The gates or portes de Paris!

Ok so we always speak about the wonderful bridges of Paris and it has plenty. However, what about the gates or portes of Paris…..There are many and some are really nice.

Without going into details on all as they are many, these are the gates of Paris today.

On the North East area on the 18éme arrondissement there is the popular Porte de la Chapelle. Then the 19éme arrondissement you have the Porte d’Aubersvilliers ,porte de la Villette, Porte de Pantin, Porte Chaumont, Porte Brunel, Porte du Pré-Saint Gervais, and Porte des Lilas. In the 20éme arrondissement you have Porte de Lilas, Porte de Ménilmontant, Porte de Bagnolet (A13 road), Porte de Montreuil (N302 road) ; the 12éme arrondissement has the Porte de Vincennes, Porte Jaune (in Bois de Vincennes) ; porte du Bel-Air (in Bois de Vincennes), Porte de Sant Mandé (in bois de Vincennes) ,porte de Momtempoivre, porte Dorée, Porte de Reuilly, Porte de Charenton (A6), Porte de Bercy (A4).

In the South left bank on the 13éme arrondissement you have the Porte de la Gare, Porte de Vitry, Porte d’Ivry, Porte de Choisy (N305) , porte d’Italie (N7), Poterne des Peupliers, and Porte de Gentilly.  Moving to the 14éme arrondissement you have the Porte de Gentilly, Porte d’Arcueil, Porte d’Orléans (N20), Porte de Montrouge, Porte de Chatillon, Porte Didot, and Porte de Vanves. In the 15éme arrondissement ,you have the Porte Brancion, Porte de Plaisance, Porte de la Plaine, Porte de Versailles, Porte d’Issy, Porte de Sévres, and Porte du Bas-Meudon (quai d’Issy).

In the West on the 16éme arrondissement, you have the porte du Pont-du-Jour, Porte de Saint Cloud (N10), Porte Molitor, Porte de Boulogne (bois de Boulogne), Porte de l’Hippodrome (bois de Boulogne), Porte d’Auteuil (A13), Porte de Passy, Porte de la Muette, Porte Dauphine, Porte de la Seine (bois de Boulogne), Porte de Bagatelle (bois de Boulogne) , Porte de Madrid (bois de Boulogne), Porte Saint-James (bois de Boulogne) ; Porte de Neuilly (Bois de Boulogne), Porte des Sablons (bois de Boulogne) ; and Porte Maillot (N13).

While in the North West ,in the 17éme arrondissement you have the Porte de Ternes, Porte de Villiers, Porte de Champerret, Porte de Courcelles, Porte d’Asniéres, Porte de Clichy, Porte Pouchet. In the 18éme arrondissement you have the Porte de Saint Ouen, Porte de Montmartre, Porte de Clignancourt (N14) Porte des Poissonniers.

To go into some examples as the text is very long,on my favorite district 16 of Paris the Porte Saint Cloud is on the same route as the Bourbon kings had planned the road of the Avenue de Paris in Versailles to Paris Porte Saint Cloud to reach the Louvre fortress and you can still do this route by car!

There is a nice map of many if not all of them I have joined here and some of my pictures passing by them.

There are some special such as the Porte Saint Martin (b 1674) in honor of king Louix XIV and Porte Saint Denis (b 1672) to king Louix XIV on the 10éme arrondissement as well.

The Porte de Pantin was my first entry by car into Paris coming from Meaux in Seine-et-Marne (native town of my wife). Built in early 19C and name as such since WWII.  Another I have gone thru or walked thru often are the Porte d’Orléans, Porte d’Italie , Porte de Gentilly, Porte de Montrouge, Porte de l’Hippodrome , Porte d’Auteuil (A13), Porte de Passy, Porte de la Muette, Porte Dauphine,  Porte de Bagatelle (bois de Boulogne) , Porte de Madrid, and Porte Maillot. The Porte de Champerret, and Porte de Clichy.

Again, they provide a free traffic flow into the city and out, with a bit of history and architectural taste to make your walking or driving very pleasant. Enjoy the gates of Paris , enjoy your Sunday wherever you are. Cheers!



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  1. Wow! I didn’t know Paris had so many gates. It really is quite amazing!

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