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November 29, 2017

Some news from Spain LVIII

Never a better excused to tell you about my other love, my beloved Spain. The weather is going down even minus Celsius degrees here and over there the water still is scarce and the weather is better at 9C now and looking sunny with high of 9C and lows of -3C the rest of the week ,partly cloudy to sunny days.

Now the latest finds and good stuff from Spain, everything under the Sun ::)

At the Guggenheim museum of Bilbao. There is an exposition on the work of David Hockney, the artist that revolutionize the world of arts on the 60’s and recognize as one of the most influential painters of the 20C. His work at the  Academy of Arts of London, is brough over with 82 paintings on the this exposition call ’82 retratos y un bodegón’ or 82 portraits and a tavern. It will be open until February 25 2018. See more here: David Hockney

The auction house of Christie’s sold this past week for 450,3M USD a portrait done by Leonardo da Vinci five centuries ago!!!, The  ‘Salvator Mundi’, the only work of the Italian artist now in private hands.  The portrait used to be part of the collection of king Charles I of England (1600-1649), and later came to several hands  before the final sale a world record for a work of art of any kind ever. “Salvator Mundi” is considered the artistic re discovery most important of this century.  It was in 2011 that after a process of restoration and analysis the experts determine that it was the work of Da Vinci. More here: The last Da Vinci

The enigmatic vision of reality of Giorgio de Chirico arrives this week at the Caixaforum Madrid, where you can see until February 18 2018. De Chirico has passed in history as an inventor of the metaphysics painting that shows dreams, memory and time in suspense and he is considered the precursor of Surrealism but also a return to Classicism and was even criticized. The work can be seen on 142 works the majority oleos but also drawing, lithographs sculptures of his trajectory from 1913 to 1976.  In the 40’s the artist born in Greece of Italian parents dedicated his efforts in bringing back the values of the paintings tradition in the renaissance and baroque styles as well. More in Spanish here: Giorgio at Caixaforum Madrid 

Considered one the groups most famous of clasical ballet oldest and prestigious Bolshoi , from their visits to London from the 50’s onward. Now La Fábrica  is publishing in The Bolshoi  one of the works most famous of Sasha Gusov  translated into 110 pictures of white and black with memorable moments on the trips of the company to London. More here: La Fàbrica, the Bolshoi

Now the front causing many traffic problems and several friends having to be rescue in Madrid due to the taxis strikes.  Several thousands taxi drivers are protesting in Madrid coming from all over Spain due to the ubersation that according to them is doing public transport a run for their money.  The general strike of the UBER types or VTC of the companies Uber and Cabify and the disloyal competition that they are causing according to the taxi drivers protesting. Traffic was cut from the Paseo del Prado direction Cibeles with police protection along the way. The strike started at 6h or 6am and has cause enormous traffic jams in Madrid  and the gated roads such as the A-6 with 14 kms of traffic jams ;other roads affected were the A-1n A-3,  A-42.  By 12h they were already inside Madrid at different points claxoning all over without accepting passengers. The strike will go on until Thursday by 12h. The main association of taxi drivers such as the Fedetaxi, Antaxi, Elite, and TNT , Caracol etc. There is another march by 11h around the Atocha train station to the door of the Congress. So bear the traffic if in Madrid now or planning to be there by tomorrow morning.

I like to tell you about the heritage cities of Unesco that I like the most in Spain.

ALCALÁ DE HENARES  ; the first city made to have an university and a model for others in Europe and America. Here Miguel de Cervantes, was born in 1547  and in 2018 it will celebrate the 20th anniversary of world heritage site as well as the market or Mercado Cervantino.  ÁVILA ; the wall ramparts are unique in Europe, try to get lost on its streets to live the experience of a medieval town in the 21C. In 2018 , it is celebrating the Theresian jubilee and medieval feasts.  BAEZA  in the center of the province of Jaén, near the park or Parque Natural de las Sierras de Cazorla, Segura and las Villas, with its wonderful University in the 16C . Also, in 2018 it is celebrating the 15th anniversary of the declaration of world heritage site as well as the festival of antique music or Festival de Música Antigua de Úbeda y Baeza.  CÁCERES , the third monumental complex in Europe with towers, palaces , squares and churches of  Cáceres. In 2018 will host the Festival WOMAD ,and the San Jorge feasts. CÓRDOBA Córdoba  Two thousand years of history mixing Arabs, Romans, Jewish ,and Christian life; its Mezquita-catedral  or Mosque Cathedral an universal symbol of this magical and unique city.  In 2018 come for the flower patios festival or Festival de Los Patios as well as the white night of flamenco. CUENCA  a view of nature with its fortress and walls .Lookouts and the canyons beauty as well as hanging houses or Casas Colgadas ; its museums with the contemporary spirit. In 2018 see the religious holy music week or Semana de la Música Religiosa , and the summer festival of Cuenca.  MÉRIDA , founded on the first years of the empire of Octavio Augusto with the imprint of its bridges, aqueducts, walls, theaters and temples showing what it was in antiquity , an empire.  Also, in 2018, it is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the World heritage site as well as the classical theater or Festival de Teatro Clásico. SALAMANCA , epicenter of the old Europe way of thinking on which University was raised in the 15C and 16C with a splendor like nowhere else. A city of two Cathedrals , a  Plaza Mayor  as the center of the world and glorious past of palaces and churches to show. In 2018 it is celebrating its naming as world heritage site already 30 years ago.  Also, celebrating the 800 years of its University.  SAN CRISTÓBAL DE LA LAGUNA , Tenerife, built on ramparts of previous to the those founded in the New World;  colorful houses with palaces with tropical vegetation.  In 2018 see the celebrations of Saints such as San Benito Abad ,and the white night.  SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTEL A jewel at the end of Europe and destiny of all routes of pilgrimage  of Christianity since the 10C. Santiago de Compostela is an open city, cosmopolitan, and university town on which center lies the square or Praza do Obradoiro, an extraordinary stone monument. During 2018 see its Apostle feast and the event  Santiago é Tapas. SEGOVIA , here you taste time and the history of Spain walking around its aqueduct Alcazar, Cathedral, and palaces in a wonderful natural surroundings.  The children will enjoy in 2018 the event Titirimundi , and the adults the music festival in the garden of the king or Festival Músicas en el Jardín del Rey. TARRAGONA , the streets and buildings around the squares keep the splendor of the antique roman Tarraco, from which the city center was built.  In 2018, the city will celebrate the Mediterranean Games as well as live history of Tarragona or  Tarragona Historia Viva.  TOLEDO , what can I say about its historic legacy with the mixing of cultures Arab, Jewish, and Christian that have left along the centuries a wonderful monumental complex such as making the city of El Greco ,an icon of Imperial Spain.

Indeed wonderful Spain. Go see them now.

And we have a wonderful chocolate tradition, having introduce it to Europe from the Americas; some of the best chocolates stores in Spain are in my opinion as well as many here:

Leónidas , a Belgian chain and one of my favorites anywhere. It sells over 100 different types of cacao and in Spain has stores at Calle Casanova, 100 (Barcelona); Calle Padilla, 61 (Madrid); Calle Uría, 8 (Gijón); Calle Easo, 4 (San Sebastián); Calle Felipe Gorriti, 33 (Pamplona).  Chocolat Factory , a varied choice trying to create original creations; with stores in many cities but the two I know are in Madrid at calle Zurbarán, 17 , and Avenida del General Perón, 40.  Cacao Sampaka ; trying to make cacao a social habit and it has innovating chocolates with 3 stores in Spain at Calle Orellana, 4 (Madrid); Calle Consell de Cent, 292 (Barcelona); Calle Conde de Salvatierra, 19 (Valencia).  Pomme Sucre  ; chocolates and breads with vintage furniture and iron columns; it has plenty of choices on chocolates at its stores ,especially fruits and chocolate pastes; they are at Calle Barquillo, 49 (Madrid,  and  Calle Libertad, 26 (Gijón).  Moulin Chocolat , this is a small store specializing in macaroons and French pastries as well as chocolates, truffles and tarts using the French chocolates of Valrhona, prefered by the great chocolatiers of the world.  The store at my beloved old street in Calle Alcalá, 77 (Madrid). Oriol Balaguer , makes tarts and chocolates homemade, the store looks like a jewerly store and it has catering service .  It offers boxes of chocolates refilled with figurines of all types and nougats as well. They are at Calle Ortega y Gasset, 44 (Madrid); Plaza de San Gregori Taumaturg, 2 (Barcelona). Chocolalabelga , another Belgian with excellent choices, tablets and truffles with many flavors to choose from and you can see making them at the store. They are at Calle Bonetillo, 1 (Madrid).  An all time favorite of the family are the Chocolatería Valor , a brand now all over Spain very famous for its churros chocolates . My favorite stores are at calle del Postigo de San Martín, 7 (Madrid).  And, Pasteleria Torreblanca Cero ; an assortment of chocolates, truffles, and artisanal candies compare many times with the best Belgian chocolates .  You can buy over the internet and the store I know is at Calle Alt de Guisop, 1, (Petrer, Alicante). Enjoy the chocolates!!

Again , enjoy Spain, everything under the Sun and more ::) Enjoy your week easy on the weekend is almost here. Cheers!


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