The Métro of Paris

Well , the world comes to Paris and surprise for many riding the metro/subway/tube is an event….Not really for those who need to take it everyday! I used it extensively for almost 10 years living in Versailles and working in Paris.

I do it now practically every month going visiting the city, again I was asked to go on the 24th but nahh too many times, I am going away to Asia for a week next Saturday and enough of Paris. hahahaha!!! well…

Some of the things  I enjoy and with the help of my l’Indispensable book on the streets of Paris.

It will help the historically inclined, architecture lover, and simply a lover of Paris , and they are many around the Earth….! Plenty of anecdotes and thing to see and do on each line, there are 14 so far. They are working on creating new ones all the way to 18, Grand Paris Express is the project. The site is here with a map of the future,  still in French:  Official Webpage Grand Paris transports map

Cheers oh one photo of my old hangout place, employees entrance to work.

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