Chateau de Chenonceau, ladies please!

I am rapid firing at you because its a pity some of these wonderful castles are not showcase more in my blog. These are posts from the vault of 2011 bringing them back to life.

The next one is the Chateau de Chenonceau in the town of Chenonceaux….

I always come by car here, so taking the A10 from Paris and getting out in the Blois or Amboise exit you will see panels to get to the castle. By train from Paris Montparnasse to Saint-Pierre-des-Corps (outside Tours) by TGV train and then a local TER from Tours to Chenonceau in less than 2 hours complete trip.

Again for clarity,the official tourist site for the castle is here:

Chenonceaux is the town in the department of Indre et Loire in the region of Centre Val de Loire . The difference in the name from town to castle is due to a Mme Dupin that during the French revolution wanted to differentiate the two so saving the castle from ruins so say many.

You have basically five women who are attached to the castle and with their bedrooms, the one I like the most is of the room of Louise de Lorraine , really amazing with a creepy decor to show her mourning for the passing of King Henri III her husband. She lived here her last years with black walls with several mortuaries attributes. See the room picture below.

The outside is equally impressive with gardens. The circular laberynh, the rosary flowering in the garden or Jardin de Diane de Poitiers, the flowery lawns of the garden or jardin de Catherine de Médicis; the flower garden à la française are wonderful to walk.

And to see other structures next to these gardens such as the Galerie des attelages or gallery of horse teams and it’s collection of hippo cars dating from the 18C to early 19C. The gallery of domes or the Galerie des Dômes that preserves the souvenirs of the military hospital that was setup at Chenonceau during the First World War.

For lodgings ,eating out, activities to do, the local tourist office in English has plenty and reliable here:

Enjoy the ladies of Chenonceau, happy reading for the weekend. Cheers!

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One Comment to “Chateau de Chenonceau, ladies please!”

  1. Visited two years ago, it’s magical, particularly the various gardens.


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