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March 15, 2018

Some news from France CLXXXVII

So on a rainy Thursday off day, cloudy windy (65 KPH), and miserable temps in 10C or 50F sitting at home. Well, let me tell you what is going on in my belle France.

Ok, so lots of construction going on in Paris due to a big program of modernization which they are behind and the Citizens are asking for faster and better service.

This coming Summer you will see plenty of work (especially if take regularly) on the RER A, which will be closed from Saturday July 28 to Sunday August 26 2018 between La Défense and Nation. The stations of La Défense and Nation will be temporary terminus even if they will remain open and connections will be assured. However, the quays will be closed at Charles de Gaulle, Étoile, Auber, Châtelet – Les Halles, and the gare de Lyon. On the train line L of the Transilien network,and the service on the metro lines 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 13 et 14 ;Tramway lines T2 and T3a; bus lines 73, 114, 118 and 275. Mondays to Fridays a navette bus will be in service between Charles de Gaulle
Étoile, and La Défense.

Same for the RER A and train line L , from July 14 to September 2nd included; closing of the RER A ,and the line L between Cergy – Saint-Christophe , and between Cergy – Le Haut(temporary terminus Cergy – Saint-Christophe). On the RER C line from July 15 to August 25th included, the RER C between Paris Austerlitz and Javel / Avenue Henri Martin. This Summer this line will be closed. Be careful, the station gare de Pont de l’Alma will remain closed until January 2nd 2019. The line 10 metro will be reinforced as well as bus line 63 ; there will be a navette bus between Invalides and Javel.

Again the RER A will be closed from July 26 to August 26 included from Maisons-Laffite and Poissy. More for the French speaker here:

No time for me but the Livre Paris 2018 is on from March 16 to 19 on its 38th edition on the expo park of the Porte de Versailles. More here in English:

If not there see the libraries of Paris with contact, do not forget to put the 0033 and do not mark the 0 from abroad or look them up in google.
Les Libres Champs Léa. 18, rue Le Verrier (VIe). Tél.: 01 43 29 27 11. L’Écume des Pages. 174, bd Saint-Germain (VIe). Tél.: 01 45 48 54 48.Galignani. 224, rue de Rivoli (Ier). Tél.: 01 42 60 76 07.Gibert Joseph. 26, bd Saint-Michel (VIe). Tél.: 01 44 41 88 88.Librairie des Abbesses. 30, rue Yvonne-Le-Tac (XVIIIe). Tél.: 01 46 06 84 30.Librairie de Paris. 7, place de Clichy (XVIIe). Tél.: 01 45 22 47 81.Delamain. 55, rue Saint-Honoré (Ier). Tél.: 01 42 61 48 78. Librairie du Globe. 67, bd Beaumarchais (IIIe). Tél.: 01 42 77 36 36 Librairie Jousseaume. 45-46-47, galerie Vivienne (IIe). Tél.: 01 42 96 06 24. Boulinier. 20, bd Saint-Michel (VIe). Tél.: 01 43 26 90 57.

And if at the same time you want to read up and have a coffee in a historic Paris landmark, then head for these:
Le Procope. 13, rue de l’Ancienne-Comédie (VIe). Tél: 01 40 46 79 00.Le Café de la Paix. 5, place de l’Opéra (IXe). Tél.: 01 40 07 36 36. Le Café de Flore. 172, boulevard Saint-Germain (VIe). Tél.: 01 45 48 55 26. La Closerie des Lilas. 171, boulevard du Montparnasse (VIe). Tél.: 01 40 51 34 50. Les Deux Magots. 6, place Saint-Germain des Prés (Vie). Tél.: 01 45 48 55 25

Then, two classic for the Paris lovers. Even Emmanuel Macron celebrated his first tour win in the French elections here, today the President. The La Rotonde,is open since 1911,at Montparnasse becoming known as the four muskeeteers at the crossing of Vavin with La Coupole, Le Dôme, and Le Select. Mythical address of the left bank it is the place of frequency of many artists and intellectuals such as Picasso, Chagall, Apollinaire, Soutine, Modigliani, Cocteau, Diaghilev, and Foujita. See it at La Rotonde. 105, boulevard du Montparnasse (6éme). Tél.: 01 43 26 48 26.

Another jewel same place since 1899 in the Champs-Élysées,this Brasserie chic went over to the group Barrière (casinos) in 1998. It was closed in February 2017 for renovations and its hotel as well opening again last early July. The frequency here since early the 20C is the all Paris like Ettore Bugatti, Colette, Pierre Brasseur,Aga Khan, and Raymond Poincare. From the 1930’s was the meeting place of the cinema people from Raimu to Depardieu, passing by Gabin, Ventura, Delon ,and Signoret. Since 1977,it hosts the dinner of the ceremonies of the César (the French Oscar). Le Fouquet’s. 99, avenue des Champs-Élysées (8éme) Tél.: 01 40 69 60 50.

The mansion Hôtel de Sens,or the library Forney hosts until May 26 a free exposition on the poster artist Charles Loupot (died 1962). It will have hundreds of work from posters, models, photos, and publicist articles that trace his long career. The expo is call the Loupot, peintre en affiches à la bibliothèque Forney. Location :Hôtel de Sens. 1, rue du Figuier (4éme).Tél.: 01 42 78 14 60. Expo held on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 13h to 19h30, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10h to 19h30. Closed Mondays, free admission even for the expo.

And because they want to make business center and the sales are not order decision taken to closed the Centre Commercial Bercy 2 (shopping center mall).It is by the Boulevard périphérique and the autoroute A4 handy on way and coming to visit family for me! The mall aka as « la Baleine » or the Whale was opened in 1990 , and has now 70 stores.

Last January 19 at the aquarium of Sea Life in shopping center Val d’Europe,near Disneyland, a baby royal penguin was born in captivity. The penguin is with chocolate plumes and weights a bit more than 7 kg (about 15 lbs). He is not yet on the basin but stay with his parents to do this and swim will need about a year. More here:

And now hold on, the SNCF trains of France in simple terms has voted by their unions a strike two over 5 days per week starting by April 3rd and for a period of 3 months; due to better working condition and the management push for quick modernisation of the structures. So , now with some towns holding back on automobile traffic ,and the trains of France on strike with structures on average 32 years old ,sure the tourist will think we are just fine….. More news here:

And to add to the train,our beloved subsidized Air France also has announce strikes. Air France’s pilots are asking for 6% rise in their salaries, a request the airline has refused to meet. Even though the Air France-KLM Group clinched a 42% increase in its operating profit to €1.49 billion in 2017, it is only offering a 1% increase to the unions, to be paid in two installments. The unions said it was a “small change.” More here:

The Festival of Mojito will start in June 2018 with tastings for free!!! The establishment participating will be decorated for the event and will have entertainment like concerts, gifts giving , and salsa courses; all before the World Cup of Football/soccer June 2018 in Russia. More in French here:

At the Musée du Luxembourg  come see the Tintoret, or the little tainter was name  Jacopo Comin, and now will be showing his early years  with the expo tintoret birth of a genius until July 18 2018. One of the most emblematic painters of the Renaissance.  More here in English:

And last but not least;see a museum for free in Paris, no not just the Sundays first of every month but everyday. Here they are: Petit Palais, Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Maison Victor Hugo, Musée de la Vie Romantique , Musée Cernuschi, Musée Curie, Maison Balzac Mémorial de la Shoah, Musée Valentin Haü, and Musée Jean Moulin. And of course, plenty free for those under 26 yrs old link below

Now get ready for the TGIF ok you are new to this Thanks God Is Friday. Have a great weekend, happy travels and good health to all. Cheers!!

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