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December 15, 2017

Return to the beers of France, and Brittany especially

Let’s talk about beers in the season to be merrier! Now I like beers too, and have consumed quite a bit of them over the years. As time passes and we gain a few years I tend to turn to the local artisanal beers and away from the industrial ones. This is the case arriving in Brittany or Bretagne or Breizh.

And, the idea of writing on beers again  come from an article in the local newspaper about a local beer tavern and a concept that is taken off here. This is about

La Cervoiserie began near La Rochelle in 2004 and now has more than 500 references of beers in stores of about 400 m2. They are gear to the « after works » or Happy Hour to from hours of 10h to 20h Mondays to Saturdays.  They are a franchise now with 15 outlets and growing, you need about 15 000 euros  for rights of franchise and a total cost of about  345 000 euros to start the business. It offers a central purchasing platform that allows it to compete in prices with the more industrial establish market. We have one here in Vannes and it is very nice with good ambiance, many activities held like Oktoberfest etc. Here you can buy ,taste, share, and take home.  It is in a very popular shopping place right near many stores and ours favorites are around here too including our Carrefour hypermarket. More on the La Cervoiserie here:

Another one similar that we go often and buy more is V&B on a similar format as above. The stores has one in Séné, one in Vannes, and the one I go the most is in Auray. More on them here:

Some further news on a broader France here:

The best ones for me are the brasseries artisanales or homemade breweries that today are about 1100. This represent 3% of the beer market and to 2020 it will double. In France, the region that consume the most are Normandie, Grand Est, and Bretagne. The Normans drink 81% , Grand Est 79%,and Bretagne 78%. However, France is one of the countries in Europe that consumes less beer per person, in 2017 the brewers association or association Brasseurs de France, they drink 30 liters (about 8 gallons US) of beer per year.  This number is nothing compare with the Czech drinking 144 liters per year, the Germans 107, Austrians 104 liters.  Even if we have 1100 breweries with 3000 beer brands, France is the 8th producer in Europe behind Germany, UK, Spain, and Netherland.

The brewers association or Brasseurs de France webpage is here:

You can find your beer rating worldwide on this site :

Now let me give some names, places, and webpages of the favorite beers I like here; hope it helps in your selection.

Finistère dept 29 Brittany

La Brasserie du Bout du Monde at Rosnoen

Brasserie de Bretagne, at Trégunc

Brasserie des Deux Rivières – Coreff,  at Carhaix-Plouguer

Brasserie Kerav’Ale, at Roscoff

Brasserie Tri Martolod, at Concarneau

Brasserie Ti-Chope,  at Plouvien

Morbihan dept 56 Brittany (mine)!!

Brasserie de Belle-Île-en-Mer, at Belle-Île-en-Mer

Brasserie Lancelot, at Le Roc Saint André ; Val d’Oust

Brasserie Mor Braz, at Theix-Noyalo

Brasserie Saint-Georges, at  Guern

Paris ,city and dept 75

Brasserie la goutte d’or, 18éme arrondissement

Brasserie La Baleine, 20éme  arrondissement

Seine-et-Marne, dept 77

Brasserie Bière de Meaux at Meaux

Yvelines, dept 78

Brasserie de La Vallée de Chevreuse, at Bonnelles

The beers are all very good, and I will again soon be tasting my first encounter with France in Meaux at the brewery there. Drink with moderation of course, this is culture at its best and enjoy it with friends and or family even better.  Salut!!

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