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January 6, 2018

My travels in the Morbihan, LVIII

And we have another Saturday, and still rainy sun on and off, cloudy but a lot warmer temps up to 10C or 50F in fact we are warmer than Florida USA lol!!!  We did our errands today as usual, and more of the daily routine of living in France.

As said, in previous posts, if you read… we are looking for adopting a dog or getting one ,and are looking everywhere slowly no rush just getting all the facts. In addition to getting all the info from the wonderful internet and using google a lot….::) We are visiting some of the animal refuges in our area. so far two, one in Vannes and other in Lorient (actually Larmor Plage). We have another pending in nearby Pontivy for next weekend.

In going we notice posted on the road a Puppy fair going on in Lorient so we decided to take a look at that too. This was in the Parc Expo of Lorient, the Salon du Chiot. Info here in French:

Very easy from our house to Lorient along the D102 and then N165 to the N465 about 30-35 minutes. The show was 6€ admission per person, and even if a bit high ,we went in anyway as our search continues.

We were able to talk to dog breeders of pure blood puppies some weeks old and many races. As well as a corner of accessories, inflatable rides for the kids and haribo candies and snacks stands. The puppies were adorable and wanted to take them all !!!lol!!! We saw the Bergers Australians/Huskies, Labradors, golden retrievers, beagles, coton de tulear, etc real fun, and good information . I still think taking one from a refuge makes more worthwhile in saving one in need than just a goodie puppy from a breeders; we are still looking for that spark! See the photos!!!

We went around more but leave for another post. Once finished here we went back to Vannes for lunch at Scoop’s but were out for vacation so we settled for a quick one at Subway ,the chain in Vannes at avenue de la Marne; of course I had my BMT Italian on parmesan and oregano bread. webpage is here:

Recharge, we went for FNAC for my sons to pickup one of their dvd ordered and pickup at the store. This is on the shopping area near all just outside the old town belt of Vannes. webpage here:

And on the way back home we did our groceries of course. Our wonderful Carrefour hypermarket right in the same area of FNAC, where shopping is  a pleasure and we find everything we need always with friendly service, getting to know the employees already and been recognized as you entered on their aisles and counters is superbe! The store is here:

Entering our wonderful country town of Pluvigner, we went for the local car wash, the first for our new car Ford Focus!!! yes we begin !2018 with a brand new car!!! Of course, it’s a Ford, would not buy any other for the money; always a Ford men. Ok so we got it at our favorite car dealer in the region, Mustiére Ford in Vannes !

Finally, we went for our favorite bakery Boulangerie Delumeau for our wonderful baguettes but especially made for Brittany call the Breizh which is Brittany in Breton language! Always delicious for 1.05€. The regular baguette is at 95 cents but the Breizh is worth it.  More here:

And we are home, having a delicious nescafé mochasino coffee and délices d’anvers chocolates!! and Breton Cider with some orange canard pate!!! just to end the night in style in my belle France and jolie Morbihan ::) Cheers to all and enjoy your weekend.


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