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December 20, 2017

My travels in the Morbihan, LIIII

And continue with my local saga in the  Morbihan dept 56 of the region of Brittany. Well if you are new to my blog, Morbihan is the only department in France that is not in French but in the local language of Breton; Mor=sea, bihan=small or small sea in French it would have been petite mer. The region of Brittany in Breton is Breizh and in French it is Bretagne.

Today was a cold autumn day cloudy and down to 2C or 34F about this morning going up now to 8C or about 47F and still cloudy. This is getting near to Christmas in the season to be merrier. We are going tomorrow to see the in laws and uncles in Seine-et-Marne dept 77 east of Paris near Disneyland (Which marketing call it Disneyland Paris but is no where near Paris ::))

We did our errands of our daily life here as usual, me been on vacation time. We went today Wednesday to the market in Vannes where we usually go on Saturdays while working. It was no difference, full of folks buying the wonderful farm stuff of France or what folks should come here for. We got early and by 10h we were at the market, and headed to find a purse for the lady of the house; which got a cow leather purse for 24€ exactly the same as the one she had so much the better.

Then we went around to a new place call D’Ici De Là  le comptoir des 5 sens ( a French paraphrasing meaning from here and from there the counter of the five senses) great traiteur or caterer place with wonderful selection we got our goodies for the apéro or aperitifs of miniature wonders. The store originated in Dinan and now just at Vannes. More in French here:


Then, one of my sons ran down to Pierre Morel to get some gorgeous macaroons mix bag ;got 16 for 18 euros! more on the pastry shop in rue Saint Vincent. It is no longer there but at La Gacilly, webpage :

We then, got our fruits several of them even a guava from Peru wonderful!!! This is from our usual wonderful merchants of Morocco, Algeria, and Albania in the market at Vannes! Aksil Azeddine that originates the business from Saint Sebastién sur Loire/Nantes. Then, we go next door on the same street to Fromagers Bruno Menager, a wonderful selection of cheeses from all over France. He passed away but his wife Isabelle.

As we walked the old town of Vannes I passed by again of some of the businesses we patronized. These are in addition to those above; Boulangerie Patisserie Cartron; patisserie Olivier le Brun, the kitchen supplies store Culinarion, Créperie de la tour trompette, Lecoq & Folks resto, Le Petit Belon resto, the wonderful fish market halle aux Poissons; boulangerie Saveurs du port ; and the brasserie resto le Gambetta.

Also, got a glimpse on the renovation of the conservatory of music in le Port harbor area. The conservatoire de musique as well as théatre et arts plastiques . Founded the building the Carmelites in the 17C; after the revolution it was unuseud and then change into a museum, then school of music , a middle school and finally since 1981 the conservatory. More of it in French here:

The always glorious entrance to the old town from the canal in le port harbor area is the gate or Porte Saint Vincent, the Saint coming from Valencia Spain who evangelize the area and it is buried in a chapel in the Cathedral St Peter’s of Vannes.

Coming out we stop at the E Leclerc hypermarket shopping center to do an automated car wash the load for 10€ hands off, nice. Done.

We went one more trip late to see an animal store that is in a town adjacent to Vannes, this is Séné right at the start of the marshes of the gulf of Morbihan. Here in the Quais de Séné we found several of our favorite stores such as GiFi and the animal store Maxi Zoo. ALso, we found to our surprise the restaurant brasserie Au Bureau which we had eaten in Brest which closed and now open in the area just less than 3 months! Of course we had lunch there.

The Quais de Séné is a recent shopping center just from last April 2017; and we as mentioned before are looking to adopt a dog so we are checking out all the outlets to get an idea on the prices and maintenance needed. We were lucky to find a dog owner who was very animal loving and talkative, we must have talked for over 30 minutes with him and his dog of 10 yrs. ,also taken from a refuge center when it was 1 yr old. Interesting and encouraging conversation. The store Maxi Zoo is loaded with animal accessories, no animals; and good prices, mostly of German origins (the store started in Germany many years ago and now with about 80 stores in France).  And now a branch in Vannes too!! The Maxi Zoo store webpage is here in French:

We end up going to another store we had briefly been in Lanester ,however, the store in Séné had a greater selection and sale going on !!! 50% off on the second pair of shoes purchase! So we did got one for my lady and one for me, and our sons paid lol!!! The store is Chaussea and the webpage is here:

And finally will tell you about the lunch that was before the animal store and shoes store above. We had eaten at Au Bureau ,an English style pub restaurant a while back visiting Brest. A couple years or so ago we were back in Brest and the resto had closed a similar restaurant was in its place, with the same old staff who gladly cooked for us similar menu. We were sad it was gone because we had good memories of the original Au Bureau at the Rue de Siam in Brest. It was a pleasant surprise to find it here now!!!! and just opened about 3 months ago! So we went for it in full force!

The decoration is the same English pub style but very refine upscale place. A great counter bar, TV screens all around it, and cushiony leather seats wooden tables in a black mode all over with some red. The service was very friendly and courteous ,and fast! We were near the counter bar and the toilet.. with a screen LED TV right in front of us;nice. We started with the Cheesy Platter, a combination of goodies around the theme cheese from patties to sticks and croquette style rolls as well as cheddar cheesy French fries! Along with pints of Leffe  and Stella beers. I had the Leffe Royale Cascade IPA just great!!! we went on to order camembert hot platter, fish and chips, to burgers of different kinds, I had the Black Pepper burger with bacon and cheese!! delicious on a single patty ,(you can have double lol!) big. Finally we end up with the Café Gourmand, coffee expresso and miniature sweets as well as the Irish coffee gourmand combo on the same line. Just for 31,25€ per person. Good price/quality ambiance ratio and we will be back!!! The official webpage is here :

We are home cozy warm , and getting now prepare for our trip tomorrow early, it is about 6hrs of driving to the in laws, and the brothers and sisters will be there so a nice before Christmas family reunion. In the area of the Marne, where WWI was really fought and monuments and memories are still remember and honored. Stay tune.

Enjoy the photos, and Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it or Happy Holidays to those that celebrate others. Be good, enjoy travels, and best wishes to all. Cheers!!!

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