Cebu to Bacolod, the Philippines!


Ok so I did had a little time on my last trip to the Philippines, my third. there was not much time to do sightseeing but did get into a whole new area of the Philippines.

I flew from Cebu to Bacolog on Philippines Airlines. Their page is here:

A bit more on Bacolod city:

Let me give you something different than the tourist office on Cebu here:

I needed to get the flight at 6am had a driver take me to the Cebu airport, hop on Philippines airlines was easy and the flight smooth. Arriving at Bacolod city airport by 7am where another driver was picking me up and gave a brief introduction to Bacolod. The airport site is here:

We ,then set out to eat at the favorite place of the locals, Bob’s Restaurant. Here we had blue marlin fish dish just fried as it is, and rice, and delicious fruit punch drink, wonderful. I would come back just for the fish! More on them here:

We did visit a nice shopping mall SM City really nice modern and many nice stores, we had our coffees here at Starbucks inside the mall. The stores were all very clean, nice displays and many popular names notice. More on it here:

As we got back to Cebu a bit late, we had a good night wrap up at one of the joints of the past still very lively: Howling Dogs! Best at their facebook page here:

The beers are cold, the drinks superb , karaoke music , and plenty of good ambiance to get you into the late night. HD is the place in Cebu city.

And this was it ,this time. I was disappointed on the time but cannot always get free time on business travels. It will be next time , already working on it for summer this time. Looking back ,it seems I always visited in January for the last 3 years lol!

Stay tune for more on this your blog and my stories, Paris1972-Versailles2003. Enjoy the rest of your week in good health and happy travels. Cheers!

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