My previous posts here on VERSAILLES!

As promise in my previous post, here are just a listing links of all my previous posts done on VERSAILLES!!

Well, it took some digging in my blog as to what I have written on my beloved dear Cherie Versailles. If you have read my posts, I used to live in this magnificent city from 2003 to 2011 (of course, like many had visited before since 1990!), my boys went to high school here, and I used to work during that time in Paris. So many memories of entering France and having the luck to live in one of the most historical perfectly royal towns of the world. Again, I repeat, Versailles is a lot more than a castle/palace/museum. Oh yes that is the Château de Versailles !

Now are my posts that this time will be on a separate post than my recounting of the beauty of my beloved city as there are too many, and do not want to make the previous post any longer than it is already lol!!. Lucky enough to still see it every year now even if sometimes is on business trips of only one day, just mentioned the name Versailles is a push of fresh air and all stress of life are gone.. Enjoy Versailles.

This is glorious royal and beautiful VERSAILLES! Enjoy it as I do always. Again see my previous post on things about Versailles, and enjoy your week. Cheers!

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