My travels in the Morbihan XXXVIIII

And on a nice sunny weekend of end October 2017 I write to you about the department 56 Morbihan of Brittany, France!  As I write the temps is 13C and tonight we change the hour , back so 17h or 5pm tomorrow will be 16h or 4pm !! This is something never understood ,we seems to like differences all over when instead we should be more equal.

We did some errands today as usual ,and since I like to share our daily life in France away from the glamour blogs and the idea ,we do not have all dresses like YSL, this is  a continuation of our stories.

We went to Vannes ,is not only the capital city of the department but the main town in everything. In fact, sometimes I think it is the only town lol!!! Well mine is only 7K folks and laidback peacefulness great for family life. We do not complaint.

We got up early by 8h and went to do our banking, taken some cash for the morning market (even if many take bank cards we like the old fashion way in the markets). We went straight to the Marché or market day in the place du poids public in Vannes.

We arrive and parked by the underground parking  République at place de la République just crossing rue Thiers we are in the market; the whole day stay cost only 1,60€ !!!

Once in the market we know our merchants of many visits to we headed straight for our cheese provider the couple Ménacer, and we got our farm made Brie de Meaux, goat cheese from our area, and ewes cheese from the Basque pyrénées ; of course these cheeses have nothing to do with what you get in the supermarket even here in culinary France there are differences. The industrial revolution still going on it seems, and many goods in supermarket match any in the world. Once you get to the farm traditional produce products ,then France moves full steam ahead of all.

After tasting some of the cheeses, and purchase done, we move ahead to our fruit and vegetables stand of folks from nearby area of Séné. Here we got raspberries, blackberries, black grapes, mangos, clementines, pears, and figs. Some already tasted at home and they are sublime!!!

Here , we went not far into the place de Poissonnerie and the Halle aux Poissons or fish market open on Saturdays and great fish and seafood from nearby coasts all fresh and good ,delicious. We went to our local provider from penvins mussels bouchot the very best from our region for 4kg or about 9 lbs.

Once loaded with the goodies, we need to find something to wash it down. Of course, our wine merchant is right there in the Place du poids public ,Nicolas. We load up with about 24 bottles of the liquid red and white to bring to our cellar. The service is always friendly and helpful as the staff already knows us all well.

Finish the tasks, we headed home but continue to do some errands in Vannes. Stopping by the centre commercial Carrefour, we check into the micromania video games store to check on orders, then, the pharmacy there to put to date our health cards, and Carrefour hypermarket to buy some sauces that are needed lol!

And the roundtrip was done. All good and happy we headed back home to cook some good stuff for tonight and tomorrow Sunday, a day of family rest in Breton lands… We are headed into the end of October, some Halloween decorations in the stores are in order but here the celebrations are minimal , much more in Paris. And we are heading to November, where Thanksgiving here is none, some in Paris. Christmas is the big time here and we are ready with some ideas and hoping my wallet is not ruin lol!!!

Stay tune for more goodies in 2017, and you all have a great Sunday wherever you are. Happy travels and good health and cheers to all. Salut!!

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2 Comments to “My travels in the Morbihan XXXVIIII”

  1. Street markets are wonderful just about everywhere in France and we were lucky enough to visit Moisssac’s yesterday and on Saturday. We too bought some fine local cheeses and other delicious food. Also found the Basque Blue cheese at the market in Aire- sur-l’Adour: gorgeous!

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