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November 29, 2017

Some news from Spain LVIII

Never a better excused to tell you about my other love, my beloved Spain. The weather is going down even minus Celsius degrees here and over there the water still is scarce and the weather is better at 9C now and looking sunny with high of 9C and lows of -3C the rest of the week ,partly cloudy to sunny days.

Now the latest finds and good stuff from Spain, everything under the Sun ::)

At the Guggenheim museum of Bilbao. There is an exposition on the work of David Hockney, the artist that revolutionize the world of arts on the 60’s and recognize as one of the most influential painters of the 20C. His work at the  Academy of Arts of London, is brough over with 82 paintings on the this exposition call ’82 retratos y un bodegón’ or 82 portraits and a tavern. It will be open until February 25 2018. See more here: David Hockney

The auction house of Christie’s sold this past week for 450,3M USD a portrait done by Leonardo da Vinci five centuries ago!!!, The  ‘Salvator Mundi’, the only work of the Italian artist now in private hands.  The portrait used to be part of the collection of king Charles I of England (1600-1649), and later came to several hands  before the final sale a world record for a work of art of any kind ever. “Salvator Mundi” is considered the artistic re discovery most important of this century.  It was in 2011 that after a process of restoration and analysis the experts determine that it was the work of Da Vinci. More here: The last Da Vinci

The enigmatic vision of reality of Giorgio de Chirico arrives this week at the Caixaforum Madrid, where you can see until February 18 2018. De Chirico has passed in history as an inventor of the metaphysics painting that shows dreams, memory and time in suspense and he is considered the precursor of Surrealism but also a return to Classicism and was even criticized. The work can be seen on 142 works the majority oleos but also drawing, lithographs sculptures of his trajectory from 1913 to 1976.  In the 40’s the artist born in Greece of Italian parents dedicated his efforts in bringing back the values of the paintings tradition in the renaissance and baroque styles as well. More in Spanish here: Giorgio at Caixaforum Madrid 

Considered one the groups most famous of clasical ballet oldest and prestigious Bolshoi , from their visits to London from the 50’s onward. Now La Fábrica  is publishing in The Bolshoi  one of the works most famous of Sasha Gusov  translated into 110 pictures of white and black with memorable moments on the trips of the company to London. More here: La Fàbrica, the Bolshoi

Now the front causing many traffic problems and several friends having to be rescue in Madrid due to the taxis strikes.  Several thousands taxi drivers are protesting in Madrid coming from all over Spain due to the ubersation that according to them is doing public transport a run for their money.  The general strike of the UBER types or VTC of the companies Uber and Cabify and the disloyal competition that they are causing according to the taxi drivers protesting. Traffic was cut from the Paseo del Prado direction Cibeles with police protection along the way. The strike started at 6h or 6am and has cause enormous traffic jams in Madrid  and the gated roads such as the A-6 with 14 kms of traffic jams ;other roads affected were the A-1n A-3,  A-42.  By 12h they were already inside Madrid at different points claxoning all over without accepting passengers. The strike will go on until Thursday by 12h. The main association of taxi drivers such as the Fedetaxi, Antaxi, Elite, and TNT , Caracol etc. There is another march by 11h around the Atocha train station to the door of the Congress. So bear the traffic if in Madrid now or planning to be there by tomorrow morning.

I like to tell you about the heritage cities of Unesco that I like the most in Spain.

ALCALÁ DE HENARES  ; the first city made to have an university and a model for others in Europe and America. Here Miguel de Cervantes, was born in 1547  and in 2018 it will celebrate the 20th anniversary of world heritage site as well as the market or Mercado Cervantino.  ÁVILA ; the wall ramparts are unique in Europe, try to get lost on its streets to live the experience of a medieval town in the 21C. In 2018 , it is celebrating the Theresian jubilee and medieval feasts.  BAEZA  in the center of the province of Jaén, near the park or Parque Natural de las Sierras de Cazorla, Segura and las Villas, with its wonderful University in the 16C . Also, in 2018 it is celebrating the 15th anniversary of the declaration of world heritage site as well as the festival of antique music or Festival de Música Antigua de Úbeda y Baeza.  CÁCERES , the third monumental complex in Europe with towers, palaces , squares and churches of  Cáceres. In 2018 will host the Festival WOMAD ,and the San Jorge feasts. CÓRDOBA Córdoba  Two thousand years of history mixing Arabs, Romans, Jewish ,and Christian life; its Mezquita-catedral  or Mosque Cathedral an universal symbol of this magical and unique city.  In 2018 come for the flower patios festival or Festival de Los Patios as well as the white night of flamenco. CUENCA  a view of nature with its fortress and walls .Lookouts and the canyons beauty as well as hanging houses or Casas Colgadas ; its museums with the contemporary spirit. In 2018 see the religious holy music week or Semana de la Música Religiosa , and the summer festival of Cuenca.  MÉRIDA , founded on the first years of the empire of Octavio Augusto with the imprint of its bridges, aqueducts, walls, theaters and temples showing what it was in antiquity , an empire.  Also, in 2018, it is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the World heritage site as well as the classical theater or Festival de Teatro Clásico. SALAMANCA , epicenter of the old Europe way of thinking on which University was raised in the 15C and 16C with a splendor like nowhere else. A city of two Cathedrals , a  Plaza Mayor  as the center of the world and glorious past of palaces and churches to show. In 2018 it is celebrating its naming as world heritage site already 30 years ago.  Also, celebrating the 800 years of its University.  SAN CRISTÓBAL DE LA LAGUNA , Tenerife, built on ramparts of previous to the those founded in the New World;  colorful houses with palaces with tropical vegetation.  In 2018 see the celebrations of Saints such as San Benito Abad ,and the white night.  SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTEL A jewel at the end of Europe and destiny of all routes of pilgrimage  of Christianity since the 10C. Santiago de Compostela is an open city, cosmopolitan, and university town on which center lies the square or Praza do Obradoiro, an extraordinary stone monument. During 2018 see its Apostle feast and the event  Santiago é Tapas. SEGOVIA , here you taste time and the history of Spain walking around its aqueduct Alcazar, Cathedral, and palaces in a wonderful natural surroundings.  The children will enjoy in 2018 the event Titirimundi , and the adults the music festival in the garden of the king or Festival Músicas en el Jardín del Rey. TARRAGONA , the streets and buildings around the squares keep the splendor of the antique roman Tarraco, from which the city center was built.  In 2018, the city will celebrate the Mediterranean Games as well as live history of Tarragona or  Tarragona Historia Viva.  TOLEDO , what can I say about its historic legacy with the mixing of cultures Arab, Jewish, and Christian that have left along the centuries a wonderful monumental complex such as making the city of El Greco ,an icon of Imperial Spain.

Indeed wonderful Spain. Go see them now.

And we have a wonderful chocolate tradition, having introduce it to Europe from the Americas; some of the best chocolates stores in Spain are in my opinion as well as many here:

Leónidas , a Belgian chain and one of my favorites anywhere. It sells over 100 different types of cacao and in Spain has stores at Calle Casanova, 100 (Barcelona); Calle Padilla, 61 (Madrid); Calle Uría, 8 (Gijón); Calle Easo, 4 (San Sebastián); Calle Felipe Gorriti, 33 (Pamplona).  Chocolat Factory , a varied choice trying to create original creations; with stores in many cities but the two I know are in Madrid at calle Zurbarán, 17 , and Avenida del General Perón, 40.  Cacao Sampaka ; trying to make cacao a social habit and it has innovating chocolates with 3 stores in Spain at Calle Orellana, 4 (Madrid); Calle Consell de Cent, 292 (Barcelona); Calle Conde de Salvatierra, 19 (Valencia).  Pomme Sucre  ; chocolates and breads with vintage furniture and iron columns; it has plenty of choices on chocolates at its stores ,especially fruits and chocolate pastes; they are at Calle Barquillo, 49 (Madrid,  and  Calle Libertad, 26 (Gijón).  Moulin Chocolat , this is a small store specializing in macaroons and French pastries as well as chocolates, truffles and tarts using the French chocolates of Valrhona, prefered by the great chocolatiers of the world.  The store at my beloved old street in Calle Alcalá, 77 (Madrid). Oriol Balaguer , makes tarts and chocolates homemade, the store looks like a jewerly store and it has catering service .  It offers boxes of chocolates refilled with figurines of all types and nougats as well. They are at Calle Ortega y Gasset, 44 (Madrid); Plaza de San Gregori Taumaturg, 2 (Barcelona). Chocolalabelga , another Belgian with excellent choices, tablets and truffles with many flavors to choose from and you can see making them at the store. They are at Calle Bonetillo, 1 (Madrid).  An all time favorite of the family are the Chocolatería Valor , a brand now all over Spain very famous for its churros chocolates . My favorite stores are at calle del Postigo de San Martín, 7 (Madrid).  And, Pasteleria Torreblanca Cero ; an assortment of chocolates, truffles, and artisanal candies compare many times with the best Belgian chocolates .  You can buy over the internet and the store I know is at Calle Alt de Guisop, 1, (Petrer, Alicante). Enjoy the chocolates!!

Again , enjoy Spain, everything under the Sun and more ::) Enjoy your week easy on the weekend is almost here. Cheers!


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November 28, 2017

Some news from France CLXXVI

Here it is another post and this one on the first I would say cold day in Brittany, 1C and already prognosticating snow in the adjacent department 35 Ile et Vilaine!!! It will be a cold next few days but nothing compare to my life’s experiences ::)

Back on telling you all about my belle France. Lots of things happening in the Hexagone ::)

The  métro Châtelet, line 4 will be closed until March 7 2018 due to installations of facades, the train will continue onwards without stopping here in Châtelet.  The access to the line 4 here will be done above ground in the stations  Cité about 600 meters and Les Halles  at about 450 meters . To helps the riders towards the line 4 the metro and RER lines of the hub Châtelet-Les Halles the RATP Paris transport authority advice you to take the station at Les Halles.

The know it all book about Paris is out. The « le Hillairet » is already in bookstores; published for the first time in 1956 the work  «Connaissance du vieux Paris » by Jacques Hillairet  has just been re edited by publisher Payot.  It is organise in two parts Rive droite/Rive gauche,and it shows neighborhood by neighborhood or quartiers, streets, and building numbers, a radiography historical and architecturally of Paris . It will be a huge information tool to really know  Paris by the visitors and locals alike. I have an older copy in the family and it is a bible of Paris info. The current book sells for 29€ and has 816 pages.

For instance it tells you about the street or rue des Francs-Bourgeois (4éme), a very popular artery in the Marais linking the rue Rambuteau to the place des Vosges.  In the Middle Ages this street between the rue Vieille du Temple and rue  Payenne,  was called the rue des Poulies ; meaning the pulleys used by the weavers fabric makers that lived here in the 16C and house in the poor homes of frank folks exempted from taxes and impositions. It, also, became a site of prostitution and homeless ,even if the house was eventually closed the name persists until 1868.

At no 25 rue des francs bourgeois  is the seat of the historical library of the city of Paris  or  bibliothèque historique de la ville de Paris since 1969,at the hotel de Lamoignon,  also called the Hôtel d’Angoulême, purchased in 1584 by Diane de France, Duchesse of Angouleme.  She died here at age 81 in 1619. In 1658, Guillaume de Lamoignon, first President of the Parliament of Paris lived here; and from 1867 to 1874, the writer Alphonse Daudet ,also lived.  In 1928, the city of Paris buys the property.  It has a wonderful architectural touch in its square arch that extends from the roof at the angle of the rue des Francs-Bourgeois  and the rue Pavée, that was used to keep vigil on the street.  The type of preservation we owed to André Malraux,creator of the law of August 4 1962 that protects and preserves the old values of France.

For those looking for bargains and big names in Paris head for Violette Sauvage . She finds good deals on her clothing market where you can buy previously wearer clothing for all tastes and pocketbooks.  Names such as Sandro, Maje, Claudie Pierlot or Comptoir des cotonniers,  H & M , Primark ,Zara, Mango, usually 2 to 3 times cheaper than on stores. Also, the Louis Vuitton, Zadig et Voltaire etc. IN two days about 3000 persons come in to try and buy here and even pay with bank cards (no checks). The  next event is Saturday and Sunday December 2-3 from 11h to 19h at the Palais de la Femme, (home of the  Salvation Army), 94, rue de Charonne, 11éme. Admission is 2€. More info here:

The salvation army for directions is here:

The famous French pastry or choux pastry  is in mode in Paris nowdays; and the two best in my opinion are

Here at Odette ,you have boutiques in neat corners at the street level in the building of the 16C in the heart of the Montorgueil neighborhood. Here the choux of Frédéric Berthy  have an air of madeleines of Proust, souvenirs of childhood from his grandmother Odette. See it at  Odette  7, rue Galande (5éme) every day from 10h30 to 19h30 at  18, rue Montorgueil (Iéme) from Mondays to Fridays and midday to 19h30 ,the weekends hours are from 10h to 19h30. More info here:

And at Popelini, while making in error the recipe that the Italian pastrymaker did in the renaissance of 1540 the hot choux becomes the favorite dessert of his bossCatherine de Médicis.  The house proposed about 15 flavors and 6 house choux unique each day from the classic chocolate and vanilla to the less known such as pop-corn or strawberry Tagada.  The season flavors are on order like the current noisette,(hazelnut). Boutiques located at  29, rue Debelleyme, (3éme), 44, rue des Martyrs (9éme), 35, rue de Turenne (3éme) ,and  71, rue de Seine (6éme) More info here:

Teh prize French Heritage Society-Dallas et Northern California Chapters 2017  has been attributed to the Château de Versigny  for their project of restoration in the courtyard or  cour d’honneur , and the park or parc.  This prize prime the actions taken in the last 20 years for the maintenance and safekeeping of the Château de Versigny. The French Heritage Society (FHS) is an American association non profit that helps restore the French heritage in France and the USA as well as the cultural exchange between the two countries.  As such , the  FHS  and its American chapters help the work of restorations by way of several French associations.  This particular work is also funded by the  DRAC, of the departemental council of the region of Oise.  More here :

And the FHS,

And something familiar from near family grounds, Cambrai is celebrating a famous WWI battle crucial to the allies. The 100th anniversary of the battle of Cambrai that took place between November 20 and December 7 1917. When for the first time tanks were used in war with about 500 of them by the allies. After initially piercing the enemy lines due to the element of surprise the counter offensive was terrible by the Germans. The losses were about 45000 for the British soldiers holding the positions and 55000 by the Germans. More on this commemoration here:

You should ask to take a peek of vineyards in Paris! At the school or Institut Cloriviére, 119 blvd Diderot 12éme; it has a 200 m2 vineyards of 100 pieds and 17 grapes varieties right in the building of the Fondation Eugene Napoléon a building from the 19C  since 2007 and on which the first planting took place in December 2013! More at the school here:

The foundation that helps preserves the memory of the Imperatrice Eugénie of France is here:

Marie Curie, une femme au Panthéon  this is the showing on the scienfic work of Marie Curie as well as her private life of the first women who won the Nobel prize. In the occasion of her 150th anniversary the museum or  Musée Curie  and the National center of monuments of France is holding this exposition in her honor in the Panthéon, you should not miss this one going on until March 4 2018 at the Pantheon,  Place du Panthéon – (5éme). More on the museum in French here:

And you know the Panthéon:

And you have the exposition ,Gaughin, l’alchimiste  in the Grand Palais.  Come to see the secrets of a painter of the 19C in the process of creation retracing the career of the artist until the island or îles Marquises.  Until January 22  2018 3, the Grand Palais is at  avenue du Général-Eisenhower -(8éme). More here:

You have the Incas of Peru at the museum  Quai Branly , one of the first societies dating from at least 1500 years AD, in this exposition at the Quai Branly you will retrace their history, and the traces of the oldest cultures in the north of Peru.  The exposition studies the origins and organisation of the old societies in searching in the two celestial gods , the kings the elite and the urban lords, the warriors and the priests who held the most power ? How it manifest itself? All showing until April 1, 2018 at the museum located at  37 quai Branly -(7éme).  More here:

And the season to be merrier is near; and on a shop the stylist Marcia de Carvalho teaches the basis of sewing.  You will be able to create guirlandes from used materials thanks to the orphelin socks idea. You can choose your pattern, cuts, and bordering you decide all. The shop is call an  Atelier couture de Noël  or a Christmas sewing shop , open November 29 from 14h30 to 16h30 and December 7th from 18h to 20h; Wednesday December 13 from 14h30 to 16h30 at  Chez Marcia de Carvalho 2, rue des Gardes – (18éme) One parent and one child for 34€ and one parent and two children fro 50€. More information here:

Go to the Ferme de Paris for a bio shop very local and gourmand. You can taste  dry vegetables and fruits of winter  and edible decoration creations.  This is a free atelier shop but you need reservations. the Déco comestible de Noël will be on Wednesday December 6 from 14h to 16h30 at the Ferme de Paris 1, route du Pesage – (12éme)  ;more info here:

Why not create your own chocolates, the Thursday December 14 all your chocolates fairies can come thru and share with those you like. The Atelier chocolat de Noël will be on from 19h to 21h at Fika, l’atelier pâtisserie de Julia 55 bis, grande rue Charles de Gaulle – 92600 Asnières-sur-Seine ; metro 1 to reach gare st lazare and then train direction Asniére sur Seine, participation of 65€/person. More here:

Do you know the art of packaging Japanese? For gift giving, for the holidays, you can come here to discover it with the paper tissue Furoshiki. By this technique ancestral you will have the best looking gift wrapping under the Christmas tree.  The Atelier Furoshiki will be on Saturday December 16 at 16h in the library or Bibliothèque Rainer Maria Rilke at 88 ter, boulevard de Port-Royal -(5éme) Free with reservation at tel +33 (0) 1 56 81 10 70 or email

More info on the library here:

and how about these places to see Paris from above!!!

At the 6th floor (7 us) you have the Le  Perchoir dominating Ménilmontant, with cocktail bars , yoya courses, done on the roof terrace  summer or winter with views of the basilica of  Sacré-Cœur. Le Perchoir 14, rue Crespin-du-Gast – (11éme)  Métro Ménilmontant. more here:

The smaller sibling is at the 7 floor (8 us) on the rooftops of the store BHV Marais. Offering wonderful views of the tour Eiffel, Seine river , the city hall or hôtel de Ville ,and others.  In winter you have a Danish mood until 01h30 (1:30 am) . Le Perchoir du Marais 33, rue de la Verrerie – (4éme) Métro Hôtel de Ville. More here:

An old favorite,in the Centre  Pompidou with a panoramic view of Paris. Two levels on escalators and two expo rooms. Talking about the Le Georges at the Palais Beaubourg, Place Georges Pompidou -(4éme) Métro Rambuteau. more here:

if we can dream with a glass of Champagne on the 8th floor (9th us) of the Galeries Lafayette Haussmann, you will be delighted seeing the rooftops of Paris. This winter the Cube Bar becomes the  Ice Cube Bar ! at  40, boulevard Haussmann – (9éme) Métro Chaussée d’Antin – La Fayette. More here:

One of the old favorites now change do not know if better or worse not been to the new one. This is the Ex-Nüba, now Communion  on top of the Cité de la Mode, between suspended markets, concerts, and DJ sets no reason to stop once winter arrives.  Communion 36, quai d’Austerlitz – (13éme) Métro Gare d’Austerlitz. More here:

And now back to nostalgia. Who does not love the passages de Paris? However, do you know the many small ones dotting the city? Aside from the most and better known, here are some of my favorite mignons, cute passages of Paris. Using a site I use that is very good on all about Paris tidbits Parisrues.

We can call it the world of passages but this charming passage of many colors decorated with several flags of countries of our world a gift of the flag of bees or Abeille drapeaux, that are done in one shop at no 6. This is the  Passage Geoffroy-Didelot  at Rue des Dames -(17éme). More here:

This is one of my fav areas of Paris. It is partially covered but it works too. A historical spot that houses woodworkers shops in the what is today a beehive of furniture makers. This is the  Passage du Chantier at 66, rue du Faubourg-Saint-Antoine – (12éme). More here:

Here you have the house of poetry or Maison de la Poésie. The others are cute and nice full of history and Paris cachet , this is the Passage Molière – (2éme), 157 rue Saint-Martin. More here:

The small but equally cute is the Passsage de l’Ancre , 223, rue Saint-Martin, (4 éme) behind a blue door . More here:

And you have two back to back here; running parallel to the street or rue de Charonne the passage Alexandrine (11éme)  is bordered not by cactus but pots of flowers all along the passageway.  Other like hortensias in bamboo and even laurier are flank one to the other.  A short few steps from here you can see the pretty  passage Lepeu, also very romantic,  with flowers and greens decorations. More here:

And here:

Last one ,but not the least, we come near the Bastille and the  passage Lhomme hardly seen if you have not read it here first . The street is paved and retro into the 1900 Paris giving you the impression of walking in a small village of Brittany. It is at 26, rue de Charonne – (11éme). Find it here:

And then something to come and believe useful for those thinking/dreaming of coming over to France. A new low cost airline and now expanding, LEVEL. Next July 2018 it will start flights from Paris Orly airport to Montreal, Guadeloupe, Martinique, and Liberty airport Newark New Jersey!! my old airport out of college worked there for a while lol!!  Yes I am older than you think ::)   The tickets are on sale already for 129€ to Newark and 99€ to the other spots. the airline is Level and will do the flights using Airbus A330-200 with 293 seats in tourist class, and 21 in Tourist class premium. The latter ones will include luggage, food, and seat reservation, as well as access to internet on the plane for 8,99€. It is expected that OpenSkies will stop flying next summer and the staff join Level. The low cost airline webpage is here:

November 26, 2017

My best restaurants of Brittany, Bretagne!!!

A few years back , I started a post on my best restaurants in France,  Paris and then of Versailles only etc. Well ,I have been a few years already in Brittany, gone to many restaurants, and will like to tell you about my better ones. Of course , always check for availability and times, and these are only the ones I think were good.

All of them are in my previous posts on the particular city or area I wrote, and they will be in no chronological order, the webpages will be found online, and some of them will be from National and International chains. I hope that as the season to be merrier is coming along , you find your way to enjoy one of the them while visiting very Christmas followed territory like Brittany.

La Boucherie, zone océane 3 ,rue de Danemark, Auray 56400

La Boucherie, Rue du Gay Lussac, Zone du Parc lann, Vannes 56000

Le Bistro du Port, 7 place Saint Sauveur, Saint Goustan, Auray 56400

L’Armoric, 1 Place Saint Sauveur , Saint Goustan, Auray 56400

Restaurant La Fromentine, 10 rue du Chateau, Auray 56400

Au Coin du Feu, D768, Camors 56330

Crêperie Saint Sauveur, port de Saint-Goustan, 6 rue Saint-Sauveur, Auray 56400

Le Grand Voyageurs Hôtel restaurant ,facing Ville Close ,Concarneau  29182

Kreiz An Aval, 1 avenue de la chapelle, Carnac 56340

Restaurant Le Cosy, 2 rue Saint Cornély, Carnac 56340

A l’Aise Breizh Café, Port de Plaisance du Moulin Blanc, Brest 29200

A l’Aise Breizh Café, Port de Plaisance, le port (above harbormaster house) Vannes 56000

La Gazzetta (italien) 4 rue de Siam, Brest 29200

Da Franco (Italien) 18 place Edouard Vaillant, Douarnenez 29100

Le Lion d’Or , 5 place Adrien Le Franc, Elven 56250

La Villa Toscane ,15 Place Jaffré, Guidel 56520

La Moule que Saoûle , Centre Commercial la Falaise, Guidel plages 56520

Le Guéthenoc, 11 place Notre Dame, Josselin 56120

L’Escale Hôtel Restaurant le port (harbor) facing the ocean, Locmariaquer 56740

Hôtel Restaurant Les Voyageurs, 10 rue de Cadélac, Loudeac 22600

La Terrace, 31 place des Otages, Morlaix 29600

O’Brothers 7 quai des Cabestans, Arzon 56640

Le Voilier, 8 quai des Voiliers, Arzon 56640

Les Trois Etoiles, ZA de Tréhuinec , D779 road Plescop 56890

Crêperie de l’Enclos ,51 place du Général de Gaulle, Pleyben 29190

Crêperie du Chateau de Rimaison, 6 rue de la Gare, Pluvigner 56330

Crêperie Restaurant Le Vorlen ,rue de la Gare, (across from above) Pluvigner 56330

Restaurant Le Martray, 32 rue du Pont/Place du Matray, Pontivy 56300

L’Aiglon, 42 du Général de Gaulle, Pontivy 56300

Restaurant Crêperie du Pont Fleuri, 5 rue Ellé, Basse ville, Quimperlé 29300

Restaurant bar Les Cariatides, 4 rue du Quéodet, Quimper 29000

La Taverne de  Maître Kanter, 14 quai du Steïr, Quimper 29000

Back to the 60’s American Diner, 58 rue de St Malo, Rennes 35000

Café Hoche, 15 place Hoche, Quiberon, 56170

Le Vivier (seafood), Côte Sauvage, Quiberon 56170

Au Goüt du Jour, 5 rue St Michel, Pluvigner 56330

Pizzeria Le Scampi, 11 Place du Marché, Pluvigner 56330

Crêperie des Bés, 4 rue Thévenard, St Malo 35400

Crêperie La Metairie de Kéroser, Allée de Kerozer, Saint Avé 56890

Crêperie Les Ajoncs, 4 rue de Vannes, Saint-Anne d’Auray

La Pataterie, ZAC Parc Lann, Rue Gay Lussac, Vannes 56000

Le Scoop bar brasserie, 60 rue Théophaste Renaudot, ZAC Kerlann , Vannes 56000

Le Gavroche, 17 rue de la Fontaine, Vannes 56000

Don Camillo Pizzeria, 20 rue du port, Vannes 56000

Les Remparts, 6 rue Alexandre le Pontois, Vannes 56000

Restaurant Anna & Paul, 23 Place du Général de Gaulle, Vannes 56000

Balade en Crepanie, 21 rue de la Fontaine, Vannes 56000

Chez la Mére 6 sous, 11 rue Thomas de Closmadeuc Vannes 56000

La Saigonnaise, 2 place de la Madeleine, Vannes 56000

Les Oliviers, 60 avenue du Verdun, Vannes 56000

Villa Valencia, 3 rue Bienheureux P Rene Rogue, Vannes 56000

Le Petit Belon, 3 place de la poissonnerie, Vannes 56000

Crêperie de la Tour Trompette, 4 rue Venelle, Vannes 56000

Le Gambetta, 1 place Gambetta, Vannes 56000

Lecocq & Folks, 5 rue Saint Vincent, Vannes 56000

Restaurant Poivre Rouge, Rue Aristide Boucicaut, Vannes 56000

TablaPizza, ZAC du Parc Lann, 6 rue Jacques Rueff, Vannes 56000

L’Orée des Monts, 5 place Charles de Gaulle, Sizun 29450

Pizzeria del Castello , 5 rue Maréchal Joffre, Hennebont, 56700

 brasserie Le Carré  15 place Aristide Briand ,Lorient 56100

Café Breton , 8 rue du Porche, Rochefort-en-Terre 56220

Ok these are the ones I like, no particular order, and only those I kept a business card ::) the rest if missed , are on the posts lol!!! I think you have plenty to choose thus…… bon appétit, and drink wines, cider, beers all in moderation , good for the economy and the traditions of France. Unesco World Heritage Intangible lists :Gastronomic meals; Cheers!

November 23, 2017

Some news from Spain LVII

And I am back rather quickly as too much info on my posts do not like.  Spain is everything under the Sun, and I need to tell you more of my beloved Spain. Here are some places you should stop by on your lifetime visiting or living in Spain.

We have to visit Oviedo in the Principality of Asturias, name after the heir to the throne of Spain, the Princess of Asturias currently is Leonor de Borbon y Ortiz oldest daughter of King Felipe VI. On the trip to this wonderful region it is best to leave two days; one day for the west part of the capital city of Oviedo and another for the east side. Most of the trip will be in the Camino de Santiago also call Camino del Norte. Road to St James or the North walkpath.

The road to the west takes you to visit the Church of  San Juan de Priorio, about 10 kms away by taking the road N-634 until the path that takes you to the thermal city of Las Caldas.  This is a Church from the 12C to 13C and additions later from the 18C to 20C. You can continue for 6 km to see the Church of San Esteban de Sograndio, also from the 12C. Following our road, this is all by car of course…. you leave the Valley of the Trubia river that in roman times was the old road between Asturias and Léon to extract minerals; you will reach the Teverga at about 32 kms on the road AS 228; here you will see the Church Collegiale of San Pedro, from the 11C with deco of pre roman style; go on for 5 kms towards the town of Villanueva de Teverga,where it is worth the detour to the Church of  Santa María from the 11C and 12C; come back to Villanueva de Teverga towards Arrojo, at about 23 kms on the road AS-229 and see the rural style Church of San Pedro  from the 12C.  Continue for about 40 kms and reach the town of Cornellana, here you should visit the Benedictine monastery of San Salvador, with a roman Church from the 13C and a monastic complex in baroque from the 17C to 18C.

In the second day, you can do the town of Villaviciosa with its Churches of San Esteban de Aramil and  Santa María de Narzana both of rural style and modest proportions. Continue onwards passing the Alto de la Campa, taken the road leaving the Valley of Valdediós. At the end of the road you will reach the monastery of Santa María de Valdediós, a nice monastery complex in the Cistercian tradition from the 13C and next a Church of San Salvador de Valdediós, pre roman style. Back to the road to Villaviciosa, another road takes you to the Church of San Andrés de Valdebárcena, 12C a rural temple; and finally at the doorsteps of Villaviciosa you need to see the Church of San Juan de Amandi ,13C of the Asturian roman style. You come back to Oviedo our starting and ending point for a total of about 45 km trip.

In Oviedo itself you come to the old Ovetum that since its foundation in the 8C by the Asturian monarchy reaching to be the Capital of the kingdom. The old town is left with a medieval look with an easy modern tracing of the streets.  The old town is pedestrian and easy to walk from the University to the Cathedral and from the Palace of  or palacio del Marqués de San Félix to the  Camposagrado (holy field). The tower of the Cathedral of Oviedo is the start of any walks in Oviedo , done in flamboyant gothic style with a tower, rosary, and arch gate entrance guarding the biggest Asturian symbols.  The Chapel of San Miguel, or Cámara Santa,keeps the holy coffer or Arca Santa, the cross of the angels or Cruz de los Ángeles, and the victory cross or Cruz de la Victoria, also visited by the pilgrims that continue on to Santiago de Compostela.  These symbols are shown in the shield of the city of Oviedo as well as the Principality of Asturias.  Around the Cathedral you see the most important heritage of the city such as the Church of San Tirso, the fine arts museum or  Museo de Bellas Artes or the archeological museum or  Museo Arqueológico. The square or plaza de la Catedral  takes us to the square or Plaza de Alfonso II el Casto, where you can see the palaces of  Valdecarzana and de la Rúa. At Cimadevilla, the oldest part of the old town you find the peculiar square of plaza de Trascorrales, where the old stock house or lonja is located as well as the nice square or Plaza de la Constitución.  The latter has colorful houses that continue into the squares of plaza de Daoíz y Velarde.

At the University of Oviedo the last building before reaching the river  with a plateresque facade of the 16C giving to a cloister hosting cultural events all year. The closeby facades of the palaces of  Toreno and Camposagrado are worth a visit.  From here starts the Oviedo of the end of the 19C around the square or plaza de la Escandalera and the park or parque Campo de San Francisco.  Here are the Palacio Regional,home of the council of the Principality, the bank or Caja de Asturias, and the old bank or Banco Herrero.  All of the latter are in a French style.  Here near, we find the theater or Teatro Campoamor, where each year the prizes of the prince of Asturias are given (Príncipe de Asturias). Also, the modern arts center is located here or Centro de Arte Moderno. You have to continue on the street or Calle Uria to come to the more commercial Oviedo following one of the ending streets such as Gil de Jaz, you reach the provincial hospice or Hospicio Provicial from the 18C today is the luxury hotel or Hotel Reconquista. Nice Oviedo!!!

Some of my favorite Cathedrals in Spain, and there are many nice ones, are these.

The one in Oviedo of course, call the Sancta Ovetensis for the amount and quality of its relics. The Santa Iglesia Basílica Catedral Metropolitana de San Salvador de Oviedo is of a Gothic style; from the the road to St James/Santiago in the times of king Alfonso II el Casto, the Cathedral started to be built in the 12C and lasted until the 16C even if later in the 17C  some Chapels were added to the lateral nerfs. More info :

In the year 916 king Ordoño II gave its royal palace to built a Church thanking God to allowed him to beat the Arabs/moors in the battle of San Esteban de Gormaz ; and here his remains lies.  The stained glass are from the 13C to 20C and add up to about 1705 meters of superficie; the Cathedral of Leon is the best and purest example of gothic in Spain. More info here:

The Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela is the last trip of the pilgrims that covers their pathways or caminos.  The construction in the roman style started in 1075 and has a latin cross and three nerfs with amplications later on in gothic, baroque, plateresque and neo classic styles.  Its porch or Pórtico de la Gloria built in 1188 shows 200 figures of the Apocalypse. More info here:

The only Cathedral declared world heritage by UNESCO was built between 1221 and 1765 with a predominant gothic style added to others. The gate or Puerta del Perdón is located in the façade of the Catedral de Burgos, where you can see a rosary on both sides two towers of 84 meters high, crown by arrows from the 15C. More info.

The Cathedral of Sevilla was built over that which in the 12C was the great Mosque or Gran Mezquita, of which still is preserve the prayer tower or alminar, known as the Giralda , the patio de Abluciones and the gate or Puerta del Perdón.  It was converted Christian in 1248 after the conquest of the city by king Fernando III.  In the Cathedral there are five nerfs, with elements of the moorish or mudéjar, gothic, renaissance, baroque, and neo classical. More info here:

Converted to the Christian cult in 1236 after the conquest of the city by king Fernando III, the Cathedral of Córdoba is built over the old mosque ; the most important Islamic monument in town.  The Cathedral shows the complete evolution of the Omeya style in Spain including other styles such as gothic, renaissance, and baroque. It was in the 16C that in the middle of the mosque a great renaissance Christian nerf was built. More info here:

Built over a mosque, that at the same time was raised a Church in the times of Recaredo, the Primate Cathedral of Toledo or Catedral Primada de Toledo began to be built in 1226. The floorplan has five nerfs on which ceiling hold 88 columns and 72 coffins as well as stained glass polychrome from the 14C 15C and 16C. In a gothic style with French influence, its choir is considered the biggest in Christianity. More here up once maintenance is done to the site:

Attach to the old, the new Cathedral or Catedral Nueva de Salamanca started building it in 1513 and open in 1733.  The construction began in the tardo gothic style but has elements of newer periods.  The Cathedral is rectangular with 3 nerfs and oven style Chapels cover with coffins etc. More here:

OF gothic architecture style and related to the Anglo Normand arts as well as Franco Normand of the 12C, the Cathedral or Catedral de Santa María y San Julián de Cuenca began to be built from 1196 and finished in 1257.  The Cathedral has three nerfs, five sloping absides ,transept and triumphorium with windows decorated with statues of angels. More here:

Known as the dame of the Cathedrals or La Dama de las Catedrales for its dimensions and elegance, the Cathedral or Santa Iglesia Catedral de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción y de San Frutos de Segovia was built between the 16C and 18C in gothic style with renaissance influences.  It was built after the old Cathedral or Catedral de Santa María de Segovia was replaced during the war of communities or Guerra de las Comunidades in 1521,works began in 1525.  It has three nerfs with windows and gothic coffins of 30 meters high as well as a tower that reaches 90 meters. More info here:

IT is considered the first marian temple in Christiniaty, the Cathedral or Catedral-Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar de Zaragoza with a baroque style of three nerfs ,covers with coffins and canon, cupolas and pillars.  At the same spot there was already existance of another Church in a moorish style dedicated to St Mary , therefore its origins goes back to the 9C.  The Basilica has four towers built between 1715 and 1961. More here:

Hope you enjoy the ride brief but essential to indulge in the history and beauty of Spain, now it’s your turn to seek them out. It will be worth your time. Happy travels to all, Cheers

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November 22, 2017

Some news from Spain LVI

Once again back with the news of my beloved Spain. It has been nice in Madrid, 62F now lows of 40F no rain in sight and the same for the rest of the week. And now some news about my beloved Spain!

The black truffe or trufa negra in the province of Soria is the best. Now December 4-5 will host the I Concurso Internacional Cocinando con Trufa,or the first international contest on cooking with truffles an initiation of the council of Castilla y León . It will bring together the best chefs experts on the delicacy; there will be 15 teams of which there will be a consecrated chef and a cooking school student. Some of the chefs will be Rishi Naleendra of Sri Lanka, one star Michelin; Diego Galicia of Mexico considered one of the best chefs of the year by Food & Wine magazine; Kimberly Lallouz,of Montreal, Canada, and the Spanish Aitor Martínez Ros and Iván Sivera Saura. To win the prize they will need to make a creation in 90 minutes;only the 5 best will compete the next day in the final with a cook-off of 120 minutes and a hot and cold entry. The jury will be an important one as well led by Rafael Ansón, president of the Real Academia de la Gastronomía, or Royal Academy of Gastronomy where members have several stars Michelin like Mitsuharu Tsumura, chef of Maido, considered the best in Latin America or Sanjeev Kapoor, the star of Indian cuisine.  Others will be the Spaniards Oriol Castro and  Alberto Chicote . All representation from 24 countries and 5 continents.  In the province of Soria you find the biggest farming of truffles in the world!!! More here:

Some more delicacies from Spain is the pigeon, with a greasy skin, and thin meat and easy digestion. Some of the best places to eat it in Madrid ,my opinion, are at :

Piñera, calle Rosario Pino,12, full ration 26€ half 14€ ;

La Paloma, calle Jorge Juan 39 from the hunting grounds and done with thick salt for 33€;

Desencaja, Paseo de la Habana 84, roasted in charcoal with mushrooms and endives for 26€;

Arzàbal Avenida de Menéndez Pelayo 13 and branch at calle Santa Isabel 56 roasted on vegetables sauces for 21€;

Tablao Corral de la Moreria, calle Moreria 17, a great show of flamenco still and with risotto rice for 29,80€;

For a wonderful funny show if you speak Spanish see the Los Morancos doing their satirical laughs at everything Spanish and current news to sports to politics.  Antonimos; a funny intelligent show to see until December 27 in the Teatro Nuevo Apolo, Plaza de Tirso de Molina, 1.

Quick, if you are single and looking, coming to Spain stop by these places some new some old never change really; action by here:  Playa d’en Bossa (Ibiza) Calle Alfileritos (Toledo) Casco viejo de Bilbao Centro histórico de Málaga Barrio Monte Alto (A Coruña)  El Tubo (Zaragoza)  Calles María Cubí y Santaló (zona alta de Barcelona) Barrio de Ruzafa (Valencia) Malasaña (Madrid) Casco antiguo de Badajoz.

Have you heard of María Calderón (1611-1646)? well it was a popular artist of the times and a lover of king  Felipe IV, of which was the mother of their son Juan José Austria (amongst many by the king). She was known as the «La Calderona» because she was the adopted daughter of writer Calderón de la Barca. To this women, the writer  Jaroslav Vrchlický (1853-1912),known as the Czech Víctor Hugo, dedicated the drama «María Calderón». It was done not like a drama but a musical and funny that will be play at the Teatro Alfil theater . She had many lovers such as duke of Medina de las Torres as well as the king making jealous the queen  Isabel de Borbón; she was taken her son away and forced to entered a monastery ,this and other details are shown in the play produced by David Ottone. More in Spanish here:

You have CARMEN by Benjamin Lacombe until March 4 2018 , a novel written by  Prosper Merimee to do an artistics interpretation of history. Benjamin Lacombe has already done books on Madame Butterfly, María Antonieta , and Frida. The show is broken down into three parts that correspond to the first 3 chapters of the work by Mérimée.  There are 23 illustrations exposed running in chronological order the narrative. Museo ABC ,calle Amaniel 29-31.Tel. +34 91 758 83 79; reach it on Metro  San Bernardo ( 2 and 4) Noviciado (líne 2) Ventura Rodríguez (líne 3) Plaza de España (línes 3 and 10). More here:

 You have now the Circo del Sol until January 8 2018 in the Carpa Blanca del Circo del Sol, Avenida de Portugal s/n. Fridays and Saturdays 18h30 and 22h, Sundays 17H and 20h30 ,Mondays Wednesdays and Thursdays at 20h30.  Prices from 28€. you can buy tickets at  El Corte Inglés (, 902 40 02 22 ,and at stores), (, 902 488 488 -teatro-, 902 22 14 24 -offices of bank  Bankia, Caja Navarra, Ibercaja, Grupo Rural ), , and at their webpage

Alcalà de Henares is ready for Christmas with a giant Papa Noel of 10 meters and more than 25K m2 at the Recinto Ferial de Alcalà ; activities like a roller coaster for all ages, ice rink biggest in Spain, and a space of rides of more than 5K m2 . All until January 7 2018; at Ronda del Henares, 19 and Plaza de Cervantes. More info here:

And you have the tapas route second edition or the II Ruta de Tapas a Fuego Lento by Crock-Pot & Oster, this time in the area of  Retiro-Boulevards of Ibiza. There are 16 bars and restaurants to offer tapas at a price using only pressure cookers of  Crock-Pot  slow cooking, a trend in Spain today. You can try a small casserole of callos madrileños  at the Marísquería Sanchís or calamars in its ink at Tagomago,  to an international mole poblano Mexican at Madridaje and a wonderful zamburiñas in pepper sauce at Atlántico-Casa de Petiscos.  The prices are from  2,80  to 5 euros. Good for November 23 and December 10th. Some others are  Casa Martín  with meatballs , Casa de Fieras and its tuna, bacon iberico confit at Castelados, Strogonoff at Triana, bull tails at Kulto or small pork rolls at Don Eusebio; and more. On the road at slow fire or  “A Fuego Lento”. All details info here Fuego lento Retiro

Enjoy Spain , everything under the Sun. Cheers

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November 20, 2017

Some news from France CLXXV

Here I go again with news of my belle France. It has been mild lately going down to 9C;  however,the afternoon has gone up to 12C, figure about 50F to 55F and cloudy with some sun out no rain.

Some of the latest from France are:

The Church of La Trinité (9éme) even with a fountain closed to avoid falling stones is open to all and celebrating 150 years as most of the buildings around it. Tomorrow the world is invited to participate on the meals service to the homeless in the Crypt. There will be a guided visit at 18H ; like every evening until Sunday it will be illuminated by 2000 candles and lanterns; then at 20h45 the parrish evening in the Church. At 11H Sunday the Mass for its 150 years will be held in the world day on poverty and at 16h30 a concert in the choir. For more than 25 years the crypt of the Church holds a dinner to the homeless with donations from many every Monday, Tuesday , Thursday and Friday; from mid October to mid June. Each week almost 800 meals are served with donation of as much as 6000 kgs of fruits and vegetables from local merchant of Rungis (the food market of Paris) .  By word of mouth  from 9h many are in the kitchen preparing to serve the meal by 12h45 . You can see this entering by the rue de La Trinité, from 12h45 to 13h30.  More here: La Trinité

Ready for the season to be merrier, the committee of Faubourg Saint-Honoré unveils tomorrow Thursday November 16 the lighting of Christmas on the street during this year program the  Winter Time 2017.  This year the festivities are link to the charitable organisation Laurette Fugain that fights leucemia. For this occasion the street will be pedestrian only from 18h30 to 19h30 between the streets of rue Boissy D’Anglas (8éme) and the rue Royale (1éme). At 18h45, the gospel choir of Paris will open the evening with traditional Christmas songs; by 19h a child will bring a lantern to singer Nolwenn Leroy (Brittany) so she can light up the fire that will lit up all the lanterns in the street ,and will be on until early January 2018. There will be a tombola open to all until January 27th,  The participants can already purchase their ticket on the site Winter Time 2017 or from the association Laurette Fugain. More here: Winter Time 2017

do you this now famous football/soccer club of Paris,PSG how it began? Well it was back in 1969 with the creation of the Paris Football club  and the wish of the French football league to have a team in Paris. However, no team wanted to fusion or be promoted for the idea. At the same time another club was moving up from Division 2 winning it in 1969-1970; this was the Stade Saint-Germanois, (St Germain en laye) founded in 1904. The stadium to play was just finished in 1972.  The all new Paris-Saint-Germain Football club had two years to reach the Division One ,and they needed only one season to do so. A few months later that the city of Paris did not want to sponsor a team in the suburbs while the Paris FC  stayed temporarely in Division one.  The Paris-Saint-Germain, that preserved the name but falls two levels down to allow the opportunity for the two clubs to merged. In 1973,the fashion creator Daniel Hechter becomes the owner by taken the second team,and the history of the PSG is on. More on them here: PSG

Want to see something different in Paris? come to the romantic squares where you can see the evolution of wild ducks, and hear the noice of the swings and admire the flowers that change each season; this is the Square des Batignolles and facing it is the new parc Martin Luther King with wonderful trees and a skatepark that children loves. This is at 144 bis, et 147, rue Cardinet (17éme). Behind the train station Gare Saint Lazare. It is closed until Nov 24th for cleaning.More of it here; Batignolles et MLK

And if you are in Paris and want to know more of Brittany before getting to me, this is their official information bureau. Maison de la Bretagne 8, rue de l’Arrivée – 75015 PARIS – Métro : Montparnasse  Tel +33 (0)1 53 63 11 50; just next to the Gare Montparnasse. More here: Maison de la Bretagne

On December 4 2017 the five aquarelles by Jacques Gotko will be up for sale at the Hôtel des ventes de Drouot in Paris. They were painted in the concentration camp of Royallieu in Compiegne between 1941 and 1942 showing life of the prisioners there on a daily basis. The Mémorial de l’Internement et de la Déportation would like to acquired them and has started a call for donations on the site They need 10K€ to get these paintings and are hoping for folks to help out. Now you can at Ulule.

With a beautiful sun covering their new site in a mansion at the corner of rue Saint-Honoré you can read « Louis Vuitton »  now celebrating the opening  since October of their new store in the Place Vendome. The store is a complete gamme of all their products ; see it here :

At the forthcoming Salon du Cheval de Paris (horse show) between November 25 and December 3rd at the parc  des expositions de Paris Nord-Villepinte.  For the first time the  Garde républicaine parades their 250 horses and 110 jockeys with 40 carriages . Starting from the bois de Boulogne, the knights and their horses follow a path of 20 kms into Paris passing by the Opéra Garnier, Louvre, Champ-de-Mars , and Trocadéro.  More in French here:

And we reach a world record according to the house of auctions Osenat. The laurel leave in gold coming from the crown of the coronation of emperor Napoléon Ier, were purchased for 625 000 euros, last Sunday at the Château de  Fontainebleau. This leave done by jeweler Martin Guillaume Biennais, was estimated at between 100k and 150K euros, was purchased by an international collector as told by the maison Osenat. More here and with video:

Also, the red box a makeup box of the Impératrice Joséphine, estimated at between 40 to 50K euros was sold for 156 250 euros. A coffret for men entered by the National Museums and specifically the Louvre was sold for 58 750 euros. By the Maison Osenat as well.

The museum of romantic lives or the Musée de la vie Romantique 16 rue Chaptal in the 9éme arrondissement has closed its doors for renovations that will help the persons with mobility impaired to access the museum, an elevator will be installed in the shop on two levels located at the right of the entrance. The museum should open again in June 2018. Read it all here:

The historically famous Grand Rex  cinema with its 2 700 seats , starred skies, huge screen in a vault of more than 30 meters high with a visitation of about 1 million persons per year still shows magical moments. Since its opening in December 8 1932 and celebrating its 85 years. Really history tell us that it was until 1947 when Jean Hellmann took over that this cinema gained its fame. Her son Philippe, took over at the age of 22!!! He who later created the cinema network of UGC in France where the family is still majority shareholders . A Paris Landmark not to be missed especially if you like films.  Le Grand Rex, 1, boulevard Poissonnière (ééme). Metro Bonne Nouvelle. Adults admission 15 €  and children 12 €. See it here:

And now the Disney-Pixar is shown exclusively in conjunction with the water fairy or Féerie des Eaux.  A great end of year Christmas spectacle that is sure to be a good one coupled with the film « Coco » of Disney-Pixar  studios (« Toy Story », « Vice-Versa »…)  the story of a young Mexican boy who is found stuck in the kingdom of the Dead. Shown at the above Le Grand Rex 

You can admire the numeric production of “Baiser” of Klimt shown on a wall 10 meters high with an outstanding musical sound that will be possible to see from next April 13 2018 on the opening of the « L’Atelier des Lumières », managed by Culturespaces, See it all here first in French:

It is still going on with preparation works at  38, rue Saint-Maur (11éme), steps from the metro Voltaire. This was an old foundry from the 19C that conserved many of its original elements. For the price of a cinema ticket you will be able to see monumental presentation on the walls as it is currently shown on a similar site in  Baux-de-Provence (Bouches-de-Rhône).  The projections will be on all the walls and floor covering about  3 300 m2, and the public will be submerge into the moving images and the sound with the biggest video projection in the world!!!  The public will be parade it on the huge hall of  1 500 m2 where it will be projected in alternance programs of 35 minutes so the first one shown will be as explained above.  A studio of 160 m2, equipped with a bar thrown into the night will welcome artists of the numeric art or emerging talent .  « L’Atelier des Lumières » will open 365 days per year 7/7 from 10h to 18h during the week and 19H on weekends with a night session to 22h on Friday evenings. See the webpage above.

The nice historically famous Tour Jean Sans Peur in Paris organises until December 31 its 15th exposition entitled « Moyen Âge et publicité » or middle ages and publicity.  This tower of 27 meters high near the Halles is less frequented than others in Paris but all worth a detour.  It houses a ludic museum on daily life in the years 1400-1500.  The only civil medieval tower in Paris built between 1409  and 1411 by Jean Sans Peur, Duke of Burgundy. You can see with the family all the costumes of this period and the stories around them. The tour Jean Sans Peur, 20, rue Etienne-Marcel  (2éme). Open Wednesdays to Sundays from  13h30 and 18h. Free admission until 6 yrs old, 3,50€ for the 6-18 yrs old and 6€  for adults. More info here in a wordpress French blog:

Had to tell you about this exposition superb ,”Degas Danse Dessin”, November 28 to February 25 2018 at the museum or musée d’Orsay. More info in English here:

At the Mémorial Charles de Gaulle at Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises (Haute-Marne) there is going on an exposition «À table avec le général de Gaulle»  on the memories of dining with the General De Gaulle welcoming his guests. The period covers from 1959 when he became President to 1969 upon his retirement from politics . It shows the famous dinner given on June 1st 1961 to US President John F. Kennedy  and wife, Jackie. After this visit the US president encouraged the donations to support the Château de Versailles!!! The complete title of the exposition is  «À table avec le général de Gaulle, 10 ans de menus présidentiels (1959-1969)»  It will be on until December 30 2017. You can have dinner there for 25€ only on lunch time and except Mondays and Tuesdays; at  54, rue du Général-de-Gaulle, 52330 Colombey-les-Deux-Églises. Tél. +33 (0)3 25 01 51 69.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of his call for action on June 18 1940, the Champagne house of Drappier created in 1990 a special cuvee Charles-de-Gaulle with the same blending as he liked such as  80 %  pinot noir and 20 % chardonnay. Only the dosage is less today by about 7 grams making a a more dry Champagne but delicious as apéritif or to accompany meals . The production is still confidential but it is believe between 3000 to 4000 bottles per year.Champagne Drappier Charles-de-Gaulle. About 35 €. More here:

And there is already coming up the season to be merrier and the ski slopes are waking up too. In the Savoy the season has started at Montgenèvre (Hautes-Alpes), Chamrousse (Isère), already welcoming skiers.  At 2300 meters high ,the station is the highest in all the Alpine arch with 3/4 of the stations ready for skiing on hundreds of km of trails mostly between  2300 and 2700 meters.  On the seven mechanical chairs going as high as 3000 meters and more only  Funitel Grand-Fond will work.  However, the cable car of  Cime Caron, terminus at 3200 meters and a panorama à 360 °, will starts in a few days. The prices are just, until November 24th the day will be at 33,60€ and the forfeit of 4 hours at 30,10€. The weekend the tariff will be special 2 days at 64€. The local tourist reservation desk will have a lodging and ski for 2 days 2 nights from 112€ per person; good for the weekend and the following. At Montgenévre (Hautes-Alpes) they have 8 trails ready with 700 meters of skiing on foot for 20€ per day.  At Chamrousse (Isére) there is a Nordic trail of 5 km for 1,50€ per day and ready to go! In the Alps at Tignes (Savoie) as always first in welcoming skiers on the glacier of Grande-Motte and this year it will be bigger on the trail Double M . So far only one cable car is going up from Tignes-Val-Claret with no connections.  At 32 €  for adults and 26 €  for children the forfaits (glacier and double M) are on a limited space available and a bit more expensive than the 100 km of trails available at  Val-Thorens,in the same valley. Finally, in the Alpes-Maritimes,just by Nice ,the Isola 2000 is already open with half the domaine skiable for 20€ per day.  One site I always used for my boys doing the runs is this one Skiinfo in French,but can change to English, just in French it gives you more info.

And talking about Christmas , well I have been to many over the years and lately the local ones, but these are the best markets in France in my opinion.

Marché de Noël de Colmar, Marché de Noël de Strasbourg, Marché de Noël de Montbéliard, Marché de Noël d’Obernai, Marché de Noël de Mulhouse, Marché de Noël de Reims, Marché de Noël d’Amiens, Marché de Noël de Lille, Marché de Noël de Metz, and Marché de Noël d’Arras. Merry Christmas to all who believe.

Until next time on the airwaves of Paris1972-Versailles2003 ::) Cheers!!!!!

November 19, 2017

My travels in the Morbihan, L

We are on Sunday another cool autumn day in the Morbihan or petite mer or small sea in Breton language. Dept 56 of the region of Brittany/Bretagne or Breizh in Breton. My region; I live a bit in the center just above the wonderful beaches of Carnac ,La Trinité sur Mer, and Quiberon; past inland harbor Auray into the Breton lands of Pluvigner or the parrish of Guigner, Saint Guigner once a king in Ireland disagree with Saint Patrick and came over here to set up his followers; way way back in time.

I like to tell you of what is going on in my area and some suggestions to eat here.

At the great Cinéville cinema we go to in Vannes, there are schedule to show in March 8 (Thursday) 2018 the ¨Le petit-maître corrigé” of Marivaux at 20h15 and then on July 5 2018 “Britannicus” of Jean Racine also at 20h15.  This is at the cinema by the ramparts or cinéville Garenne, Keep an eye on it here: Cineville Garenne

On December 1st 2017 the entertainment complex Le Chorus at the parc du golfe is showing the great entertainer Patrick Sebastian in French of course, but a great way to dwell into French joie de vivre! Then on December 7 2017 they are showing Irish Celtic with a whole new spectacle of Irish , celtic music similar to what we have here as Breton. More here: Le Chorus Patrick Sebastian     and Le Chorus Irish Celtic

Two wonderful performers coming over are Cirque Farouche Zanzibar, with 18 artists and 5 musicians for an homage of Fellini!!! December 7-9 2017 at the Théatre Anne de Bretagne. Also, on December 12 2017, invited artist Rufus Wainwright of Canada who has collaborated with artists such as David Byrne, Elton John, Joni Mitchell, and Bob Wilson etc. at 20h both programs. More here: Theatre Anne de Bretagne circus   and  Theatre Anne de Bretagne Wainwright

We have great casinos in the area and with proper moderation they are great places to entertained many we go for the ambiance and to eat ::) Others enjoy the roulette tables and money machines lol! New and modern ones are installed at the Circus Casino de Carnac, more here; Casino de Carnac

The wonderful Casino d’Arzon in the peninsula or presqu’île de Rhuys is near the harbor and nice restaurant too. More here; Casino d’Arzon

There are encounters with artists such at the library l’archipel des mots (archipelago of words) with Véronique Durruty December 11-24 2017 the story of “Mondes Indiens” or the Indian worlds. This is an old quaint district of Vannes, near the oldest Church of St Patern facing the government building or prefecture du Morbihan.  15 Place du Général de Gaulle. Tuesdays to Saturdays from 10h to 19h. New event see it here posting soon. L’Archipel des Mots library

Also , at the library Le Silence de la Mer (silence of the sea) we have Anne Godard coming November 23rd soon, with a recount of the French literature on the mis interpretation of others to every day life according to the writer’s experience; it is facing the wonderful Cathedral of St Pierre at Place St Pierre (St Peter’s). Here is their facebook page: Librarie Le Silence de la Mer

At the nice quaint old museum of fine arts or musée des Beaux-Arts of Vannes; the La Cohue you can see until January 7 2018 the exposition of Regard(s) Jeanne-Marie Barbey from the photography to the paintings. This is a collaboration with the musée de Bretagne of Rennes where the photographs are kept and the musée du Faouët where the expo will be shown in spring 2018. There will be a conference presentation of the artists on November 24th 15h. more here: La Cohue JM Barbey

Now if you come here looking for some nice places to eat our local delicacies especially in our capital city of Vannes (my work city) well let me tell you a few of my favorites, jog them down ok

a wonderful heaven in the place du poids public the place of the market on Saturdays and great ambiance with great oysters of the island of Arz (gulf) local Breton andouilles and the Breizh tiramisu! This is Di’Vin at 15 bis rue Noé. Closed Sundays and Mondays. See here: Di’Vin

Another good one is Bibovino, 18 rue Emile Burgault in the old town very nicd quaint street to get lost in time. Here you have small tapas like dishes with fine wines bag in a box system and cubi of 2-3 liters of wine from great names such as Chateau le Tap, Cave de Clairmont (crozes-hermitage), etc they have 43 wines labels!  a great way to munch and enjoy a great glass of wine; also take home available.  A concept that is catching up all over France: more on Vannes here: BiboVino Vannes

One dear to me just celebrated my twins sons birthday there is la Crêperie du Château in the Château de Rimaision at Pluvigner. Recently compensated in a local TV TF1 program on arts of cooking. All ven with a Chapel of the 13C! You like to eat good Breton food in a castle ,then come here. More in their Facebook page here: Créperie du Château

Another crêperie brasserie is the Moulin du Roy at 14 place Gambetta facing the harbor pleasure marina all is done locally and on site and bio as well as burgers, fish and chips homemade and bagels on beef!!! great views over the canal and marina too.  More here: Moulin du Roy

Another one facing the harbor and canal of Vannes is the L’Atlantique this is fish and seafood delights all fresh from the local waters and 140 wine labels to choose from! It has a terrace just facing the harbor a great people watching spot and the food is top quality and prices to boot menus start at just 12€! More in yelp here: L’Atlantique

Another in old town just passing the porte Saint Vincent gate and around the corner from the fish market halle aux poissons is the Lecocq & Folks at 5 rue Saint Vincent. This is a brother and sister restaurant offering the bistronomique where dishes change every day and all done homemade on site. There is a Brunch every Sunday and Vegan dishes as well. All formules from 17€ !! More here in their facebook page: Lecocq & Folks

Going along the canal and before the harbormaster or Capitanerie you find the wonderful Le Vent d’Est a regular for 17 yrs here by same owners. The deco takes you back to a small street in Strasbourg with beautiful views over the sailing boats in the canal . The best is upstairs and has AC; the thighs of pork or jarret de porc au Münster with a Kougelhopf or the cheese Münster is golden here. More here: Le Vent d’Est

One I go every time my local colleagues decides to eat lunch out is the Anna & Paul, 23 place du Général de Gaulle not far from the Church of St Patern.  This is nouvelle cuisine almost very refine and nicely serve. The name is after the children of the owners….The foie gras au Serrano (ham) is done on site homemade as others nothing like a family of cooks aficionados to serve you. Menu Paul 25€ is sublime along great wine labels. More here: Anna & Paul

Going over  a bit to Auray, you have the Le Café qui Fume 22,place Joffre. Here coffee is king and you will be in heaven. A couple owners homemade making from the best coffees in the world. You see the roasting of your coffee live and can show you class tour on Saturdays at 10h30. There is a boutique side with all the parts and ingredients needed to do the same at home; professionally done as we do ::) There are ,also, teas,and local gourmet products from Brittany as well as wines and liquors from the region. At the restaurant, on site or take home from 8,90€ dishes;Closed Tuesdays from October. More here in their Facebook page : Le Café Qui Fume

To stay with coffee and I am a great café lover I take you to Columbus Café & Co 11 rue du Mené, Vannes. Many outlets in France as well. You find all kinds of cookies, muffins, donuts, brownies as well as coffee and chocolate drinks, teas etc there are sugary and salty menus all year long. More here Columbus Café

And why not finish the post with the le Qu4tre, 3 place Henri IV, very old quarters of Vannes next to the Cathedral St Pierre. Very relaxing in medieval surrounding and people watching, wooden houses from the 14C.  Nice terrace on the square; great sporting events shown . more here: LE Qu4tre

There enjoy the arts and food of the Morbihan and especially my capital and working city of Vannes/ Happy Sunday and health to continue enjoying our World. Cheers!


November 17, 2017

It’s birthday time and on off day we had a blast ::)

Ok silly post title but what’s the heck it is a birthday of my twins sons, now 24 yrs young. We had a double celebration one outside and one inside.

We had a pastry maker do a cake for them as a surprise; that we took home. At the same time, we went out to our fad place in town to eat out with them and I took my old father along;total of 6. Me, my wife, father and three young men.

We make the cake at boulangerie/Pâtisserie Delumeau (now gone 2020) in our town , richly cream of chocolate with one layer of pistachio cream and other of strawberry cream, then eclairs of both flavor thrown on top. All with the local Le Guelin cider brut from nearby La Gacilly.  They have no webpage but has been our bakery since moving here; very good on the main road rue de la Gare into town also the D768 before the traffic circle of Vorlen

The out was at the Créperie du Château in the Château de Rimaison in our town. This is a castle built from scratch here and now belonging to a wonderful family who work it , a couple and six children…. More on it here:

and ,also, their facebook page :

The castle is from the 18C destroyed and rebuilt with the stones of the old, until now. It has a wonderful garden and gorgeous enclosed terrace veranda.  However, with a car the entrance is on the back on the road D16 Route de Landaul.


It is a worthy detour for the good food , reasonable prices, great welcome and chat with the owners and history all around you.  We always have a great time here and well fed all local products of Brittany done by locals. You are wise to stop by and eat here. We had our usual wonderful time with the boys and plenty of Breton cider brut and doux (sweeter).


The meal was right off the menu with a galette of goat cheese and honey, brown cook onions in cider sauce and Andouille the local Breton sausage. Follow by a crêpe of bouganville or bananas on chocolate sauce and coconut ice cream. The start was aperitif of various sources from Breizh cola (the rival coca cola brand) , non alcoholic fruity drink, porto red to whisky and scotch. Along the meal 3 bottles of cider and many other dishes for about 27€ per person. A wonderful 24 birthday celebration!.

Enjoy your weekend I am caught up and ready for more tomorrow. Have a great weekend. Cheers!!!

November 11, 2017

My travels in the Morbihan XXXX

And another simple ride in my area of Morbihan Breton on a cloudy light rainy day and temps in the 11C we did our errands of a normal local family in France.

We decided to get earlier to get to the market at Vannes and get the vegetables and fruits ,cheeses etc. The market was doable today not too crowded so easy to move about and easy parking at République.

We went by our regular fromager or cheese merchant the Menager in the market or marché de Vannes. We pick up our usual goat fresh cheese, brie de Meaux, and ewes milk cheese from the Basque area of France. We move on to the fruit stand  Askil where we loaded on white grapes, figs, avocados, mangoes, clementines, oranges, raspberries, blackcurrants, strawberries, blueberries, and tomatoes. Next stand we got our Roscoffs onions, another we got our Batavia lettuce from Baden ,and yet another one we got our squash before heading to get our mussels and codfish in the Halle aux poissons , on way out we got our baguette breads and chorizo bread sticks at Bellanger right on same area in addition to the inside the Carrefour shopping center.  Bakery info here;

We stopped next door in the place du poids public into the butchery Le Dru Pierre,  to get a roasted chicken from the local farm, always better, the real deal in France; here they are:

Once out of this shopping we went to the new stores open by our centre commercial Carrefour in Vannes too. Here ,it just opens the Damart chain my wife likes so much where she purchase some blouses, and continue next door to another new one the Du Bruit Dans La Cuisine , where we got our blueberries ginger cake , and orange chocolate bars !!!

So for the new ones , here is the city of Vannes market days information.

The Damart store is here:

And the kitchen store is here:

Then, we headed for La Halle aux Chaussures to get some day shoes for my boys which they pay !! and we stop to see the latest fashions at our favorite store Armand Thiery same shopping area.  Continuing on to Babou to get some plastic containers and carpets.

La Halle aux chaussures here:

Armand Thiery here:

Babou :

We came home to unload and relax ,and most important to  savors the victory over Wales yesterday in football/soccer 2×0 . We passed by city center/downtown with views of our place St Michel and our Church Saint Guigner as well as our pharmacy, and be prepared for another friendly tonite in rugby vs New Zealand All Blacks! already cruising for Sunday out to see friends in the Loire Atlantique 44 dept.

Enjoy your Saturday, happy travels and best of all health. Cheers!

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November 10, 2017

The wine is in me and sharing is always good to your health!

Ok so let’s get one more entry about wines, this is my passion even if seldom writes on it.  I am beginning to get the knack of telling you about wines.  You can see in my other posts, my credentials and experiences and get to know a bit of my cellar. Just waiting my latest lot from the de Rothschild (of the Mouton Rothschild family for the novice). More here, they have a wonderful museum as well we love: Museum Mouton Rothschild

And to order theses wonderful wines the site is La Baronie where I do my shopping : La Baronnie 

There is a new event coming up from an old one. THE chamber of commerce and industry of Bordeaux, the main shareholder in the Vinexpo Bordeaux will expand to do a biannual event in Paris too, Vinexpo Paris.  This event will be done in the even years and the first one will be January 13-15 2020 in the Porte de Versailles convention center. The next Vinexpo Bordeaux, that will be done in the odd years is schedule for May 13-16 2019. In 2017, about 2300 exhibitors attracted about 40 000 visitors and gave the event a healthy sales number of 16 million euros. News from le Figaro Vin, the webpage for Vinexpo is here: Vinexpo

Another article from my favorite place Le Figaro tells of the corks!  In 20 years of battling the pros now said the incident of TAC or odors in the cork that makes taste like an old wet cardboard are below 1% .  The incident comes from a molecule oxygenate  that in contamination with the air outside gives the taste humid rotten links to the humidity.  The Portuguese branch of the French group Laffitte acquired machines capable of control 12 000 corks per day where the air around the cork passes in a compartment humid proof. If it has more than a nanogram of TCA the cork is thrown out.  This is for high price wines because the extra cost is substantial according to spokesman of the group; count 15 cents euro extra for a cork where the price varies from 40 cents to 1,50€. And fight continues with higher technology.

François Pinault (the seventh richest person in France according to Challenges Magazine, and the world’s 65th most wealthy individual, according to Forbes) purchased the historic, Burgundian gem Clos de Tart  for an undisclosed sum. Across the wall, LVMH boss Bernard Arnault (France’s wealthiest person and the world’s 11th, according to the same sources) owns the Domaine des Lambrays. The question is, Will Burgundy go the way of Bordeaux with outside investors buying the region’s land and heritage? It seems inevitable. It is not just the price of land that is the issue; it is also the succession taxes. The two go hand-in-hand. While the calculation of France’s onerous succession taxes supposedly do not include glorified one-off purchases like Clos de Tart . François Pinault is now the fourth owner of a Burgundian property that – astonishingly, considering the Napoleonic succession laws – has never been divided in its 876-year history. Meanwhile, his rival across the wall is missing a tiny piece of the Clos des Lambrays. One can’t help but wonder what the value of that parcel of 0.004 hectare, now in the hands of Domaine Taupenot-Merme, might be worth?

The now famous wine fairs in France happening all over and in all types of establishment. These are the foire aux vins a heavy duty event with around 100 millions euros in sales!. The leaders are the hypermarkets Carrefour and Leclerc (who created the trend of fairs 44 years ago and the one we like best). These fairs provide about 15%  of all wine sales for the year for most of the stores name. The French take 70% of intention of going to them and 80% is done in hypermarkets according to a survey by Toluna.  Most folks in France like me received catalogues of the sales ahead of time, where we see 30-50% more choices from last year and even more in reference to 15 years ago with more famous names on it. The most shown in these fairs is the Bordeaux wines with a mix of regions that has nevertheless reduce their control from 41% to 36% in 10 years period.  The reduction help bring on wines from the Rhône and the Languedoc-Roussillon.

To help difference amongst the big name stores, Leclerc and Auchan keeps to the grands crus, while the coops like Intermarché or Système U talks about more autonomy in the choice of bottles according to regions. Monoprix keeps to their normal clientele more urban ,city center in their bottle selection. The internet sites are better stock which allows firms like Millésimes to offers rare bottles to bring in the amateurs. Something new, the Chatbot, high tech is a software of artificial intelligence that give a dialogue with the client and or a store. Carrefour took it out on their site   je me serve ma foire aux vins Carrefour, eventually they will take it out to all their webpages; the webpage has bottles that are usually only found in the cellars master stores . For instance my Leclerc site here: Ma Cave Leclerc

Some recommendation ups my sleeves or rather down my cellar.

Denis Vacheron  of the Domaine Vacheron has 48 hectares around the area of Sancerre, practicing biodynamic winemaking.  The lable Denis Vacheron 2015 is in the perfection level. It is an all terrain wine ,perfume nose of notes of passion fruit and citrics giving it a great energy and absolut precision. Price here at 19€ Domaine Vacheron

Domaine Vincent Delaporte  offering a wonderful Chavignol 2015.  This wine is a blend of sauvignon blanc issue from about 20 parcels with different soil composition. It’s a wine with nose, mineral identity and aromas of lemon , and rose grapefruit. In the mouth great juice pure and simple with a long finish. Price here at 15€ Chavignol 2015

 I always preferred the dry whites over the sweet whites and the revolution is catching up even in the venerable region of Sauternes. The production of dry whites have triple in the last 7 years according to the Chateau Guiraud, Premier Grand Cru Classé of Sauternes. It has 120 hectares of vinyards on the bio regime producing about 180K bottles of dry whites G de Guiraud agains 90K of the first wine Chateau Guiraud, and according to the year about 60-120K bottles of second wine Petit Guiraud / This is typical of the whole region. And as the region two main grapes for  Sauternes the Sauvignon and Sémillon are well into the white wine world it gives a strong commercialization force for the dry white wines as well in the export market. One of my favors here is the Chateau de Rieussec, sweet wine of course. This wine is done in the vineyards of the sweet wines flowery perfumes, in the mouth lemony aromas and can be kept in cellar for a few years for the 2015 version. More here:

The Americans love France, and they go all out for the wines. Now, they are putting their pocket where their tastes are investing again in French wine properties.  Mark Nunnelly and his wife Denise Dupre have invested in the production control not the property of the Burgundian Château de la Commaraine, in the Côte-d’Or, a clos of 3,75 hectares in the prestigious appellation of  Pommard 1er cru. The Clos de la Commaraine has the peculiarity of been a monopole with one owner in a clos of one tenant; until now their grapes were vinifie by the maison Louis Jadot. In addition the new controlling couple will like to make of the castle of the 12C a center of oenotourism of high class.  The couple ,also, own in the Marne the house of Champagen Leclerc-Briant at Epernay purchased in 2012 ,then the Hotel Royal Champagne in Champillon in 2014 currently under renovation. Last May in Burgundy ,they purchased the Domaine Belleville on 22 hectares at Rully  (Saône-et-Loire),later the negotiating house of the Le Manoir Murisaltien, at Meursault (Côte-d’Or).  Americans have a taste for Burgundy too; last January the millionaire Stanley Kroenke, main shareholder of the football/soccer club Arsenal, acquired the Domaine Bonneau du Martray of 11 hectares. In 2014, the Chateau de Pommard (20 hectares) was purchased by the Silicon Valley patron Michael Baum. And one, I know very well as know the principals here, the Maison Jadot was purchased in 1985 by the wine importer of the Kopf family; Kobrand Corp.
The wine production is at its lowest level since 1956 according to the International Organization of the Wine and already 8,2% less than last year with an estimated 246,7 million hectoliters. Lower production has been reported in Italy (39,3 Mhl, -23%), France (36,7 Mhl, -19%), and Spain (33,5 Mhl, -15%), these 3 countries represent 45% of world production of wines.  Not counting the repercussions of the fires in California, the USA 4th world producer should maintain their levels at  23,3 Mhl .  The most gainers are the Australians this year confirming their 5th place world with a production of 13,9 Mhl, or +6% more than 2016. Argentina the 6th producer will see a bounce back of 25% with production of 11,8 Mhl,  Brazil the 14th rank producer has gain quite a bit with  3,4 Mhl or million hectoliters. China, the 7th producer is absent of statistics for 2017 so far. South Africa with 10,8 Mhl saw a 2% increase placing them in the 8th position. The OIV (name in French) organization estimates that the world production of wines in 2017 will be between 240 and 245 Mhl. Both previous articles from the magazine in my blogroll below my main page La revue des vins de France.
And remember, the areas have changed in order to simplified a little the vast numbers of names in Europe and especially France. The old AOC (Appellations d’Origine Contrôlée) are now the AOP (Appellations d’Origine Protégée).  The middle level of VDQS (Vins Délimités de Qualité Supérieure) disappears. Now the wines that were VDQS need to choose to be AOP or IGP. The old Vins de Pays becomes IGP (Indications Géographiques Protégées). And the Vins de Table becomes now the Vins de France. Get it ::)

You can come to my favorite area where family lives, Gaillac. One of two best properties there and we love it are the Domaine du Moulin, 6st generation winemaker by Nicolas Hirissou; planting tannat grapes to complement the Syrah and Braucol (aka Fer Servadou), local variety. The winery is open from 9h to 12h and 14h to 19h closed Sundays in Jan, Feb, and Mar. More here:

 and , Domaine d’Escausses closer to Albi. Overlooking from the road the nice town of Cordes-sur-Ciel. Very good tastings and welcome here even a sparkler  with the method Gaillacoise. The best wine is the La Vigne de l’Oubli, an oak aged, sauvignon dominated blend a match for the top whites of Bordeaux. Open from 9h to 13h and 14h to 19H. More here:

And a picture of me on my favorite wine house in the Loire near Amboise ::) Enjoy wine in moderation but do drink it, it is good for your health. Cheers!!

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