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January 27, 2018

Chateau de Chenonceau, ladies please!

I am rapid firing at you because its a pity some of these wonderful castles are not showcase more in my blog. These are posts from the vault of 2011 bringing them back to life.

The next one is the Chateau de Chenonceau in the town of Chenonceaux….

I always come by car here, so taking the A10 from Paris and getting out in the Blois or Amboise exit you will see panels to get to the castle. By train from Paris Montparnasse to Saint-Pierre-des-Corps (outside Tours) by TGV train and then a local TER from Tours to Chenonceau in less than 2 hours complete trip.

Again for clarity,the official tourist site for the castle is here:

Chenonceaux is the town in the department of Indre et Loire in the region of Centre Val de Loire . The difference in the name from town to castle is due to a Mme Dupin that during the French revolution wanted to differentiate the two so saving the castle from ruins so say many.

You have basically five women who are attached to the castle and with their bedrooms, the one I like the most is of the room of Louise de Lorraine , really amazing with a creepy decor to show her mourning for the passing of King Henri III her husband. She lived here her last years with black walls with several mortuaries attributes. See the room picture below.

The outside is equally impressive with gardens. The circular laberynh, the rosary flowering in the garden or Jardin de Diane de Poitiers, the flowery lawns of the garden or jardin de Catherine de Médicis; the flower garden à la française are wonderful to walk.

And to see other structures next to these gardens such as the Galerie des attelages or gallery of horse teams and it’s collection of hippo cars dating from the 18C to early 19C. The gallery of domes or the Galerie des Dômes that preserves the souvenirs of the military hospital that was setup at Chenonceau during the First World War.

For lodgings ,eating out, activities to do, the local tourist office in English has plenty and reliable here:

Enjoy the ladies of Chenonceau, happy reading for the weekend. Cheers!

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January 27, 2018

Bordeaux, wines? nahh beaches!!!

Lacanau Ocean Ok I am on a roll, grey rainy, humid, cool 6C not fun to go out although we plan something later in the afternoon. Right now is memory lane and reminiscent of the wonderful place I posted on my blog going back to 2011!

Bordeaux has a mythical name to it, for most it means the best wine in the world and rightfully so, I agree. Extensive (all my life) work in the wine industry from bartender to management and diploma of France and Spain on wine connoisseurs level, even right now worked for a big multinational with wine distribution division.

However, what most visitors do not know, is that the Bordeaux, especially the best wine areas of the Médoc are also,home to some of the best beaches in France, and the summer hangout of my family especially when younger ages.

Of course, plenty of wine info there and some beach. These towns we have zigzag for many years with the kids and beach activities that are second to none in France. These are Lacanau-Océan,Carcans-Maubisson, Hourtin,especially, but also Le Verdun-sur-Mer, Soulac-sur-Mer ,and Montalivet.

The place for beaches in France with info on each is plagetv here:

The special Médoc tourism page in French has more on them:

The one we prefer of all is Lacanau-Océan and even thus is in French, you can give yourselves a good idea from the pictures to know this is really good beach town:

Here we have done house rental and camping park rental. The house is fine but for ambiance and group activities the camping are best. Our all time favorite camping is the 5 star Camping Yelloh! village Les Grands Pins just 300 meters from the beach at North side or plage nord. The house was Villa “Gré des flots” more expensive and like I said more isolated even if in city center. WE like more the camping.

The house Gré des flots is here:

The camping site is here;

This camping is tops you can walk to the city center and the beaches and plenty of family activities inside! As well as cheaper for a family than the house.

The beaches at Lacanau-Océan are 16 km long or about 10 miles and are three south, central, and north (sud, central, nord).

From the city center you go down steps into the sand for the plage Centrale or central beach, and very close to all shops restos bars etc. So,therefore ,the most crowded part. The others are reach on foot from city center too but on neighborhood more residentials. So you still close to all amenities but less crowded. The plage Super Sud or south has a huge parking for 2000 cars/autos with pines shades, need to cross a dune of sand on wooden trails with a spectacular view over the beach; been the more open nature beach. The plage nord or north beach is the one we access from the camping and is so wide and wild and much less crowded as the part of the camping made it private beach. This is super tranquility and good ambiance with the camping folks.
More on the city page here in French:

Enjoy the fact that on the ocean side you have wonderful beaches and on the river side you have the best wines in the world, the center is full of pine trees landscape and farms you have the real France at your fingertips or wheelstip. Plublic transport is available even bus from Bordeaux to Pauillac but here the car is king. For the daring ones, here are the buses :

By car from Bordeaux you have several alternatives depending on which beach you are going to . Driving by car go into the Bordeaux beltway A630 direction Le Lac take exit 8 on the road D215 direction Sainte Hélène, here take the road D6 Route de Lacanau direction lacanau and then past the lake lacanau-ocean, after the traffic circle of the Casino of Lacanau bear right into the next road Pénetrante later boulevard Franchet until the entrance to the Camping well posted.

Hope it helps enjoy some beach family time in the Médoc, and maybe a tour of the Chateaux of Bordeaux/Médoc! Cheers

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January 27, 2018

Saint Jean de Luz and the King!

Here is Saturday and again reminiscent of my older post in my blog, bring them back to life. France is a huge reservoir of gorgeous sites that will probably my lifetime won’t be enough to see it all. However, I am on the right track ::)

The city has plenty of history even recent from the exit of the Polish army in 1940 escaping from here and all the way back to ancient times. It has long been a feud between France and Spain around here. And of course, wonderful beaches. I just will like to expand on the King’s presence there that is link to two countries dear to me.

Saint-Jean-de-Luz found it’s best hour when after the treaty of the Pyrénées on November 7 1659 , sealing the peace between France and Spain by negotiations of Cardinal Mazarin, and marking the borders of the two countries until these days ; king Louis XIV came here to married Maria Teresa of Austria , infanta of Spain (daughter of the king of Spain, Felipe IV)on June 9 1660. The door of the church of St John the Baptist or Saint-Jean-Baptiste, from which the royal couple went out was closed 3 years after the wedding, even if the sign on the door tells of the closing immediately after the wedding according to French history school book.

Her 6 children died early except one, but the grandson Felipe V born at Versailles later became King of Spain in 1700, and it is the Bourbon dynasty still running in Spain today. Felipe V ,also built La Granja de San Ildefonso , near Segovia, to look as a miniature Versailles as a reminder of his birth and time there.

There is a lot written on the house that King Louix XIV stayed while waiting for the wedding, the old house of Lohobiague-Enea or commonly call Maison Louis XIV more on it here in English:,110,en.html?PHPSESSID=1sbn2ulc12pj3pklall59o3hq6

However, much less on the Infanta… She stayed at the house or Maison de l’Infante-Joanoenia ,located at 1 rue de l’Infanta in town. Built in 1640 by Joannot de Haraneder,a rich boat builder of noble titles given by king Louis XIII for his services in the siege of La Rochelle. The Infanta lived here while the marriage ceremonies were going on in June 1660. The house ,also hosted king Felipe V of Spain and his brothers in 1701, as well as emperor Napoleon III and the emperatrice Eugénie in 1854. She of course Spanish Montijo from Belmonte Castilla La Mancha where I have visited the castle still in descendants hands and open to the public.

You can visit the bedroom of the Infanta, the anteroom of the great hall with a decoration of the 17C, the monumental chimney in sculpture stones, heads of angels, richly sculpture beams decorated with mythical figures, fabolous monsters, exotic fruits and celestial constellations. The oratory along this grand hall has a great view over the harbor or Port et la Rhune. More on this house in French here :

For clarity and help here is the tourist office of Saint Jean de Luz in English:

Enjoy it the pays basque, the basques of France. Have a great day, Cheers.
ah a personal touch,photo of me and the boys in front of the house of the Infanta.
st jean de luz Pedro remi xavier front of maison infanta

January 27, 2018

Chaumont sur Loire, the castle by the Loire!

Of course, where else would you find so many castles and so many beautiful ones than if not in the Valley of the Kings, now this is the region of Centre-Val de Loire; not to be confused with the other with castles too Pays de la Loire.

Again for clarity, the official site for the castle is here:

Chaumont sur Loire is in department 41 Loir et Cher (which are also two rivers tributaries of the Loire. Nicely located between Amboise and Blois.Only 185 km from Paris or about 115 miles.

Some of the activities going on here in addition to offering a wonderful view over the royal river =Loire, the castle and its 32 ha of space includes stables from the 19C one of the most avant garde in Europe, a landscape park/garden and the Festival International des Jardins (international gardens festival from April to November. More on the Festival here:

It is, also, a center of Arts and Nature, with contemporary artists and expositions of the best photographers . During the high season it showcase the garden of lights or «Jardins de Lumière» with an invitation of a nocturnal walk to discover the festival of gardens; there is a nice restaurant in the castle with an inventive cuisine.

chaumont sur loire

I do my runs by car here so if coming from Paris the best is the A10 direction Bordeaux, and come out in exit or sortie 17 Blois then direction Tours. By train you go out of the Paris gare d’Austerlitz direction to arrive at gare d’Onzain / Chaumont-sur-Loire.

The city has information on the castle,activites, eat outs and coming to it in French here:

A very nice castle in a nice area to drive by, bicycles are fine here too, see the Loire à Vélo organization here:

Enjoy it and see you again over the weekend lots of old reliables that need to bring back to life such as Chaumont. Happy weekend, Cheers!

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January 26, 2018

Occitanie, the old now new region of France

Again, rainy day at home;so started looking at my albums and posts here in my blog . Found out there are a lot stuff from my early days blogging in 2011 that has not been notice enough, in my opinion. These are wonderful areas you should be aware of if visiting France.

Occitanie is one of them.  In the administrative realignment of French regions in 2016, the two  Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrénées were merged into one. In turn the new region of Occitanie counts 13 departments/provinces such as Ariége, Aude, Aveyron, Gard, Haute-Garonne, Gers, Hérault, Lot, Lozére, Hautes-Pyrénées, Pyrénées-Orientales, Tarn, and Tarn-et-Garonne.

Well before them, there were others call Haut and Bas Languedoc, Roussillon, Cerdagne, Vallespir, Conflent, Capcir, Comté de Foix, parts of Gascogne such as Armagnac, Comminges, Couserans, Bigorre, Condomois, Nébouzan, Riviére-Verdun, as well as Guyenne with Quercy and Rouergue. There were part of the parliament of Toulouse founded in 1443.

This is the official webpage for the region in French:  Occitanie new region old Midi Pyrenees

Wouff, well there you go ,plenty for a wonderful vacation, trip, passing of a historically wonderful area of France. Do we have time to see it all, I am working on it…!

Enjoy the weekend, me planning! Cheers!


January 26, 2018

The flooding in France, especially around Paris 2018

Ok so this is part of a series I did in 2016 on the flooding around Paris France. This seems to be a recurrent phenomenon but the authorities seems to just take pictures and nothing concrete has yet to be propose on doing; while families lose everything in one river rising waters….

My previous posts on the flooding

This time it practically reach the same levels as in 2016, but all you hear folks saying is well did not broke the record of 1910! 1910 omg to do almost the same in 2016 and 2018 is beyond me. No lessons learned.

Again the official Vigicrues organism that tell us when water is going up unusually up is here in French:

The experts keeps repeating to us here that on each rise on the water levels of the Seine river is remarkable and remind us of the 1910 flooding!!! when Paris suffered greatly. Now these days of 2018; the Seine is at 5,48 meters yesterday morning (Thursday) but far from the glorious record of 8.62 meters of 1910! The estimates this time gave us the rising waters to be up to 6,20 meters and even estimated not more than 6 meters according to the Vigicrues experts…

The basin coming into the Seine have four reserve lakes to help regulate the flow of water into the river. One is located along the Seine near Troyes (Aube), the others along the tributaries of the Seine such as in Aube, Marne, and Yonne departments. In period of rising waters, these reserves are filled limiting the rise in water in the Paris region. The current rise in water won’t reach it’s peak until Saturday (tomorrow) but the reserves are already filled up to 86% and that of the Aube at 98%. So much for reserves!

Some of the explanation lies in that this year my belle France had the 2nd biggest two month rain period since figures were kept in 1900!!!  According to  Météo France (official weather channel ) the accumulated pluviometric readings show that after December 1st and in some régions, it has reach double its normal or like in Paris 183 mm of water or about 7,2 inches.

And what all this water thingy has to do with us poor souls. Well all breaks loose and more to come. Bear in mind all this if you are coming to the Paris region in the rest of January at least.  Already ordered closed the RER C (that wonderful train line that takes you Versailles etc) and will be closed until January 31st. there are 23 department on last reading from southeast, east, Normandy and the ile de France in orange mode  or second to highest vigilance. These are so far! according to  Météo France :  l’Aube (10), le Doubs (25), l’Eure (27), l’Isère (38), le Jura (39), la Loire (42), la Marne (51), la Haute-Marne (21), la Meuse (55), la Nièvre (58), l’Oise (60), le Rhône (69), la Haute-Saône (70), la Saône-et-Loire (71), Paris (75), la Seine-Maritime (76), la Seine-et-Marne (77), les Yvelines (78), l’Yonne (89), les Hauts-de-Seine (92), la Seine-Saint-Denis (93), le Val-de-Marne (94) et le Val-d’Oise (95). Highlighting those dear to me as either work,, lived or have family in them still.

We have slowed down the metro line 7 for meteorological reasons wow dandy words here! and extreme vigilance over the banks of the rivers in the departments Marne, Seine-Saint-Denis, and Val-de-Marne. The big museum such as Musée d’Orsay and the Louvre have taken precautionary measures like moving up some pieces or closing the  inferior level of the Islamic arts section at least until Sunday. This is,also true for the musée de l’Orangerie.

Moving on away from Paris the experts of Vigicrues have declare a new level of rising waters in the Marne river  from 3,83 to 4,10 meters by tomorrow morning.  On the flooding of 2001 it only reach 3,95 meters! In the north of the department on the Marne river have risen as water flow coming from the Champagne area continues…In my dear Meaux, the river Marne reached today at 8h 4.29 meters!! with a slow but rising prediction. This is already the high level reach in 2001.  And the experts of Vigicrues  are saying the water level can go up to  4,3-4,5 meters Friday evening (tonite), and for the coming days the tendance is to go higher!!!.

 And in my dear previous dept of the Yvelines no 78 on the wonderful isle of or île de Villennes-sur-Seine, (near Poissy) yesterday the water levels already reached the levels of June 2016 according to Vigicrues. So ,it seems these people only collect data but no prevention so far lol!!

I will post two photos from Le Parisien newspaper one on the Seine river in Paris (credit Mathieu de Martignac) ,and the other on the île de Villennes sur Seine (credit Aurélie Foulon) here.

Paris Villennes sur Seine

And we will continue to watch the levels of water and keep records!!! hoping all will down to normal levels on my next regular work visit to Paris early mid February. In the meantime, you stay dry and on high ground if around here ::) Have a good  weekend, Cheers!


PS update as do need to do another post. IN the Seine river in the Yvelines the Île de Vaux was cutoff from the world. The island or ïlot Blanc near the île des Migneaux near Poissy the stretch in the Seine between Chatou and Conflans was overflowing and fisherman along Conflans Sainte Honorine take cover for their boats.  By today they have taken 23,44 meters of water at Conflans higher than the last one in 2016 that was 23,16 meters . In normal times it is about 20,35 meters. At Les Mureaux also a growers of vegetables had lost 10 000 plants or 70% of its production ! In the meantime in Paris the Seine river has stabalise at 5,85 meters with new rains coming up that will slow down the descend over several days



January 26, 2018

The magnificent Cathedral of Chartres and more!

So here we are on a Friday rainy cool humid grey day in my area and high waters in many parts of France; I come to you again from my vault and early blogging back in 2011.

This time, let me tell you about Chartres. And for clarity this is the official site of the Cathedral:  Chartres Cathedral

A bit more on the Cathedral, a wonderful one to see and re visit.

The Notre Dame Cathedral of Chartres is the best example of gothic art in France! Work on it began in 1120, but the biggest construction period took part from 1194 to 1260.  It is 130,9 meters long by 46 meters wide with a general dimension of 5 200 square meters; at the transept it is 63,3 meters and the nave height is 36,6 meters and a width of 16,4 meters!  The main façade 30 meters long has 719 statues depicting the life of Jesus most of them of Roman style. The central window and highest has a rosary (11,5 meters) a fine gallery of the 13C with niches of 15 grand statues of kings with a space with a statue of the Virgin and on top a colossal praying Christ .


chartres cathedral front

The bells are impressive as well. the one on the right called the old bell is 106,5 meters high is modest with little décor but nice proportions and was finished in 1145; the other on the left called thje new bell 115,2 meters high was finished in periods of  1506-1507 and 1514, to replace the wooden bell that was burn by a lightning in 1506.

The stained glass of Chartres numbering 176, covers 1350 objects from the Old Testament and the New Testament ; from the life of Saints, martyrs, popes, bishops and priests to representation of orders with their emblems that help construct or embellish the Cathedral. As you enter the Cathedral on the left see the statue of the Black Virgin done from the 16C and greatly venerated today.

chartres cathedral nave inside

The Cathedral alone is worth the visit to Chartres, but there is more if you read my old post above. Enjoy the reading of a nice town and beautiful Cathedral of France and the world. Some photos here too.

Happy travels and fun weekend. Cheers!

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January 24, 2018

Chateau d’Anet, and Diane de Poitiers

I go back in memory time to write about an unique castle in the Eure et Loir dept 28 in Centre Val de Loire region , this is the Château d’Anet. It was ordered built in 1543 by king Henri II for Diane de Poitiers. One of the gems recover from my vault, and extensive library on the history of France.

The castle of Anet has lots of damage over the years and only exist today from the original a square in U or horseshoe in the left wing that was renovated in the 17C. After the French revolution, the new owner in 1804 had blown up the central body and the right wing of the castle; must have been a revolutionary…

Many of the wonderful objects here were transferred to Fontainebleau and the fine arts museum of Chartres. The engraving by Rigaud showing 14 busts decorating the exterior walls facing the garden were sent to the Library of Chartres and the archeological society of the Eure et Loir etc. By 1723, the princess de Condé inherit Anet but 171 manuscripts were sold to the library many belonging to Diane de Poitiers preserved after her death. Many more hand changing afterward to long to mention.

During WWI one of the owners since 1884 made it into an auxiliary hospital of the Red Cross; and the last owners have it since 1998.

The dept 28 tourist office has more on it in French here:

The tourist office for Anet is here in French:

The official site for the castle is here in French:

The information on visiting is as such. From April 1st to October 31st every day except Saturday from 14-18h; November 1st to 30th and February 1st to March 31 only weekends from 14-17h. the castle is closed in January and reopen Saturday February 3rd 2018. Guided visit is obligatory. admission 9.20€ per adult . You can contact in English, French ,and Italian at email or tel +33 (0)2 37 41 90 07.

You can come by car from Paris leaving Porte Maillot and taking the A13 direction Rouen, go out at exit/sortie 12 towards Mantes Sud and follow the D928 all the way to Anet. By public transport is long but doable, get from Paris Gare Saint Lazare to Mantes-la-Jolie Mantes station by train and then bus 88 schedule now in pdf file here:

Now ,who was Diane de Poitiers? well she was born in 1499 in the castle of her grandfather Chateau de Saint Vallier that gave her the title of Countess of Valentinois and the shield of Poitiers. She was an able jockey and at an early age joined the court of Anne de Beaujeu and Louis XII. Maid of honor of the queen Anne and later of the future queen Claude (wife of François I) she assisted of his crowning in 1515. She married same year to Louis de Brézé, (40 yrs older) who was a grandson of King Charles VII of France. Louis de Brézé was Lord of Anet, Count of  Maulevrier, Seneschal of  Normandy and Master of the Hunt,  and she reach a nobility rank second only to a princess ,and choose to lived in Anet. Upon king François I death, the children are given for care to Diane in 1524.  Brief in 1531 her husband Louis de Blézé dies and she became known as the lady in black, wearing that color for a long period.

Called upon to the court again in 1533 to help Catherine de Medici into her new life in France and the French customs. She eventually becomes the lover of king Henri II by 1536-1537 thereabouts at the Chateau d’Ecouen, the favorite home of Anne de Montmorency. During their long relationship and ‘against-all-odds’ love, Henri and Diane created a love symbol that would be engraved all over Paris  even on Henri’s cannons. Their symbol contained two interwoven D’s with a line through the middle, forming an H. Even today, the symbol can be seen on the ceiling of the Louvre Museum, Fountainbleau, Chenonceaux, and the Paris Military Museum. Henry designed his own armor with the symbol  as a sign to France that his true love was not his wife, but Diane.

For her love and affection to the king and the help for Catherine de Medici to give him a child, she was given the castle of Chenonceau in the Loire valley.  differences began to appear between the mistress Diane and the queen Catherine of Henri II. Catherine did not invite Diane to Henri’s funeral, and she immediately banished her from Chenonceau. Diane moved to her castle in Anet, where she lived in comfortable obscurity for the rest of her life

Diane, took over Chaumont sur Loire castle after Catherine had decorated ugly and change everything inside and donates it to her daughter Françoise. Diane comes back again to Anet already at 64 yrs old and still looking good. Finally, two years later in 1566 she died at Anet. She gave away her fortunes to the daughters and the convents in the area, and upon her funeral the poor dressed in white and sang pray God for Diane de Poitiers. She is buried in the Chapel at Anet, during the French revolution the revolutionaries open her tomb and cut her hair to make hair strands in 1795.

“She had been kind to her husband to whom she had been faithful, kind to her daughters whom she had made rich. She had loved a King who had adored and respected her and made her happy. She was an example of great energy with a heritage of beauty exalted in France and became one of its glories.” and further Leonardo da Vinci wise formula may have been her guide: That thou hast acquired in thy youth stays the damage of old age, and if thou dost understand that wisdom is the food of the eld so do that thine old age may not lack sustenance’.

Diana de Poitiers, moon mistress, was quite simply a woman for all time.  This sculpture once surmounted the monumental La Fontaine de Diane (The Fountain of Diana). It dates to the mid 16C, where it was originally placed in the courtyard of the château d’Anet built by Philibert de L’Orme for Diane de Poitiers, Henry II’s mistress. In the 18C,  the fountain was moved to the nymphaeum before being confiscated during the Revolution when it was transferred to the Musée des Monuments Français in 1798. In 1799-1800, it was restored , and placed in the museum’s Elysée Garden. It was then claimed by the duchess of Orléans, owner of the Château of Anet at the time of the Revolution and finally allocated to the Louvre at Paris by ministerial decree in 1819.  The sculpture depicts a semi-reclining Diana, the Roman goddess of the hunt, accompanied by her two dogs, Phrocyion and Cyrius, clearly depicted as a greyhound and a water spaniel. She has one arm around the neck of the majestic stag.

Anet Anet

A fascinating story and women, today she could be a role model but she was ahead of her time indeed. Who you enjoy the story; there are some pictures I took on the link above and couple repeat here including her tomb. Enjoy your week, and happy travels stories. Cheers!

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January 23, 2018

Cebu to Bacolod, the Philippines!


Ok so I did had a little time on my last trip to the Philippines, my third. there was not much time to do sightseeing but did get into a whole new area of the Philippines.

I flew from Cebu to Bacolog on Philippines Airlines. Their page is here:

A bit more on Bacolod city:

Let me give you something different than the tourist office on Cebu here:

I needed to get the flight at 6am had a driver take me to the Cebu airport, hop on Philippines airlines was easy and the flight smooth. Arriving at Bacolod city airport by 7am where another driver was picking me up and gave a brief introduction to Bacolod. The airport site is here:

We ,then set out to eat at the favorite place of the locals, Bob’s Restaurant. Here we had blue marlin fish dish just fried as it is, and rice, and delicious fruit punch drink, wonderful. I would come back just for the fish! More on them here:

We did visit a nice shopping mall SM City really nice modern and many nice stores, we had our coffees here at Starbucks inside the mall. The stores were all very clean, nice displays and many popular names notice. More on it here:

As we got back to Cebu a bit late, we had a good night wrap up at one of the joints of the past still very lively: Howling Dogs! Best at their facebook page here:

The beers are cold, the drinks superb , karaoke music , and plenty of good ambiance to get you into the late night. HD is the place in Cebu city.

And this was it ,this time. I was disappointed on the time but cannot always get free time on business travels. It will be next time , already working on it for summer this time. Looking back ,it seems I always visited in January for the last 3 years lol!

Stay tune for more on this your blog and my stories, Paris1972-Versailles2003. Enjoy the rest of your week in good health and happy travels. Cheers!

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January 23, 2018

Vannes-Nantes-Paris-Hong Kong-Cebu and back!!!

I just came back from my third trip to the Philippines and been a rush business trip of only four days gave me no time to see much.  The other two times, I did some out traveling but could not be possible this time. So will tell you mostly of my travel ordeals on a long voyage.

I started from home on Saturday January 13 going to the train station in Vannes with free parking behind it, and getting a train to Redon, changing train to Nantes train station 62€ . There took the express airport bus 9€ to the Nantes Atlantique Airport. From arrival headed to my one night hotel the Escale Oceania Hotel across from the airport 90€. This is the usual hotel I stayed when coming and going thru my closest decent flights airport.

For Vannes train station:

Redon train station:

Nantes train station:

Airport Express Bus, the updated price is 9€:

Nantes Atlantique airport:

Escale Oceania hotel:

Once back into the Airport on Sunday January 14, took my regular flight with Air France to CDG airport arriving in Terminal F and changing for my connection to Terminal A.

Air France:

CDG airport transfer on blue bus:

Once at my departure gate in Terminal A I flew with Cathay Pacific for the first time; and it was a nice ride indeed. This is the airline of Hong Kong and I was going to the airport there for connection to final destination.

Cathay Pacific:

Hong Kong airport:

The Hong Kong airport was my first time too, but as connections were made tight, really had no time to see much of it.

The flight arrive late into the day and still needed a connection on the same Cathay Pacific airlines from Hong Kong to Cebu in the Philippines. I finally arrived in Cebu by 19h Monday January 15, and taking the hotel shuttle headed straight to my usual hotel the Best Western Plus Lex, Cebu.

This was the rest I needed to begin work the next day. The hotel site is here:

The hotel is very nice and central to all. I spent four nights here at BW Plus Lex Cebu a repeat visit to the hotel.

On my way back left on Friday January 19 by 20h on Cathay Pacific same routing back after been deposited at the airport by a company driver.  From Cebu airport going back to Hong Kong, needing a bit of running to catch the flight until to find out it was been delayed 20 minutes!  Again at Hong Kong taking Cathay Pacific again by 23h35 local time to reach Paris CDG Terminal A .

Cebu airport:

This is a smallist nice airport full of shops and restos nice to come early and enjoy the shopping.

Tourist info on Cebu here:

Finally on Saturday January 20 from CDG T2A transfer to TF2 using the same blue bus line again. Here I departed by 10h10 on Air France back to Nantes Atlantique airport. Again taking the Airport Express bus to the Nantes train station.

Here I had my lunch out of airports on my popular Café des Plantes just out of the Nantes Nord train station section and next to the jardin des plantes. Great friendly service always, and fast. The menu of the day is always good and great quality/price value. I had  my veal pipettes with fries in a mustard sauce, leffe Belgian beers, and expresso coffee all for 15€. More here:


From the Nantes train station took a TER train to Rennes train station, and here change to another TER to Vannes. Finally picking up my car to drive home arriving on Saturday by 19h!

Rennes train station(going major overhaul) :

There you go another exhausting trip not to brag about it, just another opportunity to see by now friends and a nice welcome by the locals as usual.  Stay tune for more.

You all have a wonderful week and happy travels. Cheers!

 Cebu Nantes  Paris  Paris

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