My travels in the Morbihan ,XXXVI

Well, this is my last weekend before the trip and then will be no writing until September. I will get plenty of photos hopefully good ones and new ones with some oldie favorites in my beloved Spain.

For now , here in my gorgeous Morbihan Breton, it was nice hot and sunny with temps in the 23C until later in the afternoon we had a nice breeze and temps down to 20C. Still sunny and no rain.

We had to get ready for our trip so we did not plan anything far out, just going to our local favorite towns of Auray and Vannes. Plenty written on it in my blog, just do search.

We started in our town of Pluvigner, and drove by the place St Michel , with the Church of Saint Gildas and before the poissonnerie or fish market in town we do shop.  From the real food of France, reason major we are here, this is the fish market in Pluvigner;

Then, we went to Auray for some pressing tailor needs and we went into city center and the lovely Chapelle Saint Héléne or L’Hôpital. It was a hospital for the poor and sick and today a center of community events and the adjoining tourist office of the area.  We went crossing the railroad tracks near the train station of Auray that I used so much for trips to Paris and Nantes. There just before getting to the expressway N165 ,you see the marshes of the river Loc’h/Auray always wet. The chapel here:

We continue onwards to Vannes, where it was absolutely packed like never before. The tourists are in great numbers. We park as always easy and free by the canal in le Port harbor area.

There ,you see how we arrive at Le Port harbor area and all the traffic and crowds , we went by the old Chapelle des Ursulines now part of the lycée St Paul.St George (high school now).

We went around Le Port and saw our usual hangouts that did not stop this time but worth a picture, such as Gambetta and Le Tarmac along the harbor marina. I took a picture of the fish in the harbor came out ok, more than ever, the fishes are back , a good sign indeed! See the Gambetta on Facebook:

And Le Tarmac :

Then, we got into the marché or market day in Vannes . Absolutely the best in the region; where we do our fresh shopping from cherries to fish and mussels to mangoes! All wonderful , simply the best. More here in French:

A walk along the place du poids public, and place des lices coming in under the gate or porte Saint Vincent into rue Saint Vincent is magical for all to come in by there. You will then, head up uptown the old town into another time, a medieval time.

And we came home to start our packing, a whole family trip needs careful planning and packing. We are leaving middle of week next for Castilla la Mancha, Spain ::)

You all enjoy the weekend and happy travels wherever you are or going. Cheers!

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  1. Love that picture of the shark! Enjoy your break an Spain. Bon voyage! 👍

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