When home was the Yvelines 78!

There was a time when I came to France permanently back in 2003 (as you can see from the name of my blog,guest the first time ever in France) , the Yvelines dept 78 was my home, and Versailles suburbs my town. It’s been already 14 years and still around now in the Morbihan 56 Breton; but always remember my early days here. We always have a soft spot for the first …..

Anyway, this is my night to be soft ,nostalgic , remembering the good old days :::you know. Some of those pictures some never shown in my blog are coming up

In French, this is the department tourist site: http://tourisme.yvelines.fr/

And to get ideas on how to go out and see do things , in French: http://www.sortir-yvelines.fr/

Of course, we all can go to the main site the Chateau de Versailles but there is ,also, a tourist office in Versailles and they do have it in English: http://en.versailles-tourisme.com/

But of course, the Yvelines is a lot more than Versailles; it has Rambouillet, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Poissy, Mantes-la-Jolie, all royal towns of France!

Then ,you have some lesser known but beautiful places  like Houdan, Monfort l’Amaury, Cernay-la-Ville, Chatou, Conflans-Sainte-Honorine,and Jouy-en-Josas to name a few.

The natural parks of Chevreuse, Saint-Germain-en-Laye and Marly-le-Roi are just wonderful and full of history.

In all I spent my work life in Paris, and Suresnes as well as Cergy Saint Christophe all in different departments or 75,92,and 95 respectively or in words, Paris, Hauts-de-Seine, and Val d’Oise.

And now some of the more personal photos of my time in the Yvelines, 78, Ïle de France region. It might help if put up the last post about my old hangout home here: https://paris1972-versailles2003.com/2011/08/15/the-yvelines-my-old-home-place-dept-and-house/

Enjoy your end of week, my is cruising , with some wine tastings coming up in the new region. Cheers


2 Comments to “When home was the Yvelines 78!”

  1. There is nothing wrong with nostalgia: we all like to revisit our old haunts every now and then, especially somewhere so beautiful and full of history as the Yvelines. Versailles is hard to beat; I’very never seen anything man-built as extraordinary as that! 👍❤

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    • Yes indeed , after living in four countries and working in six, nostalgia sets in very often, but we must go on forward as well. thanks for stopping by. And yes Versailles is tops ::)


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