Yes , this is the real Brie de Meaux! the cheese that is !!!!!

And at last, this is the real Brie de Meaux, the king of cheeses, the cheese of kings , Vienna congress 1815. Indeed, and there are lots of imitations and even those claiming to be using the same method but in far away lands ,even in France.

However, the real unique Brie de Meaux comes from the brie region of the department 77 Seine-et-Marne, and the town of Meaux (from which my wife comes from) is the epicenter of it. Sadly, today , many farmers are gone, industrialization has and does kill traditions. It remains only folks like us, me to preserve them and sponsored them so they keep delighting us with the real thing.

After much fighting , there is a group  Brie de Meaux et de Melun, that protects the cheeses creating an AOP or appellation d’Origine Protégée. More here in French:

For the Brie de Meaux ,there is the Confrérie des Compagnons du Brie de Meaux  or grouping of lovers of the cheese that is to protect and defend the tradition; the official site is here in English:

La Maison du Brie de Meaux is a boutique that is right in the Episcopal palace next to the Museum Bossuet that also acts as the tourist office. You can buy it direct too.  5 place Charles-de-Gaulle, tel +33 (0) 1 64 33 02 26. More here:

The brie de Meaux is done on a covering crusted in hormones of the cow’s milk ,soft and fondant, it has a flowery smell and it is delicious alone or with bread or an apple or even with honey. It takes about 25 liters of milk for 3,5 kg of cheese in a round form. It was first given credit to be created in the Abbey of Notre Dame de Jouarre about 17 kms from Meaux.

Today due to shrinkage of the old traditions, the cheese makers are for 70% of the production located in the areas of Cousances-lés-Triconville, Raival, and Biencourt-sur-Orge within the allow territory of the AOP.  Covering several departments such as Seine-et-Marne (77), Loiret(45), Meuse(55) , Aube(10), Marne(51)  , Haute-Marne(52), and Yonne(89).

However, the best is still around the town of Meaux and Jouarre. Here at the latest is the oldest family run cheesemaker or fromagerie place that of fromagerie Ganot since 1895. More on it here in French:

The one in Meaux has been doing for years from generation to generation and the one our family buys from. This is the Fromagerie de Meaux Saint Faron. Here it is produce as well as the smaller cousin of Melun. You can have tours and tastings as well.  There is no webpage but the tourist office has info in French here:

The guided tours can be done in English or French. 4€ adults; groups are done with reservations,and individual visits can be done Wednesdays,Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 9h -12h30 and 14h30 -17h. The place is outside the city in an industrial park just before reaching the museum of WWI and the American Monument on the N405 road. From the train station in Meaux coming from Paris gare de l’Est you can take bus P to it or take the navette bus from the train station to the museum WWI and walk down to the cheese maker. By car of course , we came and it is free. Tel +33 (0) 1 64 36 69 44 or email

Of course, you can ,also taste the new beer of Meaux, we tried already the Christmas beer and is pretty good with a cinnamon taste to it very sweet. Info is here but you can buy at the cheesemaker st Faron boutique or the maison de Brie tourist office .This is the Brasserie de Meaux, more info in French  here:

And , do not forget the mustard or moutard de Meaux Pommery world famous use by all the grand chefs of France and the world. It was known since antiquity, only offered to the religious orders at the time around 1632; it was in 1760 that the secrets was passed on to a Mr Pommery. It was served on the Royal tables and located at behind the Cathedral later moved to rue faubourg St Nicolas until 1927, however in 1925 the last of the Pommery sold the secret, name, business and all; even if the new owners since has used the same recipe.  We use it at home and buy at Meaux the original, the mustard a l’ancienne or old ways that is use in cooking and also to eat along great steaks !! You can buy at the maison du brie or the fromagerie st faron or at the city center cheese store in 4 rue du Général Leclerc ,the Fromagerie de Meaux. More officially on the mustard here:

Again for info the abbey of Notre Dame de Jouarre is wonderful and should go there for the visit. I have written before in my blog, here is the post:

Hope you enjoy it and with some pictures as well as on the city of Meaux.  Including the vieux Châpitre linking to the Cathedral, the museum of Bossuet(since 1927 in the old episcopal palace b. 12C) , the ramparts , and a bit of my in laws house including my old bedroom in village outside, the pizzeria Roma my hangout when entering France in 2003 permanently, and the gardens of Bossuet (created in the 17C)  where I walked first in the city, memories. See my other post on Meaux, several here.  I will leave for later the Cathedral an absolute must visit. Enjoy Meaux , the meldois of the east of Parisi ::) and of course the Brie!!

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2 Comments to “Yes , this is the real Brie de Meaux! the cheese that is !!!!!”

  1. Yes, we bought this delicious cheese from the same market trader in Moissac last time we were here. We were so impressed, we went back for more, but having seen the lady in front of me buying Brie with truffles, I thought we should try it for Xmas and it is mouthwatering: you can taste it before you put it in your mouth, just by smelling it!

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    • yes but as I said the original is from S/M Meaux, there are many industrial made cheeses here too. Of course, you can make many combination with these cheeses but the best is with an apple or baguette or honey alone…..Enjoy your new find anyway, Cheers


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