Chaumont sur Loire, the castle by the Loire!

Of course, where else would you find so many castles and so many beautiful ones than if not in the Valley of the Kings, now this is the region of Centre-Val de Loire; not to be confused with the other with castles too Pays de la Loire.

Again for clarity, the official site for the castle is here:

Chaumont sur Loire is in department 41 Loir et Cher (which are also two rivers tributaries of the Loire. Nicely located between Amboise and Blois.Only 185 km from Paris or about 115 miles.

Some of the activities going on here in addition to offering a wonderful view over the royal river =Loire, the castle and its 32 ha of space includes stables from the 19C one of the most avant garde in Europe, a landscape park/garden and the Festival International des Jardins (international gardens festival from April to November. More on the Festival here:

It is, also, a center of Arts and Nature, with contemporary artists and expositions of the best photographers . During the high season it showcase the garden of lights or «Jardins de Lumière» with an invitation of a nocturnal walk to discover the festival of gardens; there is a nice restaurant in the castle with an inventive cuisine.

chaumont sur loire

I do my runs by car here so if coming from Paris the best is the A10 direction Bordeaux, and come out in exit or sortie 17 Blois then direction Tours. By train you go out of the Paris gare d’Austerlitz direction to arrive at gare d’Onzain / Chaumont-sur-Loire.

The city has information on the castle,activites, eat outs and coming to it in French here:

A very nice castle in a nice area to drive by, bicycles are fine here too, see the Loire à Vélo organization here:

Enjoy it and see you again over the weekend lots of old reliables that need to bring back to life such as Chaumont. Happy weekend, Cheers!

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2 Comments to “Chaumont sur Loire, the castle by the Loire!”

  1. Definitely my favourite Château so far because of its exquisite paintings of the royals, even Marie Antoinette is there in her finest regalia. Love it. 👍

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