Chateau d’Amboise, and Touraine!


And here I am again, pulling some wonderful castles from my vault in my blog circa 2011 and 2015. I need to say, the Loire has many castles but for ambiance décor, and just wines, this is my favorite, period. I have come so often that can write a book about it, but third entry is enough for most lol!

The Chateau d’Amboise and Amboise,has been showcase twice in my old blog, these are the post for your enjoyment and my souvenir.

Again ,for clarity the tourist page for the castle is here:

The city of Amboise with their sights in French is here:

Again by car you take the A10 direction Bordeaux from Paris and go out in exit 18 Amboise. By train you can come from Paris Montparnasse or Austerlitz train station to Amboise. Amboise is in dept 37 Indre et Loire in the region of Centre Val de Loire.

You have many things to see here like the castle, and the wonderful clock tower or tour de l’Horloge started in 1495 and finished in 1500. the Château du Clos Lucé of the great Leonard da Vinci, the Maison des Pages of king Charles VII, the eccentric Pagode de Chanteloup ;the nice Church of Saint-Florentin, built upon request of king Louis XI , and the Church Saint Denis, and if time go to see the Chateau Gaillard recently reopen to the public under conditions as it is still a private property; however, it is royal castle once belonging to kings Charles VIII and Louis XII, and one of the first castles of the Renaissance in France as well be the place where the first orangers and peaches trees were planted in France!! (info from the region tourist office.) These would be my favorites to visit.

Another of my highlights here is the market or marché right off the walls of the castle going down to the crossing the clock tower and near the Loire river. It is on Fridays and on Sundays it is huge! with wine tastings as well!!

And then of course, you have the wines! very good quality /price ratio here;our house wine are from here and as I am certified wine expert on French wines by Sopexa (food and wine from France govt org) and worked in the wine business in two countries USA and France,can tell you these are good quality/price values.

The Touraine-Amboise appellation has red (cabernet(franc and sauvignon), cot,and gamay), white(from grapes chenin here call pineau de la loire) ,rose(done from the red wine grapes) and cremant(same as white wines) varieties. 800 km of wine trails, more here:

And the Touraine-Amboise area here:

seek out these properties and you won’t be wrong. Domaine de la Tonnellerie at nearby Limeray across the Loire river. Also, Domaine Mesliand , and my best find,Domaine Dutertre; direct with them and know the entire family here and follow them elsewhere in France on the fairs, many times medal winners independent growers, and Lyon International supporters. See their cuvee François I, and my wife’s favorite the sweet cuvee Gabriel. All of their wines are good and excellent quality/price ratio. Who says French wines has to be expensive to be good…!! oh they have a museum of old wine objects and bottles right underneath the house the cave extends under it ,quite big area. See them here:

Enjoy the Amboise, it is sublime royal and very French. Cheers!

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