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November 9, 2017

Back in the Yvelines 78 in a Royal town, there was Us again!

This is the story of pedmar10 in the Royal magical town of Versailles and thereabouts, where I lived 10 years. Photos taken from other posts and pages in my blog. It is time to reminiscent and remember the good old days of France. This is my story mostly in photos of yesterday.

Brief, I married my Frenchie in December 26 1990, in Daytona Beach Florida USA,  became French citizen in December 17 2000 at the Consulat de France of Miami. We all came to France permanently me for the job in August and the rest of the family in December 2003 and lived in Versailles until 2011. We then moved to Brittany due to my job in June 2011 first near Auray and now in Pluvigner in the dept 56 Morbihan.

The pictures are a bit of my French history, a small grain of sand in the illustrious history of France.

Versailles from 1682 to 1789 held the power in France and all evolves around the city. It is only about 17 kms from Paris.  Capital city of the Yvelines dept 78 since 1968. The history tells us treaties were signed here such as the treaty of Paris 1783 to end the American war of Independence and the Treaty of Versailles to end the First World War. It is ,also, written in the French constitution that each time there is a change to it, amendment, etc the entire French government has to move here to do the changes becoming Versailles de facto capital of France; this last happened in 2009 under President Sarkozy term.

My boys went to school in nearby Verneuil sur Seine and Le Chesnay both memorable places. And we move on to Brittany. I worked in Paris and Suresnes. My wife worked at CDG Airport .

Here in Brittany we lived in  the Morbihan dept 56 in the town of Auray another historical town . The town is mentioned for the first time in 1069. In 1341 ,Charles de Blois legitime to the crown of Brittany takes possession just to his death in 1364 in the Battle of Auray that ends the war of succession of Brittany. In 1632, commander Isaac de Razilly accompanied several others to Port Royal in Acadia (Canada) under orders of Cardinal Richelieu. Benjamin Franklin lands here in the harbor of Saint Goustan in 1776 early in the war of independence of the USA to ask for military support from France and king Louis XVI, and he got it! Gen Cadoudal , chief of the rebellion against the French Republic was born in Auray and also buried near his family ancestral home here. In 1795, the expedition of Quiberon by immigrant Breton from England failed (lack of support from England) , and were taken prisoners here where they were summarily condemned to death by a military court, 795 were executed in the field today call Champ des Martyrs or Field of Martyrs on the Loch river near Brec’h. In 1829,the rests were exhumed and transferred to the Chartreuse of Auray in a chapel where they rest today. In WWII, the train station of Auray was the place to carried the cement block to built the blockhouses in the Atlantic wall by the Nazis.

My boys went to school in Sarzeau and Auray to finish. Another spot in our world  map.  I worked in Vannes and my wife retired. And we moved on.

After purchasing our house in Pluvigner. There was an important train station here; Opened in December 1864 on the line from Auray to Napoleonville (today is Pontivy) that passes by here with three trains per day; the line stopped in 1951 and the station finally closed in 1981.  On January 23 1943, an American B17 bomber was damaged and landed here in the forest of Kéronic . Seven aviators were killed and three survived; there are two stones commemorating this in 1994 in the presence of  survivor Charles Roth, and the regular member of the crew that was absent on this mission  Mel Schulstad. It is still here.

Of course I worked in Vannes, the capital of the department on the outside in an old manoir /castle of 1504 on which ruins our office is build and a 44 hectares park/garden.

This is me and have other posts on me here if you look the names of the towns ::)  Cheers!





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