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December 19, 2017

My travels in the Morbihan, LIII

And continuing the saga of never been a couch potato, I am on the road again!!! Today was cold early on by 8h to Zero Celsius or 32F but then it went up pretty fast to 10C or about 50F in the afternoon and sunny bright day!

As said , we got up early and were on the move on our daily routine here; I enjoy telling you about the normal everyday life in France away from the major tourist sites; there is so much to see in France. I said a Mr Ernest Hemingway wrote a book that was published posthumously entitled A Mouvable Feast or Paris ça fête in French. However, he was concentrating on Paris, and as usual those that do fell short of what France has to offer, or a second volume is needed, France is a mouvable feast ::)

I get my house wines from the local producers in the Loire valley area and just south of me in the Muscadet grape region of the Loire Atlantique dept 44 (old Brittany…) now in the region of Pays de la Loire.

As an added incentive one of the producers have their parent living closer to me and they use them as a stock depot for their wines. So therefore, we purchase two cases of white muscadet, gros plant and rosé cabernet franc as well as a red cabernet franc and pick it up at their parents place in a village just outside Guérande. The sad part is we have friends in Guérande but they were still working lol!!! and missed them.

The property is the Domaine du Grand Air at Bournigal next to Clisson. The property webpage is here:

And the page on the wines of the Loire official is here:

After a nice cruising visit on the N165 to exit 17 direction La Roche Bernard (passing the great bridge over the Vilaine river) , Herbignac and then the D774 direction Guérande we arrived at the village and were greeted by the mother, very nice welcome, offer to taste there and all. We left rather quickly as we had a long day to do and come home to eat and drink all these goodies.

Passing we got a glimpse of the windmill of the devil or Moulin du Crémeur or Diable just coming out of Guérande coming back home, it is still in good condition and is from the 15C.  And passing on the road to some beach areas like Piriac sur Mer, very nice places for summer.  A site for the windmill in French here:

On the way back ,we stop at the store Animalis, animals supplies and puppies sale store chain we had known before. As I mentioned we are on hold to adopt a two years old dog, Golden Retriever from the local refuge or SPA de Vannes. If all goes well with them and the dog we should get it by early next year. We really gear up for that and can’t wait to have a dog again…. I grew up with Dalmatians as my maternal grandfather was a hunter, and had a good family opinion of it. Later in life before marriage had a small cross dog sort of a mix poodle type ,and had her for 11 years until need to let her go as was becoming very dangerous biting and my boys were already born. We kept long raising the boys and for me thinking of having a dog again, men ,best friend. We finally convince my wife and the boys are all with me to do it now. So can’t wait to give a better life to a wonderful animal. Any tips from you will help.

We took our time in the store to ask,see puppies Labrador, and just look around for the budget… The store is in a shopping area we go a lot.  The store is here:

Well with the boys ,they never stop been US born, they had us for Burger King in Vannes….for lunch. Ok so I had my whopper with bacon yeah!!! wife was ok, we enjoyed it. It’s nice to know we can eat on our old Florida even in Brittany lol!!! A land of gastronomy par excellence ::) No pictures just standard building, the resto is next to the N165 in Plescop town limits ,and the site is here:

Finally, and to prepare ourselves for family visit for the season to be merriest, we stop by our favorite local gifts and goodies store La Trinitaine. WE go to the factory outlet production center in Saint Philibert just south of us on the road D28 passing Crac’h and before Saint Philibert town limits.

While at the store we loaded up on mugs and canisters full of biscuits and Magdalenes  from chocolate to plain butter to strawberry; for us and for giving to relatives. While there we had some pastries on the next door bakery. Ready to have our feast tonite.

The store is not far from us so we came home and now me doing the update and then the feast and TV relax,I am on vacation. This time just visiting family in Seine-et-Marne , and doing some Christmas market in Brittany.

Enjoy your week wherever you are, happy travels, and best wishes in the season to be merrier! Cheers!

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