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March 16, 2018

My new home of Pluvigner in the Morbihan Breton XXVI

So on a still nice sunny Friday afternoon I began to write this post in my blog. It has been a quiet day in my castle office (1504) so will tell you what has been done this week while on off day from work. This is my home town of Pluvigner. As I like to tell the story of every day living in France from a local point of view and not with the glamour books ,well here I go.

I have written plenty on it, as you can tell by the Roman numeral XXVI meaning 26 posts! and plenty of pictures. This is a very peaceful, homey, friendly country town in France, still the real France and very Breton/Catholic. We have just over 7K folks but very much spread out in territory. The main road an extension of the D16 cuts thru it by ave gen de Gaulle into the place du Marché and into rue St Michel and place St Michel. I have not measure it,  but believe is about a km long road of city center/downtown.

We got up early to do our errands and misc things. First, was the groceries so we have more time for the weekend. This was done in nearby historical town (FR/USA/CA) of Auray. Here we shop in the hypermarket E Leclerc just next to the expressway or voie express N165 and D768.

I needed to see my dentist but since the one in town was busy and no appointments until March 28, decided to use our previuos dentist in the town of Brech so for a quick filling and cleaning, all was done and ready.

As we finished earlier than thought ,we came back to finish some groceries we were not able to do in the morning. We decided to finish it at the Super U supermarket in Pluvigner.

We stopped by the bakery  Des Saveurs de Pains  in city center Pluvigner for our baguette and home.

From above, we went to get Rex, our puppy male dog of 12,5 kg (25 lbs) Borador, mix Border Collier/Labrador Retriever.   It was time for his first grooming in our city center store Tou Beau Tou Propre (all beautiful all clean) at pl St Michel. They did a good job and he was super good. We came home to play with him and eat.


Tou Beau Tou Propre grooming dogs store

Our puppy  Rex is 4 months old and already very good doing his things outside the house, and very calm and playful dog; it’s beginning to be catchy already and I am very happy finally to have a dog again. We stopped in order to raise the boys, but since already young men we decided to come back with a dog. They are all helping out so this is a family affairs as it should be.

As we were in city center, decided to take some pictures of our hangouts so here they are. I try to put a name to the picture.

We finally reach home and did some more blogging and what not,had dinner with a wonderful bottle of Bouchard Pére et Fils Chardonnay of Burgundy magnum and excellent rabbit with pumpking puree by the resident Frenchie; before some more TV and then to bed , ready for the Friday in which I am finishing this post.

Enjoy your weekend, mine is just beginning and should be fun with Rex. Now begins the other task of findins places he is accepted from Restaurants to Beaches to Lodgins. Fun thrill times ahead.

Happy travels and good health to all. Cheers!!!

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March 16, 2018

City Districts of and Churches of Versailles!

Well what else. I need to bring you up to speed on this historical ,Royal and magical town of France. Of course, my beloved Versailles. Usually, cities are divided into districts and then neighborhoods and they give you a feeling of an idea of where you are going. There is a spiritual feeling visiting a new place so much rich in Religion over the centuries even with distractors ,it is still strong here.

The French won’t openly tells you about these things of Church relation, but once you get to know them as I do, been one adopted French with a French family going back thousands of years and working here among them, yes they do, and they follow traditions.

I did a blog post on the Churches of Versailles, a while back. To my pleasant surprise still rank as the most view post in my blog, not only by a few but 972 views! one blog post! So I give it to you again here:

Versailles and its historical churches :

I believe I have given you all the main ones above, but here they are mention for reference and the curiosity to see them while visiting Versailles; as I always said, Versailles is a lot more than a Castle. The main Churches here are:
Saint Louis Cathedral,4 Place Saint-Louis
Chapelle de l’Ermitage, 1 Rue de l’Ermitage
Chapelle du Château, inside the Château de Versailles
Chapelle du Couvent des Sœurs servantes du Sacré Cœur,109 Avenue de Paris
Chapelle du Lycée Notre-Dame du Grandchamp,(chapel in a historic high school),97 Rue Royale
Chapelle du lycée Sainte-Geneviève (chapel in a historic high school),2 rue de l’Ecole-des-Postes
Chapelle Notre-Dame de l’Espérance, 37 rue du Maréchal Joffre
Chapelle Notre-Dame des Armées (military chapel),4 impasse des Gendarmes
Chapelle Saint-François de Sales,9 Rue de l’École des Postes
Chapelle Saint-Joseph de Glatigny,29 Boulevard de Glatigny
Chapelle Saint-Maurice de la caserne Satory (Fesch), (military chapel)De la Martinière (Satory)
Église adventiste (Adventist Church), 22 rue des Réservoirs
Eglise du Couvent des Récollets, 9 rue des Récollets
Église Évangélique de Pentecôte(evangelical Pentecost) ,15 bis rue du Parc de Clagny
Église Évangélique du Nazareen, 15 rue du Peintre Lebrun
Notre Dame Church, 35 Rue de la Paroisse
Église Saint-Michel de Porchefontaine, 8 Rue des Célestins
Église Saint-Symphorien,2 Place Saint-Symphorien
Eglise Sainte-Bernadette,7 Rue Saint-Nicolas
Eglise Sainte-Elisabeth de Hongrie,25 Rue des Chantiers
Eglise Sainte-Jeanne d’Arc, Place Elisabeth Brasseur
Mosquée de Versailles, 31 rue Jean Mermoz
Synagogue,10 Rue Albert Joly
Temple protestant, 3 rue Hoche

Ok so I think these are all. My blog post concentrate on the most popular ones above.

The districts/neighborhoods of Versailles are Bernard de Jussieu-Petits Bois-Picardie , Chantiers, Clagny-Glatigny, Montreuil, Notre-Dame (my old neighborhood), Porchefontaine, Saint-Louis, Satory, and Instance du château(the castle).

Here is the city of Versailles with a pretty good map of them.

And this is my blog post on them:

You now know your bearing, walk them, they are all history and beautiful. My VERSAILLES.

Have a great weekend and happy travels with good health for all. Cheers!!

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