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October 2, 2017

Some news from France CLXX

I am back on an early Fall October night, and cool humid light rain, and gray as usual. Temps were up to 19C today but then came down to 15C. Nice cruising there back to the normal routine until next week.

Let me tell you something about my belle France.

Let’s start with food and yes the Toscan kind at Pink Mamma, 20 bis rue de Douai 9eme arrondissement.  Done like a boat under a glass canopy in the 4th floor you are in Florence. Here you can have pizzas, ceviches, and octopus/squids but the real thing is a T Bone of 800 grams for about 48€! From the Big Mamma group more here: Pink Mamma

Inside the Palais de Tokyo at the Les Grand Verres, you have a place with a bar of 13 meters long and creation of big American burgers of Preston Miller; you can reserve a table with an alcove and a view of the Tour Eiffel.  Very healthy food here indeed too: More here: Les Grand Verres

If you are into Madeleines yes those wonderful little cakes then you must visit Jacques Mercier at Chez Mamy Thérése, 19 rue Saint Antoine, 4eme arrondissement.  This is heaven Madeleine and only madeleines of all sorts; as well as a bar of marshmellows! More here: Mamy Thérése

And area away from the hassle of touristic Paris but well worth the stay if for the area only but also, the wonderful hotel Tsuba, 45 rue des Acacias, 17eme arrondissement. 4 stars hotel  located between the place de l’Etoile and the parc  Monceau; with bar, restaurant, and spa; rooms decorated in 1930’s style! More here: Hôtel Tsuba

And I have already mentioned before the new opening of the Hôtel Crillon at the place de la Concorde, well rooms from 1200€ and menu at the restaurant  from 95-260€. All sitting behind its grand facade built in 1758 at the request of king Louis XV. You can dine of choice in the Les Ambassadeurs bar, Brasserie d’Aumont, and the Jardin d’Hiver. Just Paris is all about to the world ::)  more here: Hôtel Crillon

And a bit of good wine in Paris head for the Vintage & Cie cellars at 199 rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré 8eme arrondissement; A financier like me just opened this store with over 1000 references where you can find all regions with wine tastings every Thursday evenings, and see the basement, it is decorated like an English club. More here: Vintage & Cie

For the night owls still going strong, head back to an old classic now reopen Le Baron, 6 avenue Marceau 8éme arrondissement . In the early 21C this was the classic club not far from the Champs-Elysées then it came bad times and it closed.  Now it has re open! A private freezer bar velours seats and smoked glass and a dance floor done like the sky with clouds, rock, hip-hop vintage or electro pop will suit you ! More here: Le Baron

Moving more subtle you can come to the Le Bistrot des Cinéastes, 7 avenue de Clichy, 17eme arrondissement. A great program of Art and trials and after the film, in salle 4 above a small stair you find a nice little bistrot with a vintage furniture. Tapas of the world , wines of authors, cocktails to inspire the world and a Calvados bar, reasonable price open until 1AM. More here: Le Bistrot des Cinéastes

How about that wonderful Chou or the Paris-Brest cake. You know it was created in 1910 by Louis Durand a baker/pastry maker from Maisons-Laffitte. As he celebrated the passing of the peloton of cyclist in the Paris-Brest cycling race by the Croix de Noailles near his shop. The crown cream filling looks like the wheels of a bicycle. The Maison Durand still exist at Maisons-Lafitte (one of my hangouts when living in Versailles) ,and now managed by one of his great grandson, Stéphane. A must and a nice racecourse indeed near by. More here: Maison Durand

Another dandy less frequented is the Pâtisserie du Panthéon, 200 rue Saint-Jacques 5eme arrondissement, of course you know who the Panthéon.  Art déco style boutique who does the Paris-Brest too if you don’t want to leave Paris this is it.  Paris-Brest with almonds and caramelized hazelnuts for 5€ portions! More here: Pâtisserie du Panthéon

The famous Galeries Lafayette store at Haussmann has tours of the store with a guide.  A world of watches until October 22nd will be on display with the biggest names in watches; also military style clothing from Army and Navy. Over 70K square meters of store a symbol of Parisien elegance with more than 3500 brands from all the best. See it here: Galeries Lafayette

The biggest Congress hall of Europe is opening November 2017 by the Porte de Versailles.  The Paris Convention Center. A chamber room hosting 5200 persons seated with 72K sq meters of exposition space !!! See it to believe at Viparis. More here: Paris Convention Center

How about cruising from France to UK, well it is many ways and nicer ways. I like it from Dieppe, used to go to this city a lot, now less from Brittany but it’s still magical. You can take the boats of DFDS and go from Dieppe to Newhaven. Also, from Calais and Dunkerque to Douvres Uk. Enjoy the ride it is wonderful to Newhaven! More here: DFDS ferries to UK

Back to sweets at the Le Café Michalak, 60 rue du Faubourg-Poissonniére, 10eme arrondissement. Here you get a very good crème brülée or Trinity cream. There is now a new Flan to kill for it indeed tasted. More here: Le Café Michalak

A new concept in work, my company has it too. I do not believe in it but a growing trend. CoWorking,sharing spaces for better working environment. The American We Work Lafayette started one space near the Opéra Garnier with 2400 places starting of 450€ per month. 33 rue Lafayette, 9eme arrondissement. More here: We Work Lafayette

Another nice coworking place and near my old working area of Paris is the Spaces Opéra Garnier, with 300 places and 60 offices with views of the Opéra Garnier, a winter garden, Parisian bistrot and yoya courses all for about 339€ per month. More here: Spaces Opéra Garnier

The city of Paris and IAU of île de France team up to get some interesting statistics for the young in the city. According to this study, there are 410K children under 18 yrs in Paris out of 2,2m inhabitants or 18,50% of the population. It has 298 elementary schools, and 2300 hectares of green spaces or about 5700 acres or 22% of the total city surface. And this one you should know, it has 313 museums  including the museum on grass or musée en Herbe.

Something for everyone, how the antique historian in all of us? Paris has many examples of the Romans were here. These includes the Institut National des Jeunes Sourds de Paris (125 rue Saint Jacques); Thermes de Cluny (extended on present day blvd Saint-Germain and blvd Saint Michel and see the walls in the museum) , arénes de Lutéce ( done in the rive gauche are by the building at 49 rue Monge where balls like petanque are play today), Aqueduct (found in the parc Montsouris at avenue de Reille), Puits (wells) gallo roman , parking , and the crypte archéologique. The story goes that Paris was calle Lutécia by the Romans, however the name recently has been found out to be from the Gallic word Lucotecia meaning marsh; where the origins on present day Nanterre in Hauts-de-Seine (92) has not been determined yet. You can go from the thermes de Cluny by the rue de la Sorbonne to the place de la Sorbonne and see the vestiges of it. The city contour the areas of the 4eme and 5eme arrondissement of today in the succession of streets such as rue Saint Jacques, rue de la Cité, and rue Saint Martin. At the end of this axis on the current blvd Saint Michel you see the  Roman Forum at the place du Panthéon and rue Soufflot today gone of course. However, there is a trace along the parking of 61 blvd Saint Michel. Last and most impressive by me is the Crypte Archéologique just by the parvis de Notre Dame. There is an entrance and a small museum showing the L’Or du Pourvoir with coins moneys from the period to Napoléon III times. Admission is 8€ more here: Crypte Archéologique

You now the neighborhood around the biggest flea market in the world Puces de Saint Ouen are undergoing transformation all around the fleas.  New restaurants, boutique hotels, cinema, and much more. See it and enjoy it here. For location of the fleas market and see all around it, see here: Puces de Saint Ouen

And all done for tonite, but there is more. There is always more in my Paris, my belle France. Cheers and enjoy life sometimes is too short.

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