México DF is back and I was just in time

Well I am back to my blog again after a nice trip to Mexico, partially done. The trip was to include trips around Mexico city (DF) and into near Guadalajara and Mérida but with all that was going on there due to the earthquake and flooding ,we kept it short just to the city.

I had another crazy trip going first from Nantes to Amsterdam on HOP the regional French carrier who was totally late missing my connection with KLM there at Schiphol. The flight was delayed due to fog for almost 1,5 hours!!! no way to get any flights on a Saturday to needed to stay at a hotel and flight back the next day Sunday. Yikes!!! I do not think will be on HOP again.

The rest was nice as KLM gave me a nice shuttle bus ride to the Bastion Best Western hotel with dinner, breakfast included all free; then a 10€ voucher for lunch on Sunday. The return shuttle bus was nice also. Schiphol,  I have been before and always lateness there do not understand why going around you need to fly north and then south !!!

This is my going out airport ;Nantes; always nice and covered secured parking:  Nantes Airport

The Schiphol airport of Amsterdam is here (which they claim an excellent transfer airport but to me has always been late there) : Amsterdam Schiphol airport

The hotel Bastion BW i stayed complement of KLM; site here: Bastion Best Western Hotel

My Sunday KLM flight to Mexico City (DF) airport or Benito Juarez was excellent ride and on time; airport site here: Mexico City Benito Juarez Airport

Once arrival, I was picked up rather nicely by a car and driver service to take me to my hotel in a nice area of the city corner of Insurgentes Sur  and Mercaderes; the City Express  Plus Hotel. The best of it is the location, but not a hotel for a family visit more so business trip is ok. The hotel info is here: City Express Plus Hotel at Insurgentes

My office building has a gorgeous view over the city from our 19 floor office and seeing again the Diablos Rojos Mexico city baseball stadium was nice; I have seen games in it several years back. As well as the very nice Teatro de los Insurgentes theater always nice memories.  The stadium and team site is here in Spanish: Diablos Rojos baseball Mexico City

And the teatro de los Insurgentes site is here in Spanish: Teatro de los Insurgentes

However, as always, the best part is to meet old friends ,always there when I stop by the city , former colleagues of many years we counted 15 years and still going strong.  I had gone to the Wing’s Army bar on Insurgentes Sur to see the football/soccer match between the PSG and Bayern Munich as a French team was playing and won 3×0, the ambiance was nice and plenty of good Miller High Life beers by the liter which have been a long time not drank again, this was neat and the Army hamburger great with good company. The bar site is here in Spanish: Wing’s Army

Later in the evening I met my other friends mentioned above, and figuring out a place to go in the area as they are from outskirts of the city I told them about the Wing’s Army and interested all went there. It was great loud music and great selection of beers I try the Mexicali Pilsen with a Tank hamburger delicious and plenty of more beers. It seems to be a nice place for an after work/happy hour/apéro meeting of friends!

And ratings here at Yelp: La Bella Lula ratings Yelp

Finally, I have to give you a simple great Argentinian cuts steakhouse call El Diego. This was the best dinner of the trip with great bife de chorizo beef steaks and nice Negra Modelo beers, great wooded dining room and views over Insurgentes Sur, nice street and great people watcher spot! A must to return next time: more here in Spanish: El Diego

At the short end, I was given a nice trip back by the same car driver and not too congested Mexico city. This time I took Air France all the way , just a small delay to start the rest was flawless thru Paris CDG and Nantes where my reliable car is always waiting to get back home. Until next trip next month.

ps I like to tell of a terrible bad news I had upon my return. My dear wife Martine was doing tests and they came back she has cancer of the pancreas advance. She will start chemotherapy in the next weeks and of course seeking alternatives, she still young. Great mother excellent wife I am very sad but taken it one day at a time and hopefully with the help of God she will remain longer than normal for these diseases of hell. Thank you for your prayers.

2 Comments to “México DF is back and I was just in time”

  1. I am glad you escaped the earthquake, but very sorry to hear about your wife’s diagnostic. Peter, my husband, was also diagnosed in late December with a tumour on his tonsil and had to undergo chemo and radio therapy for about 4 months. It was tough and he lost a lot of weight, but the tumour has now disappeared. This is the reason why we couldn’t travel at Easter and in May and why we sold the house and taken a year off to travel, as he is still feeling the after-effect of his treatment. I am sure your wife will be cured too. Cancer treatment has come a long way and, if things are caught early enough, there is a very good chance of success. I send you both my best wishes. You are going to need to be very strong and be by her side. Good luck to all of you.

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    • Thanks so much. Yes is a long road and we are just beginning, now looking at a better hospital for a second opinion on the 11th. Glad to hear things turn out alright for your husband. Best wishes

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