My travels in the Morbihan XXXX

And another simple ride in my area of Morbihan Breton on a cloudy light rainy day and temps in the 11C we did our errands of a normal local family in France.

We decided to get earlier to get to the market at Vannes and get the vegetables and fruits ,cheeses etc. The market was doable today not too crowded so easy to move about and easy parking at République.

We went by our regular fromager or cheese merchant the Menager in the market or marché de Vannes. We pick up our usual goat fresh cheese, brie de Meaux, and ewes milk cheese from the Basque area of France. We move on to the fruit stand  Askil where we loaded on white grapes, figs, avocados, mangoes, clementines, oranges, raspberries, blackcurrants, strawberries, blueberries, and tomatoes. Next stand we got our Roscoffs onions, another we got our Batavia lettuce from Baden ,and yet another one we got our squash before heading to get our mussels and codfish in the Halle aux poissons , on way out we got our baguette breads and chorizo bread sticks at Bellanger right on same area in addition to the inside the Carrefour shopping center.  Bakery info here;

We stopped next door in the place du poids public into the butchery Le Dru Pierre,  to get a roasted chicken from the local farm, always better, the real deal in France; here they are:

Once out of this shopping we went to the new stores open by our centre commercial Carrefour in Vannes too. Here ,it just opens the Damart chain my wife likes so much where she purchase some blouses, and continue next door to another new one the Du Bruit Dans La Cuisine , where we got our blueberries ginger cake , and orange chocolate bars !!!

So for the new ones , here is the city of Vannes market days information.

The Damart store is here:

And the kitchen store is here:

Then, we headed for La Halle aux Chaussures to get some day shoes for my boys which they pay !! and we stop to see the latest fashions at our favorite store Armand Thiery same shopping area.  Continuing on to Babou to get some plastic containers and carpets.

La Halle aux chaussures here:

Armand Thiery here:

Babou :

We came home to unload and relax ,and most important to  savors the victory over Wales yesterday in football/soccer 2×0 . We passed by city center/downtown with views of our place St Michel and our Church Saint Guigner as well as our pharmacy, and be prepared for another friendly tonite in rugby vs New Zealand All Blacks! already cruising for Sunday out to see friends in the Loire Atlantique 44 dept.

Enjoy your Saturday, happy travels and best of all health. Cheers!

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4 Comments to “My travels in the Morbihan XXXX”

  1. A bit of a showery weekend here in the Gers. We too went to the market here in Condom this morning. Not as good as Moissac, but did buy some cheese, a baguette tradition and roast pork for tonight’s tea. I like La Halle aux Chaussures and bought myself a nice pair of bottines. They have a great choice of footwear at very reasonable prices: I hope they last, though.

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  2. I wish they were a bit cheaper, though!


  3. oh talking about shoes Besson is a bit tad over HC but we like them better ::)


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