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October 7, 2017

My travels in the Morbihan ,XXXVII

Well here is another Saturday and I am at home, the early morning was cold already at 6C then went up to 18C and a bit more sunny. no rain, and nice ride into Vannes to get a few things done before my next trip.

The good thing is that my wife accompany us even if she is beginning to be tired of her sickness which we are going for a second opinion October 11 in Rennes.

As of now we continue in our lives as usual and today we went to get my car a new windshield glass at Norauto ,and then over to Leclerc hypermarket for some groceries, lunch at Flunch cafeterias and visit the wine fair at the hypermarket in a big tent house outside.

Now we are back at home waiting for the big match tonight between Bulgaria and France qualifying game for the Russia World Cup 2018. OF course, live on TV at 20h45 or 8:45 pm. French time

This is part of often routine in out belle France, and my effort to show how we live everyday far from the glamour of the big names ticket fashion of France. Every day working people are very similar all over the world, you don’t have to believe we drink Mouton-Rothschild every day, wear Christian Dior, perfums by YSL, and Michelin 3 star restaurants for dinners lol!!! Nothing of that is the norm here. We do appreciate the tourists who come searching for them ::)

My favorite car repairs maintenance center here is Norauto, the one in Vannes I am client since they open in 2011, I a founding client!!! Here is the link if ever in the area and need a good mechanic:

To have groceries is great here, we have hypermarkets and they are all house in a shopping center with many other stores and free parking as well as restaurants; the one we like is Carrefour and most often is E Leclerc at ZC Parc Lann activity business center. This is a huge all inclusive grocery store with the opportunity to buy a lot more than groceries; well practically everything. Here is their location if in the area for shopping!

We could not walk much with my wife so we had lunch right inside the E Leclerc center while waiting for my car to be done nearby. The chain Flunch (or anglo lingo Family Lunch) is nice at reasonable quality and good prices.  If with a large family, want to eat like any other French family this is your place, more here:

While at it, we were in the wine fair of E Leclerc, this is a couple times a year for summer and winter on all supermarkets and wine shops in France, always a big event. You have a great selection of wines from all the regions of France as well as accessories and good advise on hand. We like to come for ideas and some shopping, even if prefer to buy direct from the producers on my travels or Nicolas if not. Hit the bottle sign and go into a book style spread on the wines; here is the webpage:

And now nice relax ready for the game with some wines from our two loves, France and Spain. Calzadilla syrah allegro 2009 from Huete, Castilla La Mancha and Vouvray moelleux 2014 white for the sweets ::) Bulgaria vs France read all about it here and watch ,we win we should secure first place in the group and advance (oh yes Spain already qualified). More here:

Enjoy your weekend wherever you may be or going, and keep your life happy. I will be reporting next weekend from the south of France. Cheers!


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