My new home of Pluvigner in the Morbihan Breton XXI

And winter autumn ? well for us it is becoming more like winter even if are still several weeks away. We had as low as 2C this morning and 5C coming back in the evening from our trips.

Continuing my tales of daily life in the Morbihan Breton, and France in general , let me tell you what we did today Saturday. And just got a nice reminder from WordPress that it is my 7th year anniversary with my blog; thank you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again, we got up earlier than usual and headed for the post office to weight and send letters, took money from the bank ATM lol!!! The town was cloudy cold but there was the little market held here on Saturdays too. It is ok, local produce but the selection is limited, so we rather go to my the  working city and capital of the Morbihan; Vannes (Gwened in Breton language).

At Vannes in the large hypermarket E Leclerc I did my car wash on one of those automatic machine ,the works for 10 euros. However, just before finishing ,the washing machine wash tec stop with all the plastics wipers sitting in my car!!! No damage at all, but stuck inside was my car!!! Luckily , it was daytime and cover by an employee which I call up to come to my rescue and re start the machine… There is always a first time on anything!

In the meantime of the car wash , my family went on to the Castorama home depot to get all kinds of goodies from cutting nylon for the edger grass cutter, to brooms  for the patio, and scissors cutter for the plants, interior basement paint to have it ready 90 m2 for better weather in Spring, And, a wonderful gas/petrol hedge trimmer to handle all duties.

After , getting all this into the car, stop by the awesome food market (Marché alimentaire) held on Saturdays in old town Vannes around the place du poids public and place des lices and going to our wonderful fish market halle aux poissons. Grabing our breads at the bakery by the Porte Saint Vincent as well. Got all kinds of goodies from the farm such as white grapes, avocados, oranges, clementines, raspberries, bananas, Batavia lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and covers goodies from fruits and dry fruits for the gourmet in us. We stop by our favorite cheese provider for more brie de Meaux, ewes milk cheese from the pyrénées, and goat cheese from local farmers. We pick up our codfish from the fish market guys (Atlantique mare) we always buy our fish and seafood and always fresh and delicious.

Forgot to tell you on the way back home we stopped at our favorite local bakery pastry shop or boulangerie Delumeau, here we loaded on our favorite sweets and breads, see 2 photos on it above.

We got home and unloaded and put away all. Then, we were ready to go out again, second part, coming on next blog post.   It should go down to 1C tonite or about 33F and so too tomorrow morning at least, but then again it will Sunday time to relax and enjoy the catch of the day Saturday ::)

Enjoy your weekend wherever you are, happy travels and best wishes for the season to be merrier, just beginning here and we planning on going to some Christmas markets soon. Cheers!

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2 Comments to “My new home of Pluvigner in the Morbihan Breton XXI”

  1. Winter has arrived in La Coruña too, not so much cold, but blowing a gale and very heavy showers. Glad your car wasn’t damaged: it could have been an expensive job and insurance companies are slow to pay.
    Enjoy your Christmas markets. We have already done some shopping here, making the most of being in a big town, which wrong don’t often do.

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  2. yess it was weird first time saw that stuck in the washtec automatic car wash ! another first done ::) yes Galicia is heavy winds but at least now no fires. Enjoy the visit I spoked with my friend from Xove yesterday routine cold nothing the Galicians can’t take ::) Cheers


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