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October 22, 2017

My travels in the Morbihan XXXVIII

Ok so this is another Sunday October 22nd, on a cloudy sometimes sun and temps still mild for our period in the 60’sF. We had a bit of football/soccer activity but not much, oh yes tonite is the French classic Marseille vs PSG; and my Real Madrid plays Eibar in Spain. In Europe things are moving right along as usual, we in France are going thru some changes with the new President trying all kinds of new things, so strikes are in the horizons ,nothing new.

I stay close to home this weekend, needed that ,after a bit of business travels and hectic travel plans due to strikes oops yes . We are vaguely sitting around the couch watching TV ,but did went out yesterday to do some errands.

Saturday morning we went to Auray, so close to us but it looked weird to be there as not been back in a while. We went in to the parking Keriolet, the closest to city center/downtown. We find one right away which is a lucky omen, and we walked past a nice convenience grocery store we go when in need call Spar supermarché.  Here is their webpage but lol! the street name is wrong on their webpage..should be Rue Jean Marie Barré..

The Rue Jean Marie Barré was nice and vibrant as always and so was the place de la République near the city hall or Hôtel de Ville. Our intended need to be by here however was to find mussels, and we were headed for the covered market here; however, it was already almost empty of goods been smaller on a nice size town, the goodies go quick. The city of Auray official page is here in French:

We went on to get our Belgians/Germans beers at V&B in the parc Océane near the N165 in Auray. Here we practice the bottle deposit thingy for recycling purposes and you get new ones so about 20 beers were load up for the house. Their webpage is here:

We had to run to Vannes for the mussels. My first choice always, but the family always has other ideas ::) We did got there in time. I parked by the canal in Le Port harbor area is free and just about 200 meters walking so not bad at all. After parking we went straight for the covered fish market or the Halle aux Poissons at place de la Poissonnerie. Bit more here in French from the city hall of Vannes here;

There is a huge open market here by Place du poids Public and Place des Lices (Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8h to 13h30). and right on the last one you have the covered market Les halles des lices.  I have written extensively on these before. The fish market as well but this is the best place to get fish/seafood in the department unless you go direct to the fisherman which you can do here too. The market many fishermans family brings their goods for the day here to sell all day and in the week too.  This is heaven, all fresh direct from the local boat and local stuff.

Taking advantage of getting our mussels in Hûitres Richard ,Route de Badel, Séné ; we stop by our Vietnamese vendor just outside the market on the open market street and got all our Cantonese rice, pork nems, and beef dishes we all like.

Being around here shopping in a medieval surrounding and just next to a Canal port anchoring about 3000 boats of all sizes is always a wonderful family experience for us here.  This is Le Port area. Lot more info from the city of Vannes in French here:

Facing out from the Porte Saint Vincent that behind it takes you into the old town and the markets mentioned above, you give your back to the gate or Porte and going left of the Canal you find the before mentioned parking at the end passing  the harbormaster and some very nice restos bars that we frequent too, like Dowds Irish pub, Le Vent d’Est and Le Tarmac all good. Right here in the Le Port area on the right side with your back to the Porte Saint Vincent you have a great underground parking, the carrousel, the tourist office and many more restos/bars.

It was then time to come back home and cook those mussels or  Moules de bouchot from the Pernef area just in our department 56 Morbihan, that we purchased just this morning in the fish market in Vannes. We do it with wines from the Loire whites of course, onions, and tomato sauce light; we combine it with home made fry potatoes (yes we do it from scratch), and accompany with great Loire white like a Vouvray sec. Just a perfect family meal for the day, 9 pounds of mussels plenty of white wine, and camembert cheese raw milk from Normandy, this is la belle France.

We settled into some TV leisurely at home and waiting for those big football/soccer matches and try the Asian cuisine with nice beers. Enjoy life, it is indeed short. Happy travels and enjoy your Sunday, Cheers.

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