Christmas at Pluvigner 2017!

And another Christmas, always on the run away from “homes” and family again. We are just a small family! The nucleus of five and then my father sitting in a living room/dining room in a small town of 7K folks in the Morbihan Breton of Brittany call Pluvigner.

We had our Christmas Eve meal, Nochebuena, or Reveillon de Noël last night, and just got up at 10h on Christmas Day , December 25th 2017. Clouds are gray a bit dark, temp of 12C or about 53F ; it calls for rain tonight and tomorrow with temps from 5C/10C or 40-50F. In capital city Paris, the weather is the same cloudy and cooler at 42F with intermittent days of rain and some sun out.

We had our usual breakfast and waiting for my father to gather around the Christmas tree and unveil the gifts. And almost mid day the weather is the same lol!

There are many TV programs with the after Christmas sales ,and we just got online a set of Gotham 10 pcs pots and pans for the lady of the house as tomorrow we celebrate 27 years of marriage!!! Happy anniversary Madame.

Now , I am getting ready to gather the small family around the Christmas tree for the gifts and calling my father away from his TVE Spanish tv.

As we are again a small group the gift giving is done quick lol!!! We go for the tree in earnest and leave nothing untouched. In addition to the gifts from each other, there were gifts from family of the Nord (59) , and cash always welcome from my father to my sons (their grandfather).

I got a nice magnum bottle of Bouchard Pére chardonnay from Burgundy and my wife a Champagne Tsarine from Reims. We gave a coffee mug to my father that reads Papi d’or or papa of gold (he is) shown. And see him eating at the head of the table lol!!!

I got shoes, sweaters casual and sweater and shirt business. My wife got pant, sweater, bootie shoes, and dvd movies. My boys got an assortment of gifts from electronics video games to pajamas, and sexy underwear! etc.

Now we go back to the Skype and Facebook to hook up with family members as they wake up lol!!! in different time zones. And the phone calls ringing all over.

Christmas is special as always. I have the double whammy of wedding anniversary tomorrow 26 ,for no. 27 !!! And ,then , after all this ups I fall into a sad day on the 27th as it is the 10th anniversary of the passing of my loving Mother, always in my thoughts (she was and continue to be golden).

Enjoy your day of Christmas wherever you are and when celebrated. Until next time in my blog. Cheers!!!

 Pluvigner  Pluvigner  Pluvigner

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2 Comments to “Christmas at Pluvigner 2017!”

  1. Looks wonderful. Christmas is definitely a time to share with the family. And Happy Anniversary to you and your wife.
    We are off to spend New Year’s Eve with Peter’s parents. Bonne Année! 🎉🎉🎉🎆🎆🎆

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