The region of Normandie ,now back to its origins!

And as I am on a roll on this Monday with lots of work the rest of the week me think why not get all these new regions a new life afterall many still used the old names ::) Right now let’s talk about Normandie or Normandy , land of the Normans or north men .

Normandie is old and really into the history of France especially at the world stage. The Normandy we know was founded in Neustrie by Rollon, dukedom of Normandy occupies from 911AD the valley of the Seine later Bessin, pays d’Auge, and Hiémois in 924AD, the Contentin, Avranchin, islands of the Manche in 933AD. By 1066, duke William the Conqueror even took on England and conquered it to become king. A century and a half later in 1204, king of France Philippe Auguste invades the dukedom and conquered it into the Royal domain of France with the exception of the islands of Jersey and Guernesey still British.  The rest becomes provinces of France until 1790. By 1956, Normandy is divided in two sharing the new of high or Haute Normandie and low or Basse Normandie.  Now they are back to the origins as one whole Normandie in the new territorial administration of France.

The local language is Norman still spoken in the pays de Caux and the Cotentinn peninsula . The region is now divided into the departments of Calvados, Eure,  Manche,  Orne,  and Seine-Maritime. The region capital and main city is Rouen.

Normandie tourisme site in French for the new region is here:

and the region webpage in French is here:

The train transport is in one webpage here TER Sncf of Normandie

train and bus info is also on the region page in French  as well as the tourist webpage below:

Unesco world heritage sites are at  Le Havre, Mont Saint Michel and Bay;   and working big  on making the Normandy landing beaches  1944 on the list as well.  This is what really should be in Unesco. One of the highlights of western world fight for freedom.

Main tourist cities are: Le Havre, Rouen,Caen,Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, Évreux,Dieppe,Alençon, Vernon, Lisieux, Saint-Lô,Fécamp ,Flers,Argentan,Bayeux,Granville, Honfleur, Giverny,Deauville, and Etretat.

I have a sentimental attachment to this region. Not only because of the Normandy invasion for freedom , or the beauty and sights of the region; but for my mother. My late mom love this area and she was always ready to come here and did several times with me since early days ,she was especially fond of Honfleur, a city of artists and gorgeous streets of yesteryear, but mostly because there is a tradition on the Festival of the fisherman or Fête des Marins, where the Virgin is taken out from St Catherine Church and walk on the streets , put in a small boat and out to sea; a bishop blessed the boats with her in honor of all those fallen here or privately families decided to bury at sea. It is a spot way out into the sea from the harbor which we have taken on pleasure boats that follow the parade. My mother is buried at sea here taken out on the Notre Dame lifeboat of the SNSM volunteer organization that saves folks at sea and take care of the lifeguards on the beaches; special place for me and now my father we walked into the Notre Dame Church on the hill of grace or côte de Grace with a big Cross of Christ overlooking the harbor and hold Mass on this day of the festival as well. It is done since 1861 here and the next one is from Saturday May 19 to Monday May 21 2018. More on it here in French:

And the story on the Notre Dame Church on the hill of grace in English here:

nd a picture to showcase my father at the hill of grace on Normandy and Honfleur. Enjoy Normandy it is for all of us. Cheers!!

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