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November 6, 2017

Some news from Spain LV

And another week starts and the season of the best season is near. Well talking about my beloved Spain again, temps is about 52F or 11C and nice in Madrid tonite.The rest of the week is shown to be sunny highs of 63F and lows of 35F.

The latest from Spain are

Some great Spanish movies in the Film Festival of Sevilla; ‘Niñato’, of Adrián Orr, ‘Algo muy gordo’, of Carlo Padial, and ‘Tierra firme’, of Carlos Marqués-Marcet; they draw always from a different spot on Earth and the retina look the possibility of the new.. More here:

You have a tour of secluded nice Cabrera the Mediterranean of Ulises and only one hour from Marbella.  From this lookout you see in your imagination the scenery of the Odyssea in the archipelago of  Cabrera.  An unique natural space that preserve almost intact the Mediterranean essence.  It is only 10 nautical miles south of Mallorca and are a group of 19 islets; with the two biggest are Cabrera and Conejera. All the great civilization passed by here from the primitive Talayotic peoples to the Phoenicians , Carthaginians , Romans, Byzantines, and Arabs.  For centuries the Barbarian pirates ransacked , burned and, stole from this natural harbor in the big islet of Cabrera and started attacks on the embarkations that sailed on these waters.  The rocky Castle on the high hill that welcome the new arrivals to Cabrera; passing centuries and finished the war of Independence it was also the place of prison for almost 9000 Frenchmen.  Now you can enjoy snorkeling, and scuba diving in spectacular waters, and see a blue cave, go up to the castle, or go to the beach at s’Espalmador, visit the museum of ethnography of Celler or the archeological site of Pla de ses Figueres; go up to the hill of Miranda, where you can see the magnificent panorama in the Sierra de Ses Figueres; Bellamirada; or the longest possible on the islet that takes you from one extreme to the other in the lighthouse of  n’Ensiola. You can come to this Idyllic place on tourist boats of Colonia Sant Jordi (Tel +34  971 64 90 34), Palma (Tel +34  971 717 190), and  Porto Petro (Tel +34 971 657 012. More in Spanish here:

Who still looking for vinyl records? Well you can find them in Madrid, the favorites according to my family ther

Radio City at calle Conde Duque, 14; tel +34 915 477 767 . You can find vinyls here as well as CD on wooden stands alternationg between jewels of the folk,rock, soul and pop of yesterday and today from the 1960’s to today. The majority of prices are between 15-25 euros .

Another is  Molar Discos y Libros, calle Ruda 19, tel +34 911 725 740. Upper level you find the literary finds and specials next to the records section always in vinyls a complete selection. Domestic and imported like the joint venture of Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnette ,26€. The street level is used for presentations, expos, concerts of small formats.

And the very best  La Metralleta , Calle Postigo de San Martin, 1, tel +34 915 318 264 . The megaclasic of Madrid record shops. The store is divided in various spaces where you can find LP’s, CD’s, cassettes, and other formats of the lost generation; you come here to get your fingers dirty searching the stands. You can find the collection of Serrat for 3€ or a copy of Pink Moon, of Nick Drake for 150€; but the most expensive record is that of Tangerine Dream for 1500€.

Something typical from a very nice historical town , Burgos.  This is the spoonful’s of Las cucharas de Burgos; it will start Thursday November 9th with a dinner entitled El cocido de las estrellas, where you will be serve some of the rounds from various creations and interpretations of the culinary delight of the city from renown chefs such as Mª José San Román (Monastrell), Macarena de Castro (El Jardín), Yolanda León (Cocinandos), Bea Sotelo (A Estación), and  Pedro Morán (Casa Gerardo), Fernando Canales (Etxanobe), as well as Miguel Cobo (Cobo Vintage). Other activities will be music concert as well as a championship of spoonful’s from the 21C delights from the students of the school or Escuela de Hostelería de La Flora; as well as the prizes from the Académicos del  Cocido from the restaurants Lhardy of Madrid , and Los Claveles de Ibeas of Juarros, and guests like  Viri Fernández (El Llar de Viri) representing the stews of Asturias and Cristino Álvarez (Caius Apicius) for the spreading of these dishes and articles in the Hispanic world. More information here:

A new done place changeover complete. In the famous Cava Alta street of the centro and next to the Cava Baja the oldest spots in Madrid you come to  Matritum . After 20 years it has been transformed with a complete new decoration and menu, even a map of the Côte de Beaune, Burgundy. Plenty of wines here from all over. They offer menu of the day, of the market day, or outside the carte; however, one dish never fails is the costilla de vaca gallega rubia deshuesada y estofada  ( ribs of Galician beef stuffed and without bones ….) They have ice creams from Alicante and desserts such as brownie of Chocolate, and orange. The sommelier is a passionate about wines by the cup or the bottle,and rare great wines such as from Primitivo Collantes, white wines from  Mario Rovira, red wines from Olivier Rivière and international wines like for company a riesling from the  Rheingau, a  pinot noir from Rheinhessen, or the Clos Pepín. There you have it is Matritum, Cava Alta, 17 Tel +34  913 658 237. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays at noon ; more info here

Concerts that I like coming up at the Wizink Center of Madrid are

Vanesa Martin :

Raphael ,for the Young at heart :

La Térmica at Avenida de los Guindos, 48. Malaga city; will have until January 7 2018 the gallery head by Topacio Fresh with a very fresh presentation of the last years; a showing of bad taste with pop represented by filmmaker  John Waters, known for films such as Pink Flamingos, the king of trash gave the ok to this presentation showing the effigy of Divine of Ana Obregón going out of shell of Botticelli. It has some invited artists such as Octavio Terol and Valeria Vegas ; to match the myths of the  La Movida like those of Las Costus or Fabio McNamara. More information here:

Ok on good weather someone would like to do this; but me never, just recommended by my crazy cousin of Aluche ,Madrid.  Go see the historical towns of the region of Extremadura. Especially in the valley or El Valle del Jerte  known for the well place showing the discoloration of a million and a half cherry trees flowering at the same time on the arrival of Spring. The valley towns in the two ranges of mountains of the range of  Gredos,is covered with a mantle of white flowers thanks to the flower that comes out from this fruit tree.  The biggest however, is the festival of El Cerezo en Flor, the cherry tree in flower organized by the 11 towns of the municipality. Upon the arrival of Autumn this trees give a new spectacle when the leaves are turn into reddish, occre and maroons colors bringing about a new festival ,that of the La Otoñada del Valle del Jerte, (the autumn of the valley of Jerte) that is now coming to its 15th edition. The 11 towns of the municipality  also provides an ample opportunity for enjoying traditions be it cultural, sports, expositions,  contests, festivals and tastings fairs of local products ,theater, etc etc. All this until December 10 2017. Coming up there is an imperial market or Mercado Imperial Carolus Imperator, held in the town of  Tornavacas, November 11-12 ; recreating the arrival of emperor Carlos V and his court to the valley. The festival dates back to the 16C with street animation as well as theater plays , concerts of old times music, tasting of local dishes, talks, and guided visits on the town and the great roasted chestnuts. You have also, the Toñá Piornalega from November 17-19 in the town of Piornal, takes typical local traditions around the local dessert; and the Dulce Otoñada from December 1-3 in the town of Navaconcejo, with pastry ateliers, cooking   shows and desserts markets.  However, the best known are the gastronomic pastoral days or the Jornadas Gastronómicas Pastoriles, available in different restaurants of the municipality in its 12th edition and the festival of the tapas or the IV Feria de la Tapa.  On the first, there are 12 of the best restaurants of the valley offering weekends until December 10 the possibility of tasting exclusive menus, from products of the autumn season at a fix price from 18-38 Euros; the listing of the participating restaurants are in In the other one, Tapas festival on November 25-26 you can taste  several creations of the season on the restaurants of the valley.  There is ,also, the plate shooting championship or  Campeonato de Tiro al Plato in the town of Rebollar on November 24,  the festival of contemporary arts or the  IV Festival de Arte Contemporáneo in the town of Jerte from November 24-26 ; the theater festival or Festival de Teatro in the town of Barrado,on December 1-2; and the traditional musical encounter or the  III Encuentro de Música Tradicional in the town of Cabrero,on December 8th. All the programming can be found here:

Something to wet your senses from the bounty of Spain’s wines.

A wine to try which I know the property and have tried them all ; El Rincón from the  Bodega Marqués de Griñón  Vinos de Madrid, 2013,  Tinto con  Syrah (95%), Alicante Bouschet (5%) ready to drink now or to 2022 price is about 16€ ;notes of light violets deep black fruits, opulent, rich, with more ending on black fruits, silky ,a bit freshness. More here:

La Maliciosa from Bodega Vinos Jeromín Vinos de Madrid 2013,  Tinto 100%  Garnacha , ready to drink now and to 2022 price about 20€ Notes: blackcurrants, prunes,peaches dominance; intense with heavy materials and fine tannins , very delicious in the mouth, evolving and long; a garnacha from a hotter zone but light. More here:

A curiosity point: the clock tower of La Berenguela  high of 75 meters ,call like this because in the middle ages there was a bishop name like this that built the tower to defend the Cathedral of  Santiago de Compostela.  You can see it from several points in the city as it has the same height as the towers of the Obradoiro.  You will see that the clock built in  1831 the needle is like a tower of a castle and then it more decorated as you move up with a baroque style added.  The clock has one needle because the hours is mark by the bells. The biggest is in the tower it is also call Berenguela and weights 6.433 kgs. According to legend, that if on one midnight it does not ring 12 times and do 13 the devil will have a magic hour to stay loose in the city and raise havocs.

The Royal collections museum or the Museo de Colecciones Reales de Madrid has an opening date for January 2020, in the Palacio Real, you will see wonderful things as 64% of the  700 works that will house are today outside the public eye and only 35% are shown elsewhere.  The different palaces, historical buildings that are part of the National Heritage are works that are not shown to the general public and that for the first time will be shown here.  This is the case of the tapestries collection from the 16C in the glorious period of emperor Carlos V and king Felipe II. More news in Spanish here:

Back to Malaga to show you that on a wall of the 13C in the gate or Puerta Buenaventura,houses over 120K volumes of books in a building now 120 yrs old remodeled in 2004 and known as the library or libreria  Proteo/Prometeo in four levels. Proteo has a space of 150 sq meters, the top part is a large shelves of books in archives from  A-Z. There is even a lithography of  Antonio Tapiès from 1978 , and a work by Enrique Brinkmann  of 1992. Single out here because it has been awarded the  XIX edition of the Premio Librería Cultural 2017, ( prize of the cultural library of 2017) just in time to celebrate the Day of the library in all of Spain on November 10th. More on it here:

And last but not least, the wonderful beautiful National library of Spain or the Biblioteca Nacional de España has open now with free admission, an exposition dedicated to maps and what they have fascinated the world since its history. The expo is call  «Cartografías de lo desconocido» or cartography of the unknown; and its drawn from the inventory in the national library since  its foundation in 1711. You will see high middle ages maps, nautical atlas, renaissance atlas, unique pieces such as «Geografía», from Ptolomeo, 2C, or finds such as “Carta sincronológica de la historia universal» A sincronisation map of the history of the world. In this impressive map of 7 meters you can see the history of humanity from Adam and Eve to our modern times.  All this shown until January 28 2018 . The objective of this exposition is to define exactly ,what is map! More here:

As said ,enjoy Spain, everything under the Sun and I must add the Moon ! Cheers!!!

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