Valle de los Caidos,

This is a historical site, again first came in 1972 with my dear Mother and later a few times more. Never with the family, but this time it was it. A controversial site now in the new Spain but one that must be remembered for what it is, a resting place of the brave. The Spanish Civil War was viscious and deadly on both sides , and it is time to have it remembered as a thing never to happened again. However, it must be mention ,and talk about it, so future generations understand and do not make the same mistake.

It is run by Benedictines monks now of the Comunidad Benedictina de la Abadía Santa Cruz del Valle de los Caídos.  Their main site for the Valley of the Fallen is here:

It is located in the sides of the mountains or  Sierra de Guadarrama , and belongs to the municipality of San Lorenzo de El Escorial.  The emblematic sign is a huge Cross  at a height of 150 meters of which  25 meters are for the base of the evangelists, 17 meters to corp of the virtues and 108 meters of the Cross. The rock base is also 150 meters in addition to the Cross and the arms of it are 46,40 meters wide.

We came here from El Escorial on the M600, and easy free parking at the place. We had lunch here in the cafeteria by the Basilica side, with mahou beers, chorizo frito, omelette or tortilla, ice cream etc nice quiet place and just next to the Cross and cable car entrance.

There is a funicular or cable car to climb it at a height of 1258 meters to 1383 meters to avoid the unleveling of 125 meters with a trip long of 278 meters at a  43,44% angle with a maximum of 53,1%. The wagons have a window on top to see the views and on the side of the cable car there is a stair of 738 steps for emergencies. There is way up the ramp with stairs that is accessable on foot, and there is an elevator/lift by the interior of the mountain.

The Basílica has 262 meters long and a height of 41 meters, with 6 lateral chapels. Capilla de la Inmaculada (immaculate chapel), Carmen, Loreto, Africa, Merced, del Pilar. between the spaces of the Chapels you see 8 tapestries of the Apocalypse a flamand copie from the 16C acquired by king Carlos III and brought to Spain by king Felipe II; the orginals are in the Palacio de la Granja de San ildelfonso. Behind each Chapel and the other Chapels of Santisimo and Sepulcro on the lateral sides rest in peace almost 34000 fallen according to the existing registry or more than 50000 or even 70 000 according to other estimates. These are fallen from both sides of the conflict from all regions of Spain in a sign of brotherhood and reconciliation.

There is a monastery here too. It was set up in 1955 by a monastic order, the Benedictines. The monks came from a demand to the Abbey of Santo Domingo de Silos (Burgos) that was restored in 1880 by monks that came from France by the Congregation of Solesmes. More on it here:

There is a group supporting of the continuation of this monument such as :

And the monument is part of the National Heritage here:

It is a solemn place, very tranquil up in the mountain and we went with little crowds, even if we did not go in the rock. Another place of rememberance of things never to be done ever again, anywhere.

Enjoy the lesson, cheers.

San Lorenzo de El Escorial San Lorenzo de El Escorial San Lorenzo de El Escorial San Lorenzo de El Escorial San Lorenzo de El Escorial San Lorenzo de El Escorial San Lorenzo de El Escorial San Lorenzo de El Escorial San Lorenzo de El Escorial

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  1. I’very never been to El Valley de los Caídos, but we used to see El Escorial every time we travelled from La Coruña to Madrid and it looked great from the train. Nice photos. 👍😊❤

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