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December 27, 2017

And the 49ers of Cholet !

Ok so in continuing the saga looking into new areas in my belle France, we decided today to visit Cholet in the département of the Maine-et-Loire no. 49 in the région of Pays de la Loire. This is a historical town of very much links to the Vendéen wars against the French revolution. In what was the Anjou area.

As usual , I passed by these departments and regions all the time but always lack the time to visit all. France is a movable feast ::) The tourist office for Cholet is here :

The tourist info in French from the city of Cholet is here:

As I said the history is huge here, and  my small contribution on this post is not enough.  And as usual, I went by car/auto; taken the N165 direction Nantes hooking up direct to the N844  direction Poitiers/Angers ,on exit sortie 44  linking with the N249 direction Poitiers  exit 38 (passing by Clisson see post on that) into the D753 that takes you into Cholet Centre city  center. We parked in the limits of the city center at parking Turpault easy in and out for 40 cents ::)

This is the lands of Foulque Nera Count of Anjou , and passing by one of his loyal soldiers who later passed it on to their sons until the family lineage is gone in the 13C.  Passing again by several hands until becoming part of the reign in 1343 due to the grand extensors of salt ,by 1463 the lands are even sold to the Duke of Brittany! However, nothing compare to what behold the town and area during the French revolution, especially during the battle of Cholet in 1793.  it goes to textile and shoes industries ups and down until today a revitalizing town on the move.

The first thing we did after parking the car is walk the town as we love to do. We saw a very modern and nice shopping center right in city center!  the  « Les Arcades Rougé »; something different to have one around the old town.  Anchor by a Super U supermarket and with plenty of stores of all kinds and Irish pubs as well ! More here in English :

As usual for those who can read French, the information is much more on the shopping center here:

We parked at Turpault a nice small garden with plenty of inexpensive parking fees and walk along rue Nationale to the center really less than 5 minutes.  Walking by saw the big shopping center mentioned above and the McGill irish pub facing us!

There is a huge wonderful Place Travot, it seems the center of it all in town. There is an impressive building now hosting the Mercure hotel; and you can see the back of Notre Dame Church (later in another post).

You have nice winding old streets like the rue Bretonnaise or Breton street ,and the Grand Pharmacie in the place Travot , and the long and winding rue Nationale, actually cut in half by the place Travot. All very nice..

However, as often happened here in our belle France; tradition calls for specific lunch hours , and even missing by a few minute and with half a restaurant empty the answer will always be, we are closed or food service is over!!! We arrive there to a place we have picked to eat at 14h06 that is 2:06PM and were told the routine answers. We tried others in the Place Travot and the answer was the same, and of course many were even closed. So we end up hungry as usual and settle for the all American chain Subway sandwiches !!! Part of the arcades rouge shopping center ,more here:

So we had a nice big 30cm long BMT my all time favorite here from younger days, and my 7Up along with a chocolate cookie ! neat and came out to 9.10€ per person; at least my wallet was in heaven. I was still upset of seeing all this wasteful job creation opportunity lost here in my belle France. And we headed back home.

Not before, stopping for some liquids to lighting up our New Year’s meal and do a car wash on my Ford;tomorrow I will have a brand new one, but of course another Ford, my lifetime car/auto and never a problem. Until my next post, I want to wish you all a very very happy New Year 2018, full of travel stories, good health, and more posts ::) Cheers!


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