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January 1, 2018

And the end of 2017,and the beginning of 2018 on my Blog!

For the past 7 years (Nov 2010) I had written posts in my blog Paris1972-Versailles2003 ,and at the end of each year WordPress our host give us some numbers on what have been done for the previous year. Do not know if they are going to do it again this year, but I am one step ahead.

I name my blog as it is (if you are interested in knowing) because my very first encounter with Paris was in the summer of 1972! While still a teenager living in Madrid came to Paris with a group of adults as it was the year of the movie Last Tango in Paris with Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider!!! It was a trip of one day in and out and full of youthful fun!!! We really made a mess of that train coming from Chamartin train station in Madrid to Gare d’Austerlitz station in Paris on the night train.

Then, when I came as already French citizen to live in France permanently (from Florida USA) ,this was in August 2003 to our beloved Versailles. This time by airplane AF from Miami airport to Roissy CDG, me first ,then by bus to Meaux and my in-laws family. Our life began finding the apartment in Versailles, and then receiving the rest of the family in December 2003. Finally purchasing our first house in July 2004. Life goes on.

We moved again, to Brittany and the Morbihan Breton in June 2011. Finally, living in Pluvigner since 2013. All is well full steam ahead. A bit about me, well citizen/lived domicile (passport holder) of 4 countries, visited 79, worked in 6, and speak 4 fluent languages; ok. a lot more on these histories in my blog ::)

The blog was an idea of friends from a travel forum now gone VT, they encourage me to write a book or do a blog. Lol! a book is too much for my little creative mind so a blog looks more easily done. Contacted an American friend living in Madrid who was already doing these things and ask him for one easy platform to do a blog; and he recommended WordPress, and life goes on from there…this was back in November 2010

The ride has been wonderful. Made more online friendly contacts with flawless freedom of writings, nice comments (thanks) and more importantly for me; a way to have a written history of me to pass on to my sons; they read it and share the adventures. It is like having a family travel book online and we rejoice in looking at the post/pictures to help us decide where we go next!!!

I have been given statistics from wordpress telling me I had 474 570 views and 111 392 visitors to my blog :wow!! thank you all. Already written 1165 post huff!! that is a lot of writing lol! My highest view day was back in December 2010 when wrote a post on the Churches of Versailles ,977 views that day!!! The most often time folks look into my blog are on Tuesdays by 1Oh (10am)!My biggest categories/Tags are France, Paris, Bretagne,and Versailles ho ho ho….

Counting 375 followers of my blog, which I am very much appreciate for the encouragement to continue the work of love of writing in it. Thank you all.

My biggest search engines looking for the blog are Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The biggest attractive posts are, well thanks again it is VERSAILLES! The post on Favorite Restaurants of Versailles, Rive Droite Versailles (my district!! wow!), and Versailles celebration of the year of André Le Nôtre the gardener of France (born in the Tuileries of Paris).

The year just finish of 2017 saw having 23 250 views and 9 844 Visitors with record breaking likes 1354 and comments 272!!! Thanks again. The countries IP that reads my blog the most are: USA (no surprise to me), France (again naturally), UK, Germany, Spain, Canada, Italy, Brazil, Netherlands, and Poland. Thank you folks!

Therefore, I like to thank you all and wish you and yours the best in 2018. Thank you for sharing with my adventures and tastes , the nostalgic way of writing on things and the sometimes repeated posts with a different twist lol! IN all, to put up with this guy…. Come along in 2018, there will be some of the repeats ::) and some new ones to explore. I am going to Asia mid January for a week so will do some post on that trip. Here we still passing the storm Carmen 40K houses with no electricity mostly in the Finistére dept 29. We are all business as usual here waiting for my lunch duck breast pizza ::)

Enjoy life, is short, but full of wonders and challenges. Happy travels and best wishes for 2018 for you and yours. Cheers!



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