My travels in the Morbihan, LI

It is another weekend in lovely Brittany in my dept 56 of Morbihan. Wintery weather is coming and at nights it goes down to zero Celsius or 32 Fahrenheit ,during the day it goes up to 10C or 50F cloudy , and today rain all day.  Now we have 6C or about 43F and raining lightly.

We had our regular errands day and stay close to home. We head out to get our bakery or boulangerie order for Christmas, all kinds of goodies including a Bûche de Noël cake! this is at our natural bakery boulangerie Delumeau in our town.

We continue to our favorite car dealer Ford Mustiére in Vannes where we are trying a deal (more later). As the negotiation took long and time to think about it; we continue to Vannes city center and got our wines,porto, madeira etc. This is at Nicolas in place du  poids public. Still time; so we headed to our cider provider at the distillerie du Gorvello in Sulniac road N165 exit 22 direction Sulniac. Here all is done homemade, the apples are next to the boutique and tours are given as well as tastings. We load up a case and some goodies to munch such as terrines of pork in algae!

We came back to the dealer and close the offer, now waiting for the bank approval which should be a piece of cake and hopefully will have a new by New Year’s!!!! More later….We stop by Auray to pick up some beers with the boys at V&B Océane, our regular hangout, before…..

On back to Vannes we stop at the fromagerie Kerouzine in place du poids public and got our three favorites cheeses from brie, blue cheese and goat. We took a ride a bit into the ramparts area to see the new laid out in old town, less cars more space for terraces and pedestrian areas! And we got some chocolates from Jeff de Bruges in our local shopping center Carrefour in Vannes.

We finish going home and stopping by the bakery again to get some macaroons at Delumeau. We reach home and onload and now the gang is watching TV and me in the blog lol!!!

I am waiting to watch a TV show call Echappées Belles in channel 5; that will show all about Dublin ,Ireland (been there see my post search for it). And tomorrow is Sunday so another chance of rest and try some of those ciders!!!!

Ah some of the links for above sites:

Stay warm,be good, enjoy life, happy travels and be positive, life is beautiful.Cheers!!!

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3 Comments to “My travels in the Morbihan, LI”

  1. I wonder if you are getting this foul weather from Storm Ana too. Apparently a ship ran aground in Calais with over 300 passengers heading for Dover. We are at the border between Portugal and Spain by the río Miño and the motorhome is rocking like a cradle. Really scary! Hold on to your hats!!!!

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