Only in a name Sainte Anne d’Auray

It a sunny cool Sunday, and Bretagne that is going to Church. There is none better here than at Sainte Anne d’Auray, a town about 12 minutes by car from my town. I was there this morning.

I went before the grand Mass of 11H, where persons I came to see were to attend. It gave me the opportunity to come back to this town. Sometimes we passed by, and sometimes we take time in coming here. Sometimes, you are not aware of the beauty, peace, historical and religious significance of places you have around you. I admit the pictures are not that well done even if I am an amateur on it, took them with my old nokia phone ::)

I have written quite a bit on it, and you can do search in my blog.

A bit here, Sainte Anne according to the Bible is the mother of Mary, grandmother of Jesus; and the Patron Saint of Brittany!  Pope John Paul II came here and he is remembered with a plaque. The Memorial to the fallen of Brittany in the WW is here too. As well as many statues and fountain of the Saint all over a beautiful park including a wonderful inspiring stair of prayer where folks climb to pray even on their knees!!!

There are wonderful crêperies some we have tried and are great, and historical quaint unique lodgings ,one I visited this morning after passing in front of it for years ::)

The lodging is the L’Auberge right near the Basilica and on the main road to Vannes, D17. It has a wonderful entry lobby with nice leather bucket seats , TV ,magazines and books to read; all the tourist information for the area. A beautiful stairs to take you up to the dining room for a wonderful breakfast, and very well kept rooms. In addition, to a quaint pretty patio with terrace on back. All of these right on the main street in town close to all and walking distance to the Basilica.

I was impressed by the attentive service given to me and the hellos by all even if just there did not stay, waiting for take this person to my house.  From a simple building outside that I passed by many times, the inside look and description by all, tell me this is very nice place to stay while in the area.

The webpage is here: L’Auberge

The hotel is part of the Logis de France ,and this year won the excellence prize from the as well as Gault Millau as well as the site I recommend in my blogroll below front page of my blog La Fourchette or fork.

The Logis de France in English is here: Logis de France

Gault MIllau site here: Gault Millau

The Fourchette site here: La Fourchette

Of course the main to come here is to get to know history, and faith. The biggest event is July 24-26 where Sainte Anne d’Auray becomes the center of Catholism in France, second only to Lourdes.

In the Basilica cloisters there are nice permanent and temporary exhibition on the history of Brittany.

Enjoy your Sunday, mine is just arriving lunch time and we will have the cassoulet of Toulouse ::)  Cheers!

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  1. I must remember those dates, as my husband was born on 24th July. Very pretty: you caught the light really well. 👍

    Liked by 1 person

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