My travels in the Morbihan, LII

So this is another Saturday, but not exactly. You see, today marks the beginning of my Christmas period vacation , and will be off until returning Jan 2 2018!!! Wonderful in my belle France and gorgeous Morbihan Breton.

It is a cold day at 1C or about 33F but hardly notice because was sunny and no rain no wind. We set out to do some errands as usual in our daily life here. However, not finish with everything there is a bit more tomorrow and then start in earnest on Monday.

This morning we got up later than usual in our routine here in the gorgeous Morbihan. We went straight to the Hibiscus Antillean store in Vannes to take in some Caribbean products of older days and cook up some real chow for the season , always in remembrance of our roots. The store is small held by folks from the French Antilles but plenty stock up. We loaded on plantain ripe and green, as well as manioc or yucca, name (sort of potato family but bigger), sweet rose potatoes, spices like anise and laurel, guava ice cream; etc. The place for info is here: 

We past again for apero at La Cervoiserie (see previous post on beers) in Vannes.  Spot here:

We had our lunch at a family favorite Le Scoop near all in Vannes. This is a pizzeria brasserie resto with always friendly fast courteous and good prices. We had the pizza of the month, la Perigoudine with foie gras and breast of duck! , other had a tartiflette with potatoes, bacon, and reblochon, as well as rumsteak with fries and green beans, all wash down with the Duchesse Anne de Noël or Christmas beer of the Duchess Anne pints of beer; Schweppes  water; and café expresso gourmand with little sweets as desserts all for 21,30€  per person ::) More info here:

On the way back, we stop at Conforama for some pillows and cases with a coupon we had but as always something extra was purchase, a center table to swap with our sons and older one….. We lost!!! This is another of our favorite stores in our every day living in France. More here:

And of course, the news of the year!! We have been thinking of getting a dog,yes. I grew up with dogs, my maternal grandfather was a hunter and I grew up with two Dalmatians around them. Then, I had a mix small dog half fox terrier and Coton if I can remember correctly as it was my younger days. My boys have looking to have one, and I was ok for it, my wife was against it. However, we soft her up with information, and assign duties, and took her today to the SPA de Vannes. This is the place where they keep dogs who have been stranded, abandon, abuse, etc.

We look into some breeders as well in our area, and informed ourselves of all the procedures, costs, and maintenance. At the end, we fell for the poor dogs in the SPA, they really do not deserve any bad treatment, they are men’s best friend and wonderful companions. When we went this afternoon to the SPA the folks were very nice and friendly and the dogs seems to be well kept and clean. We got to see them all, and fell for a two years old Golden Retriever who was badly treated by the owners with very little food. It is now in the process of vaccination and conditioning, and we are in line to get it once the legal process is done by the SPA. We will soon expands our family with a nice doggy; stay tune.

Our choice still is not official for adoption so not on the page, but these are the adorable dogs waiting for an angel here;

We will try to make a home for one of them. Enjoy the season to be merrier, Merry Christmas, God Bless you all. Cheers!!

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2 Comments to “My travels in the Morbihan, LII”

  1. I am so happy you are getting a dog and Golden Retrievers are just beautiful and docile. Like you, it was my husband who talked me into getting our first dog, a Labrador Retriever, as his parents had always had a dog. When Bramble died, we adopted a Saluki from a local rescue centre, but she was a bit destructive and wrecked the house and, sadly, after 4 months we had to give her back. Then we got puppy Beano 4 years ago and are delighted with him. You are right: Dogs are great companions. I wish you great joy with your new pet. 👍❤


    • sad to hear about the return dog, they look so humble and sad in those pens. I had one long time stayed with us for 11 years but became very nervous and bited my mother so we turned in to the pension refuge always sad; now it looks like we are getting one, we went all over the animal stores today!!! before that my maternal grandfather was a hunter and had two Dalmatians for memories now. Cheers

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