic. More on them here:

However, along the coast for the purist beachgoers like this old beach bum, you would love to go to these: Plage de Sorlock at Quimiac, Plage de Pen-Bron at La Turballe; Plage Valentin at Batz-sur-Mer; plage du Nau at Le Pouliguen, Plage de Monsieur Hulot at Saint Nazaire, Plage de l’Ermitage at Saint Brévin; Plage les Pins at Port Lin at Croisic, Plage de la Source at Pornic, Grande Plage  at La Bernerie; Plage du Pré Vincent at Les Moutiers en Retz.

And if you come for an adventurous romantic secluded encounter of the IV kinds than head for these Plage Tahiti at Pouliguen, , Plage Cabonnais at Mesquer,  and plage de l’île de Evens off the coast of La Baule.

A good source for beach info here and has pages in English is Plages tv here:

Beaches of the Loire Atlantique :

The tourist office of the dept 44 Loire Atlantique is here:

Guide on France tourism for the Loire Atlantique dept 44 :

Hope this will enable you to come visit this wonderful coastal area of my belle France as weather improves and Summer is near, this is one for consideration. Enjoy your Sunday as we do always. Happy travels , and good health. Cheers!!!!!!

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