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January 22, 2018

Some news from France CLXXXII

Here I am again, so much to tell and weather is not good ,rains ,river rising, and cold down to 4C or about 40F dark grey winter day and night. However, this is la Belle France and nothing comes close lol!

I was passing by Paris and as always pick up some goodies to tell on the latest from the capital of the world , Paris.

Air France just started creating boutique stores in many cities. You get to see the design and advice on your travels plans, product purchases and virtual reality experience to see the inside of their planes. Nantes was first city to do so, and I was by there on my way out, it’s the airport I use from my area of Brittany. This year Bordeaux, Nice and Toulouse will follow suit. Later, they will be others. More here:

HOP Air France sudsidiary is back at Orly Ouest airport. At hall 2 will be able to respond to your concerns, purchase of tickets last minute, modifications of your trips, options etc. There is a digital space with tablettes with special services for those on the frequent miles program SkyPriority like me ::) More here:

Flying blue is re invented. again. From April 1 2018 you will earned miles on Air France, Hop, KLM, Joon, and Transavia airlines. In addition to several services provided by them such as extra lugage paid etc, extra point for preserving your flying status and again it will be improve from June 2018 , again. More here:

And Transavia will be flying in winter to Spain! Especially Madrid, Sevilla, Barcelona, all departing from Orly Sud, 3 flights per day to Madrid, 2 to Sevilla, and Barcelona. More here:

the national museum of the Château de Malmaison has an exceptional collection of souvenirs of exile from Napoléon on the island of Sainte Héléne from 1815 to his death in 1821. This has not been shown to the public in more than 20 years! And they are open for viewing now! Such as the bed where his body was exposed when he died, and some portraits such as the one of its the end of Napoléon Ist à Sainte Hélene by Oscar Rex in 1799. The year 1799 the castle was acquired by Napoleon and first wife Josephine and became a museum in 1905 with one of the rare places in France to see furniture and coherent decor of the Napoleonic times. More here:

the heads in the stars, the cité de l’Espace of Toulouse opens its doors to the infinite and extraordinary with space vehicules on 2500 m2 of space including interactive expositions with 5 ha of gardens, and a IMAX cinema, planetarium and simulators; take a ride on Astronuates, much more great for the entire family and very educational located at avenue Jean-Gonord, tel +33 (0) 5 67 22 23 24. More info here:

The Champagne house of Piper-Heidsieck has been doing the bubbly since 1785. Now with Essentiel with little sugar non millesime assemble of several years and let it aged and now out as a Extra Brut. The house is the most awarded in Champagne with various awards from Decanter World Wine Awards, to International Wine Challenge given the winemaker Régis Camus 8 times since 2004 the best in its class. More of this wonderful bottle here:

Do you know there ia museum in the Paris CDG airport? Terminal 2E Hall M now the Paris collective The Parisianer were given carte blanche to present their vision of Paris in the year 2050! More on them here:

there is a new look at the T2F in CDG with two boarding lounges for Schengen passengers ; new floors designed seats power outlets and USB sockets, better AC , smoking areas, cateting outlets in a contemporary ambiance for the terminal that welcomes 15 millions passengers in 2017 alone. Next a total redesign of Hall L at terminal 2E!! More on T2F here:

A new beauty house la Créme de la Créme with a revolutionary line of products with more natural ingredients and pesonalised skin diagnosis, see it at 11 rue Madame,6éme tel +33 (0) 1 45 48 97 48. More here:

looking for some good interior decor look no more at La Maison du Bac at you know it 108 rue du Bac 7éme, great tea towels from Charvet Editions at 19€, see more at

if you are into Japanese cuisine head for Yoshinori 18 rue Grégoire de Tours 6éme the chef by the same name previos at Encore and L’Auberge du XV. more here:

And if looking for good pasta like me, head for the La Laiterie de Paris, a small boutique and Paris’s first workshop for making and ageing cheeses using milk from NOrmandy ,Brittany, and the Pyrénées. Camembert is good. See it at 74 rue des Poissonniers 18éme; more here:

sweets sweets of Paris, high flying bakery Farine&o the anniversary of opening in the 11éme now a second outlet at 10 rue des Martyrs 9éme where you can taste the wonderful creation such as a Toupie a brioche with curry lemon califlower filling to kill for. More here:

Now how about a hidden bar, darn I was looking for one… Shake N’Smash is the one at 87 rue de Turbigo 3éme on the basement of Phileas Fogg Club with a 19C ambiance and travel theme menu like cuzco with pisto, lime and tonka syrup! more here:

Bit of Italian and coffee! just opened, head for Cafe Foufou with the best coffees like Kivu ,Congo, expresso 2,50€ piccolo 3,50€; the place has pink marble tables and with some scrambled eggs with salmon, scones with organic jam or avocado toast, sublime at 10 rue Oberkampt 2eme: more here

Keep repeating it in my posts try the Publicis Drugstore at the 133 avenue des champs-élysées founded in 1958 now with a 1960’s look ;for the chic cocktails at 9€ more here:

How about a hotel, we all need to sleep and with Paris skies above us we/I should recommend the Hotel Eiffel Blomet at 78 rue Blomet 15éme. Of course near the Eiffel tower wiht roaring twenties ambience decor and belle epoque style. king size beds and a small swimming pool and flowered terraces. Get a night sleep with the best you deserve it. More here:

One of my sentimental favorites a repeat here and once worked ::) Intercontinental Hotel Le Grand by the place de l’Opéra and rue scribe , second empire decor from 1862 with a central patio enclosed canopy to dream on done in 1980’s over the old cour d’honneur and 800 m2 of garden to discover at any time and lingered for a lunch cocktail; behind it there is a charming bar du Grand Hotel with belle epoque allures as well. 2 rue Scribe 9éme; more here:

And how about grandeur and excellence chic at the Maison Louis Vuitton Vendôme their new insignia at the 2 place Vendôme 1éme. Louis Vuitton do I need to say more? I handle their training French culture classes at the above hotel. More here:

Some night action well head for Le Comptoir du Canal at 14 quai de la Loire 19éme. you can uncork lesser known liquids here like a Koforobé from the Ardeche  and the sparkler Obi wine keno bubble. the owners worked at the Avant Comptoir and now heading their own joint; glass of wine for 4.50-8€ open Mondays to Saturday until 02H (2AM). More here:

And something in Paris closer to Brittany, the Breizh Café (or Café Brittany) all done with parquet, brut stones, wood and leather in the champion of the galette Breton in the heart of the Latin Quarter. Crêpes from 10.50€ located at 1 rue de l’Odéon, 6éme.More here:

And now how about those teas at Naturathéra, 85 rue de la Verrerie 4éme; this is a herbal tea bar natural and organic on a basement the only one in Paris! it can cure many ailments as well, cup from 4.50€; more here:

And here is a nice park away from Paris in just over the river Neuilly sur Seine dept 92 (Hauts de Seine); Parc de la Folie Saint-James, 16 avenue de Madrid.  totally restored it has a playground, large rock, palladian bridge, ancient column and even a temple of love.  More in French from the city page here:

A temple of outsider arts in Paris, the Halles Saint Pierre in the 18éme arrondissement at 2 rue Ronsard. The show is Caro and Jeunet (who did the film Amélie) will be back . The place will be full of marionettes ,maquetes , moving creatures, storyboards, costume rendering and more. Showing the recently release Delicatessen and The City of Lost Children. running until July 31: more here:

Another show I came to know the comedian and the girlfriend while eating at La Gare 16éme; is Olivier Giraud and the ever running show How to become a Parisian in one hour? ! All in English at the theater des Nouveautés. You can buy the tickets online on the webpage too. More on the theater here:

A bible for arts lovers is the book , Degas Danse Dessin done with the collaboration of Edgar Degas and Paul Valéry on dancers and now exhibition at the Musée d’Orsay, 1 rue de la legion d”honneur 7éme. More here:

And back to sweets the royal Stohrer, 51 rue Montorgueil  2éme.  Founded in Paris in 1730! by the pastry maker of king Louis XV. Love their religiouse for two 12€: more here:

And the wonderful presidential Chateau de Rambouillet after restoration is back; home of French kings and Presidents since the 19C. The grand dining room has been restored and set up as it was during the G6 meeting of 1975. Set up with Sévres porcelain, Christofle cutlery, and sterling silver centerpiece; admission from 7€. More here:

Go back to one of old hangouts and favorite the L’Alcazar 62 rue Mazarin 6éme. A tropical winter garden set up with balcony cocktail bar. For vegan on Sunday you have brunch for 41€ as well; but better come for the trendy and wonderful menu and drinks too. More here:

Something different a library in the Marais. Come to La Moutte Rieuse (cheerful seagull) at 17bis rue Pavée 4éme. this is bookstore and much more, with over 35000 books and a café restaurant (love it) , gallery, delicatessen, and special sections for vintage posters, coloring books,and diaries ;more here:

Another classic in my roundups around Paris is Café Pouchkine at 16 Place de la Madeleine 8éme. A marriage of France and Russia, a gourmet pastry chain now but the original here. the menu is designed by Alain Ducasse!! More here for their newest store by the Madeleine:

And how about those wines of the Pyrénées! well go for Vins de Pyrénées, 25 rue Beautrellis 4éme. serving bistronomic cuisine at all hours and now  a new menu with a great croque monsieur with truffle gouda cheese ,has also a great wine list of course. there is even a hidden cocktail bar and heated outdoor terrace. More here:

La Cité du Cinéma at 20 rue Ampére ,Saint Denis dept 93 or Seine-Saint-Denis. you can visit on guided tours on Wednesdays 13h30 for 14,90€. This is often call here the Hollywood of the Seine as were movie studios house in a dramatic glass and steel 1930’s power station. The place showcase all the magic of cinema on the Avenue des Studios where sets are constructed and film costumes are on display. More here:

And the famous post office of the louvre (1850) is going thru renovations. Magnificent arcades and Haussmannian facades sheltered by the rue du louvre. The renovations will be done by February 2019 and will house only a third of the building for the new post office and in addition; a police station,day care center,social housing, commerces, co working spaces, and shops in the inner courtyard.  Plans call for the top floor to house an 80 rooms luxury hotel from the Elegancia group and a panoramic restaurant. More here:

You should come see an aviation and space  museum and site of the Paris Air Show (next 2019), this is Le Bourget at the musée de l’Air et de l’Espace.  Opened in 1917 and was Paris main airport until 1961.  since 1975 it has hosted the museum. More on the museum here:

and the Paris Air Show here:

And the wonderful Salle Pleyel built in 1927, featuring the unique acoustics developed by Gustave Lyon that change the way Parisians experience music and dedicated to classical music with a décor of Art Déco style. A must for the architecture if the Classical music is not for you. More here:

If coming to see Notre Dame Cathedral, why not go just across into the Hôtel Dieu built in the Cité in 651AD, and Paris oldest hospital. You can come into the lobby and wonderful gardens. In 1877 Emperor Napoléon III was modernized as part of Baron Haussmann redesign of Paris. A heaven to mingle and tell history around you: more here:

At Raincy in dept 93 Seine Saint-Denis you come to see Notre Dame de la Consolation church built in 1922 by August Perret in reinforce concrete crown by a soaring roof resting on 28 slender pillars all surrounded in the stained glass by work from Maurice Denis and Marguerite Huré.  You can come on the RER C from Paris; more here in English:

And I will finished my ramblings with a gem. Nola Restaurant  gastronomic upstairs and POBoy Café downstairs. Done by cheesecake queen Rachel Moeller celebrating the cuisine of New Orleans LA USA. Chef Ryan Pearson a native of New Orleans makes heaven with the Cajun delicacies with creative touches. The menu 45-60€ located at 72 quai de Jemmapes 10éme. More on both here:

You all have a wonderful week, my is starting after the Philippines more later on that. Cheers!



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