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February 10, 2018

My travels in the Morbihan, LVIIII

So here I am on a nice bit sunny Saturday decided to stay closer to home this week, we need a break. Many things to tell you as things always change. Anyway today is about 9C or about 48F very nice indeed and of course in lovely Brittany we have no snow! Can’t say the same about the Paris region still in near Meaux, my inlaws area, they had 7 inches of snow, and about 4 in Paris proper. Well not so bad we had 6 in Versailles in 2010 and as I am used to driving in snow and got my driving license in snow covered roads it was as we say a piece of cake. Not so much for the natives who find it difficult with 1cm on the! Continuing saga of an international family in France !

Anyway, this is the Morbihan, the only department or province or state in France that do not have a French name and we are kind of proud of it around here. Not to get too involved but Corsica is speaking out on more independence and the Bretons are watching closely. Oh yes again Morbihan means petite mer in French or small sea as Mor is sea in Breton and bihan is small ::)

If you had read my previous posts on series, you will know we were looking to adopt a dog. Well , we look at puppies, and individual ads in the newspapers, visited the refuge centers or SPA here and saw dogs of all ages; even walking some of them. The final verdict is we will take a wait and see on it. Maybe by summer, we will be ready to get one and right now leaning towards a purchase of a puppy.

We started out from home by noticing the dry apple trees of our neighbor, that we get some indeed.

Another thing I mentioned is that one of my sons was thinking of getting a scooter ! Well not my favorite idea but Dad is always there to support and help. Once he made an effort to save for it about 2/3 of it I came in for the last third. WE purchase the scooter this morning and will be delivered for free to our house next Wednesday morning. It is at Mash City black purchased at Morbihan Moto in Ploeren just outside limits of Vannes. The webpage is here:

And the scooter is here but we pay less lol!!! in addition to free delivery yeah! here is Mash webpage :

We did our groceries in our favorite chain Breton E Leclerc in the shopping park of Kerbois in the historical town of Auray. This is a hypermarket and on a shopping center of several stores as well and plenty others around. the site is here:

We just had to go over across the road to the other shopping park Océane to stop by V&B (this is vins et biéres or wines and beers) for our beers from Germany we get here with deposit rights, we loaded a box pile of beers; we need it ,is cold outside ::) We had plenty of photos of it in previous posts. The store is here:

We took advantage of stopping by Castorama a home supplies store we use to get some joints for our tiles etc of course when better weather comes around and as we have plenty of photos too in previous post we continue across to the other hypermarket E Leclerc in Ploeren and they have an excellent automatic carwash to do some cleaning in my car the new Ford….

Finally, while in Ploeren we did rode a bit into Vannes proper always nice. As we are close to the ocean and the city has an excellent harbor and passenger boat terminal to the islands in the Gulf ;there are surprises in the lakes we have here such as the Le Marie near the train station, shot here:

And, then we headed back home, do you know the rugby VI Nations tournament is on! France lost the first test vs Ireland on a o heartbreaker last minute kick 13×15 and then Ireland beat Italy handily like 54×19 and now we have a good test with England vs Wales just started 0x0 ,tomorrow all loaded at home is France vs Scotland; and I need to leave you lol!

Enjoy your weekend ,happy travels, and oh well Cheers!

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