Madrid is more than a city to me.

So here I am again to speak about the city of Madrid this time. See previous post on the Real Madrid. I have several posts on it ,but some are older ,from my beginning blogging and figure they should be showcase more. This is their story, my story.

There are so many posts already even from this year, I am not going to go into full lenght on what is Madrid to me. It was simply a early teen view of a new surrounding, once told by grandparents and now visually upon me back in 1971.

I grew up there at Calle de Alcalà 331 , 2do A ,Buzon 67, metro Quintana line 5 just out of the metro. Nearby was/is Plaza Quintana, and our closest park was Parque el Calero. Going to the sports complex Elipa (still there!!) was fun on the bus P13 now name 113. Docamar the best patatas bravas de Madrid since 1963 are still there!

Calzados Victor at 238 Alcalà my mom purchased my first shoes in Spain there, and ever since, I stop by and already got my boys shoes there too. The beltway or first one the M30 was finished by 1974 when I left Madrid. It was nice to walk all the way to the Monumental Ventas bullring.

It was a nice quiet working class neighborhood part of Ciudad Lineal, and now drastically change, almost beyond recognition even thus I do stop by for memories’s sake.

I still remember the elevator/lift in my piso/apartment you could take it up but not down, it was from the belle epoque era very nice but old and rusty. We were only on the second floor (3rd US).

Anyway, I get very sentimental just talking about the city. Therefore, here are the old posts just the earlier ones; there are many others in my blog on Madrid. As the saying goes; From Madrid to heaven and a hole in the sky to look down on it everyday!!! yes!!

Enjoy the posts and just one photo on this post ok. Have a great week everyone. Cheers!

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