My travels in the Morbihan, LX

And we are moving right alone on a sunny cool Sunday day of March temps around 7C in the morning to 12C in the afternoon, rain in the morning now not, typical day in the Morbihan Breton. And are cozy home, my other half walk to get some breads and pain au chocolat yummy with locally homemade sour orange jelly (Seville). And now back to tell you something local.

As I have done on My Travels in the Morbihan and My Home in Pluvigner , trying to tell you our everyday life here away from Eiffel lol! So many of my friends and family ask me for things here, to them , we are always on vacation ! Well ,not really we do work here, still….

Yesterday was a typical Saturday to get things done so we can rest on Sunday as per the French way of life.  We started off in our town of in land Pluvigner, where we got to play the EuroMillion lottery at the tabac sundry store on place du Marché.

Then, we set out to visit a wonderful store we used to frequent often while living in the Yvelines dept 78 (Versailles), this is Truffaut. It is a garden store with home deco, gourmet goodies, and animal store where you can buy even puppies! And we are still looking for one. The store is in the Centre Commercial Keryado or K2 in Lorient, the second city in the Morbihan but with more inhabitants than Vannes. Truffaut is here:

Ok a bit about the puppy hunting. We have been to puppy shows, refuges or SPA as they are call here in Vannes and Lorient and even now contacted one in Carquefou near Nantes. We look at ads in the popular newspaper LeBoncoin or the good corner where you can get anything. However, so far the dogs in the refuges are too old, the puppy shows very expensive, sometimes as much as 1200 euros for a puppy.The ads are somewhat misleading and for all information we check with our local veterinary cabinet who are very friendly and very good! So far nothing. We await for one local one by March 10th and the response from the refuge in Carquefou and will see, the search is on. I like to put the vets of my town here, Clinique Veterinaire du Chêne, because they are really good.

In going to the shopping center CC K2 at Lorient we found several stores that we like so we did some shopping and ate there!  The shopping center is here on the boutique section:

Well, first we went to Truffaut. No surprises here this is a grand store with all the trimming and very upscale quality. We load on goodies including that sour orange jelly we ate this morning and other goodies green teas, nougat Montpellier, etc. And of course, we saw the puppies for sale there. These were from a farm breeder that was there showcasing their puppies. We look at the cross Teckels with if I remember Yorkshire terrier at 6 months ,and were going for 650 euros. Then ,we had pure breed Labrador at 9 months for 1100 euros.  This is a ongoing big business here and elsewhere. So we just look around the plants and saw many nice things that will make us come back.


We went over to GIFI a bazaar of all trinkets and home deco, well all inexpensive here that we have been to the one in Auray and Vannes. So now Lorient lol! We got the habit of picking something always so we got some design glass with New York and London logos on it for 87 cents! other miscellaneous trinkets were added to the basket ! and move on. here is the GiFi of Lorient:

We just have to cross the street in this huge shopping complex with independent stores sort of an open air mall to go over to Boulanger, the electronics, home appliances store that we have been to the one in Vannes. Well here we were on the shopping mood with my gang and we grab a Moulinex robot or do it all machine sort of the things they have now for the kitchen.!!!  The store is here:

We needed to eat lunch so rather than take a trip to find a restaurant we stayed on the shopping area and got into the cafeteria Flunch (family lunch!) this is a buffet style restaurant chain of inexpensive prices and is like eating on the job cantine but with more choices. We had the steaks, fish, seafood platter with plenty of desserts , wine or beer or soda and coffees all for 17€ per person. This is the restaurant:

Finally, it was time to head home and on the way do our groceries…lol! do not like doing groceries on weekends but sometimes it falls on the need. We came by our old route home in Auray exit for the beaches and shop at the E Leclerc supermarket there. This is a chain of hyper/supermarkets started from Brittany to most of France and also, Poland, Spain, Portugal and Italy. They are the biggest single supermarket market share group in France. If you included all the internal brands stores then Carrefour is bigger. The one in Auray we shop was a medium size E Leclerc, the one we do shop too in Vannes is a hypermarket ,bigger. Here is the webpage for Auray:

Started to rain leaving but stop arriving home. Our routine day is gone. We await for other trips soon; me to Paris on business is a regular every month. Now Sunday is 11C and rainy!!! Enjoy your Sunday, happy travels. Cheers!!!

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