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January 25, 2018

Chateau de Cheverny, still the Loire

Here is another memorable visit and taken from my initial blog vault of 2011. Chateau de Cheverny is known for its hunting history and the kennel dogs still there.

Plenty of info on the link below, just for the official link here:

Cheverny Cheverny Cheverny Cheverny

The tourist office has info in English too:

A bit more info below

It is in dept 41 or Loir-et-Cher in the region of Centre Val de Loire and only 14kms from Blois it’s nearest major town. In town or nearby you find the Château de Cheverny, Château de Troussay, and the Château du Breuil (now a Hôtel-Restaurant).

It has an AOC wine of Cheverny denomination or appellation using the grapes gamay, pinot noir, cabernet franc, côt, pineau d’Aunis, sauvignon, chardonnay ,and chenin blanc. Doing red, white and rosé wines of good quality/price ratio. The official AOC site is here in English or French:

Some I have taste and purchase before such as Domaine Philippe Tessier ,Domaine de la Désoucherie, and Domaine Chesneau et Fils. Go on the site above to the Wine Shop and see their prices to know what I mean.

One of the biggest event here is the Jazzin Festival, already gone in 2017 look for it in 2018 here in French

The city page of Cheverny in English, has lots of info on tourism activities in the area including the castle of course. webpage here:

Enjoy this wonderful castle and do look at my old post above for photos. Some more here to accompany this new post on Cheverny. Enjoy your week, weekend is almost here.

Enjoy it as much as we did .Cheers!

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