Epiphany, the 3 Wise Kings or the Reyes Magos

Once again we are close to another wonderful Holiday we follow even if living if far away lands. The wonderful story of the 3 Wise Kings who on Epiphany day usually falling on January 5-6 , we give gifts to our children as the kings gave to the enfant Jesus in Bethlehem.

I had written one long story on it in 2014 ,and I am adding here to keep space to the minimum, and I promise not to repeat too much lol!


No one is sure if they were really kings but magi nevertheless, they even are considered Saints by the Church as well. These are  Melchor ( a Persian scholar), Gaspar (an Indian scholar) and Baltasar (a Babylonian scholar). I have given the names in Spanish, in English they are written as Melchior, Gaspard, and Balthazar; in French as Melchior, Gaspard, and Balthazar.

The gifts they gave to the boy Jesus were Myrrh, Frankincense, and Gold. The gold was a symbol of kingship on Earth, Frankincense as a symbol of deity, and Myrrh as a symbol of death.

In our Spanish version, we celebrate the arrival of the Reyes Magos with a horse ride in town or Cabalgata de los Reyes Magos. While doing so, they throw candies/goodies to the kids as they pass by. The children are ready to ask for their wish on the night. They leave their shoes in a spot, and leave goodies for the kings as well as hay to feed their camels. When morning comes, the Children discovered when morning arrives that they have eaten their goodies, camels ate their hay, and by their shoes wrapped presents were laid. That night we sat around and eat our Roscon de Reyes, a cake like spongy sweet  ,which in France a different cake but same meaning ,it’s call the galette des rois with  a figurine inside to find by the lucky person.

This year in my nostalgic Madrid:

Next January 5th in Madrid, the 3 Wise Kings will do their march showcasing inventors and scientists of all times showing inventions by Leonardo Da Vinci, Marie Curie or Albert Einstein that change the course of our lives. The walk will be along the Paseo de la Castellana into the Plaza San Juan de la Cruz and Nuevos Ministerios until arriving at the Plaza de Cibeles where it will end. There will be a great spectacle of fireworks, showing 12 carriages with giants marionettes, flying saucers, inflatable illuminted flying objects etc etc. They will be accompany by nine scenic arts companies, two of which comes from the neighbor France.

So ,we far will gather for the galette des rois and find the lucky figurine, I have won it!! Will give it a try to do so again!!! Even with strong competition.


Therefore, enjoy traditions, keep them alive , they are wonderful. Have a great week everyone. Cheers!

2 Comments to “Epiphany, the 3 Wise Kings or the Reyes Magos”

  1. A magical story, no doubt based on some truth. The Star of Bethlehem guiding the Three Kings was a comet at the time, recorded as far as China!

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