My new home of Pluvigner in the Morbihan Breton XXV and Rex

Ok so much for the title , and my creativity lol! Anyway, for years and years I have try to convince my gang to have a dog. I grew up with dogs: my grandfather was a hunter and he kept two Dalmatians on his side all the time, they knew every step he made and got on the jeep as soon as he left the house. I remember taken sides with them , me in the middle and my body guards on the sides. Those were my early enfant/child days.

As I move about in our world, running from city to city, region to region, and country to country it was hard to have them. Once settled in Florida USA, my parents brought a small female dog mix coton,Yorkshire type which we love and raised since she was 2 weeks old. We got thru a friend and we did all on her, vets visits, and trips by car. Even hiding it in towels to get her into some of the hotels not allowing dogs, the B. Well it was with us for almost 12 years before she left us at the time my first boy was born.

Ormond by the Sea

me and my dog in FL

Moving again to a new country, sort of. We were busy traveling and having family life. I continue ask once in a while to have again a dog; love them all. Well family we had a family consensus we will all help out with the dog. We started searching for one here in the Morbihan Breton. Well have to give you the car our car in driveway , the dog will travel on ok.

The search was briefly mentioned in my other posts, it was big and frustrating. We first look at the SPA or animal refuges centers here, one in Vannes and another in Lorient (larmor plage). We realized as sad as their situation is, the dogs were too old  ,all the ones we were tempted to were 5-9 yrs old. We were beginning to give up on these centers.

We visit puppy shows like the one in Lorient (Lanester) expo center. Full of puppies from many races all pure race. They look adorable and we like the Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Spaniel Bretons , etc. However, the prices are in my opinion a racket. 650 euros to 1200 euros depending on the race and sex. No wonders we have a population problem lol these people sells them like eggs to anyone without knowing if they can keep them or not. Eventually , many of them end up in the SPA refuges. Sorry. The past show is here in the local newspaper Ouest-France (Western France)

We visited friends who have dogs here, and we saw they were so lovely and well behave. One was a border collier by Guerande in Pays de la Loire.  We continue our search. We had visited stores selling puppies and animals like the Animalis and Truffaut both in Vannes and Lorient.

We turn to the newspapers , and here there is leboncoin (the good corner) online where everybody sells anything you can imagine.  Webpage here:

Here gave us hope, but most of the offering were very deceiving and tricky. Many offer the dogs free and when you call, they ask for a participation of 200-300 euros!  And we read many sad stories of people giving up their dogs sometimes as much as 6 years because they change job, house, or were sick! Imagine giving your child away for the same reasons!!!

Many times we call, and the dogs were gone already. And the search continues in all fronts with patience. Until something magical happened.

There was this ad. advertising a puppy of 3 months mix border collier and something, nearby us in the town of Moustoir-AC along the road D16. WE call, and there was one male remaining from the lot of 2+2 M/F. By this time he was 4 months old and mostly black. The family were farmers milk cow business and only wanted 30 euros for him!!

We call we wanted the dog and they were very honorable folks who reserved the puppy for us just by telephone. We can only come to get him Saturday (today) and we made appointment to stop by on this day at 15h (3pm). On the way there we did our errands and were having lunch at Au Bureau in the town of Séné, not far from Vannes. Here we had our platters of cheese goodies and calamars, and burgers, and big 50cl beers Leffe and café gourmand dishes all in a nice ambiance for 28€ per person and worth it recommended, it is our second time here and love it. Webpage here:


After to our amazement we call the folks again to confirm the dog was still available the couple spoked with us by telephone and confirm waiting for us. So, therefore, we headed across the parking from the above restaurant to visit a store we had visit in our search, Maxi Zoo.

Maxi Zoo I found out is a German chain with over 80 stores already in France, and they have everything for the dogs. The staff is very friendly and knowledgably as we had visited before for information. This time we went for the shopping !!! We got our bedding, towels, leash, collar, toy, and chewing snacks as well as the big bag of food; and the expenses with joy begins.  We will come back here as they are tops. webpage here:

And we rush to get the puppy at the farm in Moustoir-AC, we were late and call to let them know we were on our way and hold on to the puppy ,is ours! The folks were very nice and guide us to their farm. Here you need a lot more than GPS to get to some of these villages hamlets call lieu-dits here in French. Some are and some are not on GPS. We finally made to the farm ok. Before passing by city center we passed the nice Church of Santa Barbara or St Barbe in the photo.

The couple and their son as well as four other dogs were waiting for us. The total welcome, including the mother of our puppy!  was very nice.  She is a pure race Border Collier, very nice and gentle. Even played with us and a rock throwing contest ! The father is unknown , one of those accidents in a big farm. We think it could be the spaniel Breton or Belgian shepherd or Labrador not sure. It is very gentle quiet and already walking around the house living room and veranda. We will see the first night ! Anybody can give us an idea of the father might be ?

We have our first veterinary appointment next Tuesday March 13  at the cabinet that have been advising us on the purchase and steps all the way. They have been very strict and gentle to our questions and we kind of like them for that. They are right in Pluvigner not far from our local grocery shopping center, Clinique du Chêne.  the webpage is here:

We are now set for a wonderful homey Sunday with our new member of the family, REX. We call him like that because my wife sees an Austrian, then Italian TV series on a dog call Rex (German Shepherd) . The series lasted until 2015 under Inspector Rex. The Wikipedia site has the best info on it; here it is in English:

And here is the series site REX:


So there you have it, the globetrotter family now has a dog a new member of the family and already planning trips with him.  In our world these can be limited but we are stubborn animal lovers who will seek out the best to bring him alone. Rex is here to stay.

Hope you like the story on our wandering world in now Breton lands. Enjoy your Sunday , weekend, whatever you are in our wonderful world. Cheers!

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